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Dirk and I are taking a break from the blog to spend some much needed quality time with the family while the kids are on summer break. The blog will be active again on July 1st. In the meantime, please catch up with all the other posts in the archived section (located to your right). Also, don’t forget we have a giveaway offer active until the 30th of June. Please make sure and comment on Havan’s feature (see posting below this one). 

See you all very soon!

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Interview with Havan Fellows (Giveaway offer attached below)


1. Welcome,
Havan Fellows. For those who might not be familiar with you, would you be a
dear and tell the readers a little about yourself? How did you get your start in
the writing business?
(HF) *waves* Hello. I write in
numerous genres, though I’ve only been published in the M/M genre so far…I
have some contemporaries out, a fantasy and a “hard-nosed detective”
type of series. I write with two different groups: Story Orgy and Pulp Friction.  I’ve always
written stories, but what got me to put those efforts out there for public
consumption was the good luck to meet another author online who encouraged me
to do that.
2. Do you ever suffer from writer’s block? If so, please share how you handle it.
(HF) I either go to another WIP and
work on that or maybe skip that scene and come back to it. This is all while
I’m biting my nails, staring at the deadline quickly approaching and tearing my
hair out.
3. Contrary to what some people envision about a romance
writer’s life, it’s not all glitz and glam. Well not for the majority of us.
With that bubble sadly busted, when you’re not writing, how do you spend your
(HF) Well, writing is my second job,
so this is kinda how I spend my time. That and playing on the computer.
4. I know many writers, such as Dirk and myself, keep their
pastime/career a secret. Do those close to you know you write? If so, what are
their thoughts?
(HF) Everyone that matters to me
knows I write. They all are fine with not just my writing but the subject
matters and topics I write about.
5. Will you share with us your all time favorite authors? If
you’re like me, it’s a long list so give us your top ten.
(HF) Nope, sorry. I don’t like
listing my favorite authors—I have way too many and a bunch of them are people
I talk on a regular basis, how can I not list all of them?
6. If you could choose one book to go to the big screen,
yours or otherwise, which book would you choose and whom would you love see
casted in the parts?
(HF) I’d love to see my Djin
on the big screen with all those
special effects…and I could so see Dwayne Johnson with his eyebrow quirk
playing Shan…*sighs*
7. Would you care to tell us what you’re working on now?
That is if it’s not top-secret information. If so, just whisper it in my ear. I
swear it’ll go no further.
(HF) Yeah…I’m believing that
one…lol, though getting close to your ear would so be worth it. I just
finished my third Pulp Friction installment, Wicked Incarceration which is
about Wicked Templeton—he used to be a cop in Atlanta until he retired early.
Now he is what he likes to call a problem solver. This is in the Pulp
Friction collection
and has three more
series with it, Chances Are by Lee Brazil, Triple Threat by Laura Harner and
City Knight by Tom Webb. We are creating our own “world” so to speak
with our main characters crossing over to make appearances in the other books.
It’s great fun and people seem to be taking to them well. They are written in
the old pulp fiction type of way.



8. Where can we find your stories and is there a particular
reading order?
(HF) My works are listed on my blog,
with the order for my series there also…stop on by I’d love to see you.
9. Would you please share how your present and future fans
can contact you?
(HF) You can email me at
havan<dot>fellows<at>ymail<dot>com (sorry but darn those
spammers ruining it for everyone right? lol
10. Before we conclude this enlightening interview, do you
have anything else you’d like to share? The stage is all yours.
(HF) Um…I kinda feel like tap
dancing now…lol I’d just like to thank ya’ll for stopping by and hopefully
you’ll find something I’ve written to your liking…*big smiles*


Now that you’ve learned more about Havan and saw the two beautiful covers above, how would you like a chance to win a FREE copy of Wish Me Nothing or  Wicked Incarceration? All you have to do is comment on Havan’s interview and you’re in the running to win one of these hot books. 
The contest will run until midnight (Central time), June 30th. On July 1st, Havan will randomly select a winner and be in touch with him or her. Friends, please make sure you either add your email address to your comment below or have your blogger account set to receive messages. 
Thank you and good luck!! 


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Naughty Delights is here!

It’s grand opening day of Guilty Pleasures, and Donovan is there bright and early with his best friend Jackson. He came to show support to Jackson’s girl, Felicia and maybe grab a sugary treat. Little did he know he’d find something sweeter than anything offered on the menu board – the woman of his dreams

This is it, Elizabeth thought as she pushed through the door to deliver a large batch of chocolate and vanilla sugar cookies to the display case. It was grand opening day for Guilty Pleasures, and she couldn’t be more excited or more nervous. Years of scrimping and saving had accumulated to this day. In a matter of minutes the bakery would be open for business, and their city would officially have their first taboo sweet shop.

Elizabeth took one final look around, making sure everything was perfect, when Felicia, her business partner and friend, appeared next to her, chomping on a fornication cookie.

Out of all the sugary creations crafted for the shop, Elizabeth and Felicia would agree these were the most fun to develop. They spent many wine-filled nights brainstorming and researching ideas for the inserts.

“What’s it say, babe?” Elizabeth asked, nodding toward the paper in Felicia’s hand.

Felicia laughed and read the naughty message, “Two heads are better than one, but three, now that’s what I call a party!” As she tucked the paper into her back pocket, she asked, “I forget. Was this yours or mine?”

“I actually think your man deserves credit for this one.” Grinning, Elizabeth grabbed the sampler plate off the counter and walked toward the front door, turning to take one final look around before the place filled up. She couldn’t be any prouder of the decor in her little slice of heaven. She glanced to her left and smiled proudly as she admired the photos on the wall. 

The food photographer they had hired did a fantastic job capturing the beauty and sexiness of several corset cakes available for purchase. But the icing on the cake, so to speak, was the mural to the right of the entrance. A local artist painted “What Are Your Guilty Pleasures” but the letters were actually naked people in compromising naughty positions.

Felicia giggled. “Oh yeah, it’s all coming back to me now. We definitely drank way too much that night.”

Nodding in agreement, Elizabeth turned on the neon sign and opened the doors for business.

Already, a few eager customers were waiting by the window. They actually applauded when Elizabeth stepped out of the shop door. She greeted them with a smile and offered them their choice of iced cocks or boobs. She wasn’t surprised the guests blushed when they made their selection and bit into the cookie. She expected to witness many rosy cheeks in the hours ahead of them—giggles too.

As the streets began to fill up with people going to work, Elizabeth tried to coax even more passersby into the shop with her funny shout-outs such as: “I bet our peckers taste as good as your man’s. No wait, even better!” And, “Our breasts are fantastic and all natural.” All the while she held up a naughty treat.

After the bell dinged behind her a couple dozen times, she realized the humorous approach to draw in customers was working like a charm. Now with them inside, she had no doubt every person who’d entered the shop erected from her dreams would be a repeat customer. And with this thought, she knew the many dinners of Ramen noodles were well worth the discomfort it cost her over the years. 

Click HERE to purchase the story!


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Make-Out Monday

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Playing With You by Cheyenne McCray (Book Review)

Ricki Sparks knows she can make a mean red velvet cake but can’t believe she’s let herself be talked into a blind date. When she opens the door to see the man she’s been secretly sweet on since the first day he walked into her bakery, she fears her heart will be demolished. At least she knows she’s in for a wild ride.

With a past like his, private investigator Garrett McBride doesn’t feel he’s worthy of a good woman’s love. Especially not Ricki, the sweet, beautiful baker. But its not just her delectable baked goods that keep him coming back and it isn’t long before he admits to himself that he wants her for his own. He never suspects that the greatest danger to her may come not from himself, but from the deceitful woman Ricki has befriended.

Love may not be the only thing Ricki falls into along the way as she finds herself in a world of deceit and betrayal that may cost her life. While Ricki is fighting for her life, Garrett must find her, before it’s too late.

~~ Quick thoughts~~

What I loved about “PWY” was the plot. So many stories center around a guy obsessed over a woman. In this story, a mentally unstable woman (Deena) fixated on Ricki and wanted her all to herself. Believe me, Deena was a total nutcase! 

Also, many shining stars in a story are the humans. In this case, I have to say Xena, Ricki’s companion, out shined them all in the end. 
(Side note)
When I read the back cover to this story, I had to laugh. Why? Well, I just sent in my own story featuring a baker to my editor and now I was going to start reading about a baker from one of my favorite authors. Ironic huh?
Thankfully, Ricki didn’t own/operate a naughty baker and my story didn’t feature a P.I. Phew, what a relief. 🙂

Heart rating system

1 (lowest) and 5 (highest) 

Score: ❤❤❤❤❤

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