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August’s Sexy Selections!!

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The Eternity Road by Lana Melyan (Book Review)

YA Paranormal


When her best friend’s brother tells her that two strange men are following her, Amanda thinks that Craig is just being overprotective. Amanda has nursed a secret crush on Craig for years, but he’s never seemed to notice or care about her before.

But Craig’s warning coincides with a strange dream, and Amanda starts to get the sense that nothing in her life is what it seems to be—and that perhaps nothing in her life will ever be the same again.

Then Hanna and Craig start acting really strange. They forbid Amanda from going anywhere without them and insist that she’s in danger.

What Amanda doesn’t know is that Craig and Hanna are Hunters. And their job is to protect Amanda from the vampires chasing her so that she can fulfill her mission. The only catch is that Amanda has no clue she even has a mission to fulfill…



(review request submitted by the author for an honest critique) 


This book might be geared towards the YA crowd but I found enjoyment in it as well and I’m well above the teeny-bopper age bracket. 
Now, it’s not a real shocker who Amanda really is or shall I say was. Lana obviously wasn’t attempting to keep us guessing. This book was about Amanda’s journey to the knowledge hidden deep within and reclaiming her life. 
Along the way, the group of hunters lost key family members. 
Power is tempting and when one of your own craves the dark side….. watch out. I won’t name names of who were the casualties of the battle but I will say more than one of the good guys died for their cause — to protect the human race against evil. 
Ladies and gents, young and old, I can say (without a single hesitation) you will adore this book if you fancy vampires, witches, and immortal hunters.  
And after you read this tale and see the words “to be continued”, you’ll be saying the same three little words I am about to type……..  
Heart Rating System – 1 (lowest) and 5 (highest) 
 Score: ❤❤❤❤❤
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When she came home from work one day and, tired, crashed on the couch in front of the TV, she found her daughters (13 and 17 years old then) watching some TV show with horrible monsters. She couldn’t convince them to switch the channel, so she watched it with them. Later she would love that show as much as they did. That TV show was “Buffy The Vampire Slayer.” She was always interested in supernatural stories, but this was something new, something different, that made her want to create her own story in that genre.

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Taking the Heat by Victoria Dahl (Book Review)

Girls’ Night Out – Book 3 
All revved up for bright lights and steamy nights, writer Veronica Chandler chased her dreams to New York City. When she hit a dead end, reality sent her back home to Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Saving her pride and her new gig—writing a relationship advice column!—requires some faking. No one can know the truth about her big-city flop or her nonexistent sex life. But the town’s irresistibly rugged librarian is determined to figure her out…and give her hands-on lessons in every wicked thing she wants to know.  
Gabe MacKenzie’s heart might be in Wyoming, but secretly his future’s tied up in his family’s Manhattan legacy. Getting down and dirty with Veronica is supposed to give him a few memorable nights—not complicate his plans. But the thing about heat this scorching is there’s just no going back…and it might be too hot for either of them to take.
It’s true Veronica and Gabe helped each other overcome obstacles hindering their happiness and, in return, they found their own HEA with each other. However what I will remember most about the story is the Dear Veronica letter from the bullied and depressed/suicidal HS student. The utter despair from the student broke my heart. 
I have a son who is in HS and I worry all the time if he’s getting bullied. He told me a few kids did bother him some: closed his locker door on him and attempted to trip him. He stood up for himself and luckily they backed off. Sadly, this is not the case for most kids. Last year, at his school, a kid took his own life due to being bullied and ridiculed for his handicap. 
When I hear about instances like this, I feel disgusted, angry, and sad. It’s naive to think it doesn’t happen. Kids should be able to feel safe. 
Thankfully, Veronica took steps to ensure a program was setup to help students who were in need of services for depression, being bullied, anything and everything that might pop up in their lives. 
She is a giving soul. 
Yes, this world needs more giving souls. It’ll make for a better world. Period! 
Heart Rating System – 1 (lowest) and 5 (highest) 
Score: ❤❤❤❤


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Author Showcase/Interview and Review of “Programmed to Please” – Jenna Ives


Very human Tau Cetus police agent Jai Turner is sent undercover as a Beautiful Dolls sex robot in order to bring down the planet’s most notorious arms dealer, Marque Callex. Jai’s assignment is to use the Beautiful Dolls’ legendary sexual techniques to coax information out of Marque on his illicit dealings – information that will lead to his conviction.

Reclusive arms dealer Marque Callex only accepted an invitation from Beautiful Dolls because with his deadly line of work – and the dangerous secrets he’s keeping – he can’t afford to let a real woman into his life. But neither Jai nor Marque are what they seem, and their week together has consequences neither expect.

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(review request submitted by the author for an honest critique) 
A world with sexbots? Yeah I can totally see that coming to pass. With the way technology is advancing, I have no doubt a life-like robot isn’t being developed somewhere in a lab right now. 


My real concern is how sanitary the bots will be to their “renters”. I mean, if I were to purchase the services of a sexbot (not saying I would), I need to make sure it’s been scrubbed since the last “user” had its fill of it. 

Hello, germaphobe over here!!

Thankfully, there was no actually BOT BOINKING happening between Jai and Marque. Jai merely pretended to be one, rather convincingly too. Of course, when you are as lonely as Marque, you’ll believe it because you’re starved for a few moments of happiness. Real or not. (Special Note: There was some robot fun during a “training” session. Jai had to learn how to sexual perform as a robot.

Luckily for him, the feelings he developed for Jai saved him. Literally and figuratively. 

All in all, I liked this book – a lot. It wasn’t all about the sex. It had a solid plot and that plot wasn’t pushed to the backside while we watched repeated sexual scenes splashed across the screen/pages. 

For me personally, I think a story is golden when the plot is not throw out there like an afterthought. 
So with the combination of great sex scenes and a solid plot, which wrapped up nicely with no lingering “WTF” moments, I’m highly suggesting you order yourself a copy today. 

Heart Rating System:
1 (lowest) and 5 (highest) 
Score: ❤❤❤❤1/2
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1. Welcome, Jenna Ives! For those who might not be familiar with you, would you be a dear and tell the readers a little about yourself? How did you get your start in the writing business? 
(Jenna) I started telling stories to my two brothers and little sister when I was about eleven, so you could say the creative gene came out in me at a very early age. From there it was easy to put the stories down into print.
2.  Do you ever suffer from writer’s block? If so, please share how you handle it.
(Jenna) My critique partner says there’s no such thing as writer’s block, just bad planning. I’ll bet you can guess she’s a plotter, LOL! I’m a “pantser” (I write by the seat of my pants) so sometimes I DO experience writer’s block, but I believe that if you know how your story starts and how it ends, then getting there is part of the fun, even if sometimes you stumble along the way! If I feel blocked, I take a
nap. Or a walk. The mind is very good at thinking even when you don’t think you’re thinking, LOL. The answers will come and the “block” will dissolve.
3. Contrary to what some people envision about a romance writer’s life, it’s not all glitz and glam. Well not for the majority of us. With that bubble sadly busted, when you’re not writing, how do you spend your time?
(Jenna) Well, I have a day job (actually two jobs) so I don’t have a lot of free time. At night and on the weekends I try to write as much as I can, but I DO have a standing date with my husband. We go to an afternoon movie and out to dinner every Saturday.
4. I know many writers, such as myself, keep their pastime/career a secret. Do those close to you know you write? If so, what are their thoughts? 
(Jenna) Ha, ha… my mom knows that I’m a multi-published, award-winning author, but she also knows my stories are too sexy for her to read. A few people at work know I’m a romance author, but they don’t know my pseudonym.
5. Will you share with us your all-time favorite authors? If
you’re like me, it’s a long list so give us your top ten.  
(Jenna) “Favorite” is hard, because I read across a wide genre of titles. I love historical fiction, so Dorothy Dunnett and Bernard Cornwell would definitely be on that list, but I’ve also read and enjoyed Stephenie Meyer and Suzanne Collins.  Anne Rice was writing about vampires before they were trendy, and as for romances, Leigh Court is definitely a favorite.
6. If you could choose one book to go to the big screen, yours or otherwise, which book would you choose and whom would you love to see cast in the parts?
(Jenna) I think The Legend series by Marie Lu would be awesome on-screen.  As popular as Insurgent/Divergent/Allegiant, for sure! I don’t know who I’d cast, though…
7. Would you care to tell us what you’re working on now? That is if it’s not top-secret information. If so, just whisper it in my ear. I swear it’ll go no further
(Jenna) Right now I’m just finishing up book 3 in my Tau Cetus chronicles, a slightly-futuristic series which features police agents and Beautiful Doll sex robots working to save their planet.  The titles are Programmed To Please, Programmed To Protect, and the third, Programmed For Power, should be out shortly!
8. Where can we find your stories, and is there a particular reading order? 
(Jenna) You can find my books on amazon, B&N, iBooks, Kobo, Smashwords, anywhere books are available J  The order is listed above.  I also have The Initiation Of Isabella with Samhain Publishing, and there’s Snow White And Her Seven Lovers, which is a modern-day take on the fairy tale!  The title says it all…
9. Would you please share how your present and future fans can contact you?
(Jenna) Fans can contact me at, follow me on Twitter @JennaIvesAuthor or connect on Facebook.  I’m part of a multi-author blog at
10. Before we conclude this enlightening interview, do you have anything else you’d like to share? The stage is all yours.
(Jenna) I write romance novels because with all the challenges and stress in our daily lives, I like to guarantee that a reader of my books can escape into a story with a happy ending.  We all deserve that!
 Ladies and Gents, I hope you enjoyed my interview with Jenna Ives. If you have any questions or comments for Jenna, by all means, leave her a message below. But before you do, make sure and keep scrolling down because she has a whole lot more to offer!!  

The saga of futuristic police agents and sexbots continues…

Tau Cetus police agent Leith Wyatt is tasked by the ruling High Council with overseeing the production of a robot army for the planet’s defense. Wyatt doesn’t trust the oily robot manufacturer Anson Carron, and when Carron gives Wyatt the Beautiful Doll sexbot Ginger as a gift, Wyatt knows it’s a trap — Beautiful Dolls are legendary for their addictive sexual prowess. Wyatt tries to resist the Doll, but Ginger is sweet, kind, sexy, and every intimate encounter puts him deeper under her spell. And when Wyatt discovers Carron’s plan to overthrow the High Council in order to grab control for himself, Wyatt must decide whether his loyalty lies with the planet he’s sworn to protect, or the megalomaniac creator of the android he now loves.

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In her position, what would you do?

Three months ago, I woke in a hospital ER. Poisoned. With no memory or money. On the day I was discharged, my ER doc offered to let me move in with him and his 6 friends. I only planned to stay until my memory returned & I could figure out if someone really had tried to kill me, but something about these seven men attracted me powerfully enough to want to explore it.Intimately. That is, until the day my fiancé showed up…

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Her Hometown Hero by Melody Anne (Book Review)

Dr. Spence is searching for the perfect woman…but how will he know when he’s found her? From New York Times bestselling author Melody Anne, the second steamy romance in a new breakout series based on her beloved and bestselling Billionaire novels.

In the bestselling books Billionaire Wins the Game, Hidden Treasure, and The Billionaire’s Marriage Proposal, among others, we met the Andersons. Matchmaking patriarchs Joseph and George took matters into their own hands to get their sons to marry and settle down. But now that Dr. Spence Whitman sees how happy his Anderson friends are in married life, he’s itching to get hitched too! But how will he find The One?

After his wealthy dad adopted him and his two brothers at a young age, Spence grew up learning there are more important things in life than money. He wants to find a girl who shares that philosophy, and it wouldn’t hurt to have some similar interests too. Now if he could just stop getting distracted by his gorgeous surgical resident, he could start looking for the perfect wife…


If you are looking for a man/story that personifies romance then look no farther than “Her Hometown Hero”. Spence outdid himself in courting Sage. His inventiveness will warm your hearts and make you grow to love him, like Sage did. 
He truly set the bar high in their relationship but I have faith he will never let her down. Theirs is truly a love for the end of time. 
 Heart Rating System:
1 (lowest) and 5 (highest)  
Score: ❤❤❤❤❤

Kindle / Paperback


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