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The Unique Little Bear by Debi K Fraser (Book Review)

Seeing the joy in being completely unique.

“Why is their growl so loud, and scary and strong?

But mine is so quiet – is my growl wrong?”


Little Bear is beginning to notice that he is different from the other bears, and he has decided to ask mummy bear why.

Using engaging rhyme and endearing illustrations, The Unique Little Bear takes the reader on a gentle discovery and celebration of the uniqueness of every individual, and encourages us all to do the same.

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I received a complimentary copy of this book from Reedsy Discovery. I voluntarily chose to read and post an honest review.


According to the Oxford Dictionary, the meaning of unique is “being the only one of its kind; very special or unusual.” Merriam-Webster lists unique as “being without a like or equal.” Whether it’s your fashion choices, personality, hairstyle, special skill, body shape, birthmark, or so on, we all possess something that makes us stand out from everyone else. Makes us … unique.

Little bear noticed he didn’t look exactly like the other bears. His fur was golden-red instead of brown. His growl didn’t reach the same depths and volume as other bears. Even his paws weren’t as mighty as theirs. Being “different” bothered the small animal, much like it does for many of us. We want to fit in, sometimes meaning we try to act or look like others. 

Every day, humans are mocked, teased, shunned, or made feel less than because of something deemed strange. That causes negative feelings about ourselves, squashes our self-esteem, and can cause people to isolate themselves from gatherings or friendships. This adorable children’s book helps children understand that we all have characteristics or skills that set us apart from one another. We should never be embarrassed, sad, or ashamed about what’s different about ourselves but, instead, love and embrace what makes us special. 

Mummy bear said it best when she tried to comfort her son with the fact we are all different from our eyes to our ears, from our fur to our feet. Substitute hair for feet, and that applies to humans. 

I loved everything about this book. The illustrations were spectacular. I was thrilled to see the animals were shaded in unorthodox colors, making each one unique and staying on target with the general theme of the story. And promoting positive body image and self-love is always a plus in my book! 

Share The Unique Little Bear with your children and teach them to love themselves from head to toe, inside and out. 


Heart Rating System:
1 (lowest) and 5 (highest) 
Score: ❤❤

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Meet the Author

My love of stories and the characters that inhabit them has been with me forever. As a child I could often be found with a plate of cucumber sandwiches and a pile of books about dragons, witches and magical adventures. Stories are brewing in my head constantly. 

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A Wallop of Worries by Alyssa Hurley (Book Review)

Take a deep breath

and remember to say:

“All will be well,

and I am okay.”

It’s no secret that children experience anxiety and stress, just like grown-ups do. The only difference is that adults know what they’re feeling, and they often have the self-care techniques to cope. It’s time to give kids the same tools – and that’s precisely what Alyssa Caparaso Hurley provides in A Wallop of Worries.

This book teaches children a slew of techniques, from sensory mindfulness to positive thinking to words of affirmation, to help them through tough times. All the self-care tips and uplifting mantras come in easy-to-remember rhymes, so kids will have no trouble repeating them when they feel overwhelmed. In the end, young readers will realize they can work with their minds to let go of the wallop of worries they feel – and get back to being their happy, de-stressed selves once again.

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I received a complimentary copy of this book from Reedsy Discovery.  I voluntarily chose to read and post an honest review.


Fear. Anxiety. Worry. Stress. Sadness. These emotions are not limited to adults; children face them as well, and they, like grown-ups, might have difficulty coping with them. 

Alyssa Hurley has created a magnificent story that offers children helpful phrases and tips that can turn negative feelings into positive ones. When a kid is consumed with worry over everything that needs to be done, the writer encourages them to say, “It will get better, do one thing at a time. I can’t get to the top, without having to climb.” 

Meeting new people and going to new places can also be overwhelming to some people. Again, the author advises on what can get you through this nerve-racking time. Whether you need a mental pep talk or an activity suggestion to redirect your thoughts, you’ll find it here in this beautifully illustrated and written storybook. Even though A Wallop of Worries’ target audience is young kids, I foresee many adults benefiting from its contents. The mental pick-me-ups and the reminders to enjoy the little things in life can pertain to readers of all ages. 

Life can be hectic and can affect us mentally. We are all bogged down with work: day job, school, or both. Then, we all experience positive and negative feelings surrounding the day’s events. If you need help dealing with your feelings, this book is for you! If you notice your child is overwhelmed but has trouble expressing their emotions, share this book with them. This calming, reassuring, resourceful children’s book would be perfect for any home, school, or therapist’s office. 

Self-care is important. I recommend sharing A Wallop of Worries with your child(ren). Practice the uplighting rhymes. Focus on your positive attributes. What makes you proud! Do something fun, like enjoying a cup of hot cocoa and a good book. This good book! 

Heart Rating System:
1 (lowest) and 5 (highest) 

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Meet the Author

Alyssa Caparaso Hurley has been walloped by worries for as long as she can remember. Apprehensions aside, she’s intrepidly travelled the world. She happily lives with her family in Connecticut and is always looking forward to the next adventure.

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Leah Travels to The Red Mountain Peak: A Book on Mindfulness, Speaking Up and Letting Go by A. S. Tudo (Book Review)

This anti-bullying story carves the path of kindness towards conflict resolution.

Is your little one transitioning towards being a balanced, calm being, but could use a little bit of help with regulating their emotions? Or perhaps they had a challenging time with someone who said or acted in an unkind way?

Meet Leah!

Leah’s journey to The Red Mountain Peak will make her stronger without bursting her bubbly self and everyone is welcome for the ride.

Leah is different. Beautifully different. From the bright orange colour of her wings to her taking-things-easy-attitude.

She makes a special friend because she is present enough to see it. She learns how powerful her breath is when she needs it the most. And she learns to deal with her emotions, speak up and stand up for herself when someone treats her poorly. Uncover the natural wisdom of the world with Leah and her friends.

This story deals with tackling bullying and teaches children to take action in five easy steps, starting with the mindfulness practice of thinking of the breath. Help empower young humans to apply critical thinking and open up to deep conversations by sharing and talking about stories like this.

P.S. This story also addresses the uncomfortable truth – parents are humans too and sometimes they might give conflicting signals when showing affection. Trust gets consolidated through owning up and talking things through and accountability goes both ways in the parent-child relationship.

I received a complimentary copy of this book from Reedsy Discovery.  I voluntarily chose to read and post an honest review.

“Is your little one transitioning towards being a balanced, calm being, but could use a little bit of help with regulating their emotions? Or perhaps they had a challenging time with someone who said or acted in an unkind way? This anti-bullying story carves the path of kindness towards conflict resolution.” 

Leah Travels to The Red Mountain Peak: A Book on Mindfulness, Speaking Up and Letting Go, written and illustrated by A. S. Tudo, is designed with children 4-12 years in mind. The illustrations appear to have been drawn by a child. I’m not sure if this design was intended, but I think they will appeal to 2 to 4-year-olds. However, 10 to 12 years olds might consider them and the storyline childish since their taste starts to involve more complex designs and longer page counts at this age. Leah Travels to The Red Mountain Peak: A Book on Mindfulness, Speaking Up and Letting Go was a cute story that I’m sure many children will select to read daily during story time. 

The Land of the Seven Hilltops and a Mountain are waking up, and every bug is hard at work except Leah, the ladybug. The other bugs were not so nice to Leah and made her cry. They said rude things to her and hurt her feelings. This behavior will strike a chord with many children and opens the door to discussing bullying and the effects of not treating others with kindness. Ersa, the dewdrop, will teach children what to do if and when they are bullied. This story also points out that everyone, including parents, makes mistakes, so communication is an excellent first step in handling issues. 

While I wasn’t overly impressed with the illustrations, the story made excellent points and should be shared with children, even those not currently being bullied. 

Heart Rating System:
1 (lowest) and 5 (highest) 
Score: ❤❤

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Meet the Author

A. S. Tudo’s mission is to create stories that help adults and children act with kindness, even when someone’s actions are hurtful. ‘Leah Travels to The Red Mountain Peak’ is the first book of ‘Leah’s Adventures’ series.

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Rose: Future Heart by Jazalyn (Book Review)

A socially underprivileged rose witnesses unpleasant events and behaviors that threaten Her inner peace and is determined to set life and love aside in order to find Her true, pure and moral parts of character.

30 petals of MOOD and STATUS.

A society full of INJUSTICES and UNFAIRNESS.

A ROLE She doesn’t want to play.


A PAST that leads to HATE.


A wishful CHANGE of HEART.

She AROSE and She ROSE.


A FUTURE that should lead to LOVE.

But can there be LOVE?

A dark fantasy magical realism poetic novel that endures urban social issues and inequality, and challenges self esteem, self help, self improvement, self development, healing.

I never knew how to have
I’ve learned to live without love
And I can’t change all of a sudden
Something’s got to happen

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(review request submitted by the author for an honest critique)


Reading Rose: Future Heart was like riding on a merry-go-round that never stops. You go up (I want to love and be loved) and down (love escapes me, no one will ever love me). 

Jazalyn’s poetry speaks of love in different intensities, which usually piggyback on jealousy, tears, pain, feeling of shame and humiliation, and reasons why love eludes them. They speak of not becoming a lover until they find their “perfect fit” (“No Lover”). There is no perfect fit; we all have flaws. You might see these flaws as you date or move in together. Eventually, the imperfections will surface. Saving yourself for perfection is a goal that’ll be difficult to obtain.

The author discusses other reasons they can’t have intimate relations: OCD, mysophobia, and germophobia. I have OCD and am a germophobe, but “mysophobia” was new to me. Upon a quick internet search, I discovered it meant having an extreme or irrational fear of dirt and contamination. They feared disease entering their body. I get that, but unless a person with mysophobia wants a sexless life, they need to seek counseling for this condition.


Favorite poems:

“Entertainment Made Me Love Like That” – People indeed use many forms of creative outlets to help them cope with internal and external pain. I hope writing brings the author comfort and peace. 

“Sleeping Beauty (Life Back)” – I thought it was interesting writing about what’s going on inside the mind of the sleeping beauty. I’ve watched the movie many times, and not once did I stop and wonder what she was thinking or dreaming about. 


Overall impression: The collection was not my cup of tea. I was going to score it two, but upon reflection, I decided to score it based on how it would be received by others who struggle to find or retain love in their life – for those who are looking for their “perfect someone” to make them whole. 


Heart Rating System:
1 (lowest) and 5 (highest) 

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About the Author

With 150,000+ engagements and 20,000+ followers that grow more and more across 7 social media platforms, Jazalyn is among the most-promising newcomers authors-poets.

Her books have sold in 4 Continents and have been featured on best-seller category-based lists on Amazon US, Amazon UK and Amazon AU. Soon she will expand in every corner of the Earth.

Jazalyn attracts all cultures and traditions with an audience from all walks and stages of life as a consequence of the universal atmosphere that encircles her themes.

Her innovative and versatile writing style stemming from abstraction and absurdness captivates mystery and suspense with words swimming in surrealism and magical realism.

Her imaginative and inventive narration unites the philosophical with the psychological and the scientific elements of both fantasy and fiction that create and solve riddles and puzzles.

In what results as a contemporary genre of cinematic (epic) poetry in slice of life-vignette expression which provokes thinking and eyes new horizons.

Her latest books vViIrRuUsS, Rose, Hollow signify Jazalyn’s transition towards literary magnificence.


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Twitter Link

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Alina All Alone by Laura Tava-Petrelli (Book Review)


This book summons up all the pain of separation and loss . . . and the joy of being reunited.

In an era of never-before-seen difficulties, our very young children have been challenged by feelings of solitude and frustration. This book attempts to demonstrate to our youngsters that these feelings are shared and understood.

This book is unique in that there is a very distinct and purposeful absence of any adult’s voice or perspective or commentary-there is no adult talking to Alina about what is happening. Alina’s voice and reactions to isolation are hers alone, but key.

Alina demonstrates to adults and children alike that long-term persistence wins in the end, and that sometimes the only way to react to situations is to “stamp your feet, cross your arms and scream and shout until you’re red in the face!”

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I received a complimentary copy of this book from Reedsy Discovery.
I voluntarily chose to read and post an honest review.


Children grow attached to objects and people. When someone or someone is missing, for whatever reason, they miss it or them dearly. In Alina All Alone by Laura Tava-PetrelliAlina loves visiting her neighbors and their doggies. They are an intricate part of her day and daily routine. When she knocked, and no person or animal answered, she went through many emotions. All these emotions were brilliantly expressed through Jupiters Muse’s illustrations. As a parent, a child screaming is rarely a cute moment, but the images of Alina screaming were very cute. All the various poses with all her treasures were also adorable. My daughter and I loved Alina wearing a mask while holding a cat, who was also wearing a mask. She looked so perturbed while the kitty looked excited to play dress-up. My daughter remarked she wished her kitty would allow her to play dress-up with it. I had to assure her it was a stuffed kitty so she’d let our feline sleep. 

The scene where the child was crying and whispering, “I miss you,” touched our hearts. As a mother, I never like to see a child sad. Alina won’t be crying long because you can’t have a picture book end with tears. Alina’s neighbors and doggies come home. HOORAY! Happy face returned on the pages and on my daughter’s face. 

For those reading Alina All Alone in the states, you will have to explain to your child that some familiar words are written differently in our country than in European countries, such as in Australia, where the author resides. We don’t add a U after the O in favorite or neighbors. We also tend to spell the color gray with an A instead of an E. 

Kids as young as 3-4 can follow the storyline with no issue. Young readers should have minor difficulty reading the text. Established readers should breeze through the pages with no problem. 


Heart Rating System:
1 (lowest) and 5 (highest) 
Score: ❤❤❤

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Meet the Author

Laura is an Early Childhood Teacher, currently working as the Director of a community-based preschool in a suburb of Sydney, Australia. She is a trained Mothercraft nurse, adult educator, mother to three adult children, and unofficial nonna to a few more.

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