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What to Do with a Bad Boy by Marie Harte (Book Review)

Series: McCauley Brothers
Book 4 in series
Genre: Contemporary
Format: eBook, Print



Every time Delilah Webster runs into Mike McCauley, he practically bites her head off. The rough-and-tumble contractor clearly has baggage. Del has her own emotional scars and knows she’s better off keeping her distance, but Mike’s temptation in jeans and a T-shirt and she’s always been good with her hands…

There’s something about the strong-willed mechanic that sets Mike’s motor running–and scares the hell out of him. Mike has loved and lost and will never hurt like that again, even if that means walking away from a woman who makes him feel alive for the first time in years.

When a simple kiss turns hot and heavy, Mike discovers he can’t stay away, no matter how certain he is they’re destined to crash and burn…

Oh how I love the little rascal Colin, Mike’s son. He reminds me so much of my daughter it’s freaking scary. They are both sneaky, a mouth too big for their ages, and ears that hear every damn word. But goodness, they are so damn cute and a joy to be around. 
Now let me speak about Mike and Del. They both came into the relationship with major baggage, like most people. He was still grieving over his deceased wife who died giving birth to Colin. And Del, she never felt worthy of love thanks to her mother and I use the term “mother” loosely. 
However, Mike realized he could allow himself to love again. That in doing so, he wasn’t tarnishing what him and his wife had. 
Del, with all her tattoos/piercings/rough exterior attitude, learned it’s okay to let someone in besides her family. She admitted to herself she wanted more in life besides working in the shop and finally got it. 
Best scenes in the book: Del putting Grace in her place. Colin being all spy-like with J.T. Basically any scene involving J.T. Speaking of the tattoo artist, I want his book!!! 


Heart rating system
 1 (lowest) and 5 (highest) 
Score: ❤❤❤❤❤

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Charade by Lori Foster (Book Review)


Judd Sanders couldn’t believe it when the beautiful, wide-eyed woman he rescued from some drunk hoodlums started poking her gorgeous little nose into his business. She was obviously a menace to herself – not to mention to his libido. Worse, she’d blow his cover. For little didEmily Cooper know that Judd was really a cop – whose cover left him a little too “uncovered” for his liking.



Grade school teacher Carlie McDaniels trades in her frumpiness for the look of an exotic harem girl, at least for one costume party. So long, spinsterhood—and hello tall, dark and handsome Tyler Ramsey….

Even after the best night of their lives, Tyler hasn’t guessed the identity of his harem hottie…and Carlie plans on keeping him in the dark. After all, a gorgeous guy like Tyler would never fall for his smart-talking best friend. And Carlie’s not sure she wants to know what would happen if he ever unveiled the naked truth!

Again Lori has delivered two sexy, sweet stories to her readers.
In “Impetuous” you’ll discover a woman who hides behind frumpy clothes, a distant personality because she doesn’t want to get rejected or made feel inadequate – again. With Tyler by her side, she realizes it’s okay to let her guard down and be carefree – be her true self. And Tyler discovers there is more to a woman than outward appearances. Together, they both become greater people. Made for each other in every way. 
In “Outrageous”, two unlikely people find their path’s crossing while working towards a same goal – taking down an arm’s dealer. Love wasn’t in the plans for them but that’s precisely what developed. 
With these two stories, you’ll see how opposites really do attract – explosively hot and all consuming passion. Sounds freaking great, right? I thought so too. 🙂
Heart rating system:
1 (lowest) and 5 (highest) 
Score: ❤❤❤❤❤

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Dangerously Bound by Eden Bradley (Book Review)


She can whip up something sweet…

Allie LeClair has finally returned to the sultry city of New Orleans. After ten years of studying and working as a pastry chef in San Francisco and all over Europe—and feeding her submissive side at BDSM clubs—Allie is home, and she has something to prove to the man who once fueled her desires. She’s not a child anymore.

But with two in the kitchen…

When security specialist Mick Reid hears that Allie is back in town, he knows he won’t be able to stay away for long. Ever since he discovered his darker side, Mick has tried to protect Allie from the aggressive beast within him—but that power and wildness is exactly what she wants.

Can they take the heat?

Allie has made the first move, but now it’s up to Mick. The game has begun, and playing has never been so rough.

After reading this novel by Eden, the first thing thought that popped into my mind was “This is what Fifty Shades should’ve been like.” 
Mick and Grey had the same qualities as in they were both emotional fucked in the head, they were both gorgeous, liked to take care of their bodies, and both were Doms. However, where Fifty Shades was lacking in the kink department, Dangerously Bound had multiple – in-depth scenes.  
Mick and Allie visited a BDSM club on a few occasions, made ample use of a variety of toys and play surfaces, and Eden addressed the pain/pleasure aspect of play.
This was brilliantly written with VERY, VERY vivid scenes. 
If you like KINK, then GET THIS BOOK. 
Oh, stay tuned because in 2015, two more stories are being released in this HAWT series: Dangerously Broken and Dangerously Bad. 

Don’t forget to check out Dangerously Inked (A novella in the Dangerous series).
Heart rating system:
1 (lowest) and 5 (highest) 
Score: ❤❤❤❤❤

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No Strings Attached by Susan Andersen (Book Review)

July 29, 2014
Tasha Riordan‘s one night with Luc Bradshaw was the best of her life. The following two—when he left her to be thrown into a Bahamian jail on bogus charges—were her worst. Now, seven years later, the undercover DEA agent is back. Invading her town. Her restaurant. Her fantasies. She can’t trust a man who lied to her. Yet neither can she trust herself—not when their chemistry burns even hotter than before.
Learning he has two half brothers shocks Luc. Discovering they live in the same town as Tasha—that’s a different kind of thrill. Their mutual lust is still off the charts, but he can’t get her to listen to his side of what happened on that long-ago night. Good thing he’s got powers of persuasion that go deeper than words. Because nothing has ever felt this right…
This was a nice story about two people who lives crossed again after seven years and overcame their past to achieve their HEA. The past meaning: a drug bust – secret identities – and a deceptive agent. 
Nice BUT……………..
With Luc being an undercover DEA agent and Tasha suffering two nights of hell due to his profession, I was let down Susan never really put that into play. Sure, she touched on “Is he really an agent?”, “How could you leave me?”, and “Did you know I was in jail?” However, I expected someone from his past to resurface – other than his commander. I wanted more intrigue. In that aspect, this story was lacking. I think with its absence, this story didn’t reach five stars but had the potential to be that with a little work. 
Heart rating system:
1 (lowest) and 5 (highest) 
Score: ❤❤❤

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