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Author Showcase/Interview and Review of “Eve’s Rescue [Coalition Mates 3]” – Sarah Marsh


Evangeline Scott was hoping for a fun night on the town after a hellish day. What she couldn’t have imagined was getting kidnapped by alien slavers and then left to die on an abandoned ship. Kai Dallen and Roan Quinn were having some bad luck of their own when they found themselves set up by an old adversary and trapped in the vault of a Dhuaation Pharaoh’s ship with no way out. When Khaman-Ra makes them an offer they can’t refuse, the two space pirates end up rescuing a ship full of human female cargo. All three males are immediately drawn to one of the beauties and make an agreement to satisfy everyone’s desires. The only problem is, they didn’t think to ask Eve and when she wakes up to find that she’s now married to three aliens she’s mad as hell. By the time all four of them realise their true feelings, will it be too late, as a woman from Roan’s past threatens to ruin it all?

Eve woke again, on a much softer bed this time, but as she
stretched out her legs all the memories of waking up the first time came back
to her. Kidnapped. Aliens. Can never go home again. Well shit.

She looked around the room to see if there were any random
hot aliens staring at her again. When she didn’t see anyone she pulled the
covers back and got out of bed. It was fairly easy to find the bathroom, but
when it became clear that figuring out the facilities was going to be beyond
her she let out a loud sigh and kicked the bulkhead wall. Almost immediately a
knock came at the door.

“Yes?” she said cautiously as she grabbed the sheet back up
and wrapped it around her like a toga.

The door slid open, and an older man in white robes smiled
and took a step inside. Eve recognized him as one of the doctors that was there
when she woke up the first time.

“My lady, you are awake. My name is Mhat-Am, and the pharaoh
has asked me to make sure that your transition here is as pleasant as
possible.” He said in a soothing voice.

“Hello, Mhatam, I’m Eve. How do you use the bathroom in this
place?” she asked beginning to squirm a bit by this point.

“My lady, my name is Mhat-Am, not Mhatam. Allow me to show
you,” he answered as he walked into the bathroom and pressed a couple of panels
on the wall. When the toilet and shower came out he showed her how to use them.

“Okay, whatever. Thanks,” she said in a high voice as she
pushed him back out of the bathroom and shut the door in his face before her
bladder burst.

As she came back out of the washroom she was surprised to
see the man laying out a dress for her on the bed. It looked like a cross
between an ancient Greek toga and an Egyptian-style dress with elaborate gold
belting. There was also a pair of sandals to go with it.

“Ah, my lady, do you need assistance dressing?” he asked in
what she had to admit was a very non-skeevy tone for an older man asking a
young woman if she needed help dressing, so she decided to give him the benefit
of the doubt and not be a bitch about it.

“Thanks, Matty, but I think I can figure it out. I
appreciate the dress. Is there something else you needed?” she asked trying
politely to get him out of her room so she could try to figure out just what
the hell she was going to do now that she was stuck on an alien spaceship.

He tensed up and looked confused for a moment, then he must
have remembered that she had no idea what she was doing here, because he
relaxed and smiled patiently at her again.

“Yes, my lady, your husband and his consorts have assigned
me the honor of being your tutor and companion until you have acclimated to
your new circumstance,” he answered proudly.

Eve stood unblinking across from him for several moments.

“I’m sorry, I think I just hallucinated. I thought you said
husband,” she said with a seriously confused frown.

“You are unwell, my lady? Shall we go to medical? The
pharaoh would be quite distressed if we did not address this right away,” he
said quickly, taking a step toward her.

“Stop,” she said, her hands coming up. “Did you or did you
not just use the word husband in relation to me?”

Once again the poor man gave her the confused tilted puppy
dog look, and she started to think perhaps it was just a translation error and
that the word meant something else to these aliens. Relief instantly flowed
through her. That had to be it. He must mean something completely different,
and here she was, typical freaking out Earther newbie, losing her shit over
some grammatical error. How embarrassing, well funny, yeah, but embarrassing
nonetheless. Once he could see her relaxing he also let out a relieved sigh and

“Yes, my lady, your husband, or would that be husbands by
your Earth standards? Dhuaatian mating habits do not normally include anyone
other than the primary couple. However, there certainly is no law prohibiting
more than two persons from entering into a marriage contract. I have so many
questions about your planet. We will learn much from each other over the next
while, don’t you think?” he said, rambling on, sounding like an excited child
talking about a trip to the zoo.

Eve didn’t really hear much after the word husband came out
of his mouth again, oh, except for the word husbands that followed shortly
after it. She for damn sure heard that!

“This better be some miscommunication, Matty! Because I’m
one hundred percent sure that I don’t remember getting hitched in between
getting kidnapped and waking up in here!” she yelled at the old man as his eyes
grew wider and wider, realizing his mistake.

“Miss, I am sorry to distress you. There was no other way
for the pharaoh to ensure your safety. You had to be mated, or the slavers
would just have tried to acquire you once again. This way you have the
protection of the Coalition as well as the Dhuaatian people, and no slaver
would dare come after you now,” he said, taking her hand, trying to soothe her.

“But you said husbands. Did he marry me off to a harem or
something?” she asked. She realized that shooting the messenger wasn’t the
fairest of responses, but who the hell marries someone while they are passed

“Oh no, my lady, the pharaoh married you himself. As well as
the Sirotian security chiefs Lord Kai and Lord Roan. The four of you are now bound,”
he answered.

Adult Excerpt:
As she came back down from her orgasm, her mind was in a
dreamy fog from coming so hard, and she could feel all of their hands softly
caressing her body. Kham laid her head on the pillow and pulled her back into
his arms, while Kai snuggled into her front. She could still feel both men’s
hard throbbing cocks pressing up against her when she finally realized that
none of them had come. Roan was settling in on the other side of Kai, pulling
up the blanket to cover them all when she met his eyes.

“You guys didn’t get to…you know,” she said quietly,
gesturing to the not-very-subtle tent that had formed at Roan’s crotch as he
lay on his back.

She watched as he ran his hand down his chest and stomach,
taking several firm passes up and down his hard cock. She could feel Kham’s
hand tighten on her hip. Obviously he was also watching Roan’s little
seduction. Her heart rate began to go up again as he teased her, and when she
licked her lips a small smile lit his face as he continued to stroke himself.

“We are respecting your wishes, love, but for our first
joining when we come, it will be inside of you,” Kham whispered in her ear with
a small thrust of his hips against her ass.

Eve bit her lip and groaned at the sensation of his cock rubbing
against her while she couldn’t take her eyes off of Roan’s hand.

“But you could be with…one another. I mean, I don’t mind
that you are lovers,” she said in a breathy voice, just the thought of these
men touching one another made her pussy clench, begging to be filled.

That comment had even Kai popping open his eyes to look at
her face in surprise. Even Roan’s hand paused from stroking for a moment, and
she could see him look to Kham.

“Why do you think we are lovers, Eve?” Kham pulled back a
bit to look into her eyes.

“Umm, well just from what Mhat-Am told me about some things,
and there’s a pretty obvious attraction between you.” Eve suddenly felt very
stupid for saying anything about it in the first place. Maybe these guys
weren’t as open about sex as she’d assumed.

“While we cannot deny the attraction between us, we are not
lovers,” Kham answered neutrally, trying to gage how she felt about the idea.

“Yet,” Roan added as he resumed stoking his cock through the
sheet, whereas Kham, forever the diplomat took the more cautious route. Roan
could smell her interest peak when she spoke about them having sex. He was
bound and determined to use every tool in their arsenal to move up Eve’s
timetable after having tasted a sample of her passion. When a heated gasp left
her luscious lips and her eyes once again tracked his hand he knew she was
losing the battle. He slowly began to draw the sheet down over his stomach
until the tip of his thick cock was revealed, and as he ran a thumb around the
tip a small bead of moisture appeared. He could see her increase in breathing
and her hands that were draped over Kai’s back now clutching at his partner.
Behind her Kham’s hips had resumed their slow movements against her, and he
could see the other man lick his lips as Roan continued to rub the head of his
cock. It was almost more than his control could take, thinking about Kham’s
golden lips wrapping around his hard cock, sucking him down while Eve watched
them both. His other hand pulled the sheet down until his shaft was revealed,
and he began to fondle his balls while he stroked.

Eve was sweating now, her hands grasping at Kai’s back to
keep from reaching out to replace Roan’s hands with her own. Kham was still
thrusting slowly against her ass, the pre-cum his cock had leaked making it a
smooth glide in between her cheeks. Every time his fat tip paused and swept
over the sensitive entrance to her ass she shuddered at the decadent tease of
his movements. His hands had come up from her hip to massage at her breasts,
and he was nibbling at her neck as he watched Roan stroke himself. All three of
them were now groaning and though Kai had been quiet, she could feel the
tension in him as he tried not to rub himself against her. She was almost
completely out of control now. She slowly lifted her leg to drape it over Kai’s
hip, bringing her now sopping pussy into close contact with his extremely hard
cock. It was so hot, and all she wanted was something to fill her up. One
stroke and she would be coming again. She whimpered in relief when she felt the
spongy tip of Kai’s cock slip slowly up and down along her pussy a couple of
times, then finally notch into her. For a couple of perfect seconds he was
pushing just a fraction inside, about to give her body exactly what it was
screaming for. Then the world came to a blinding halt when Kai’s hands stopped
firmly on her hips and he pulled himself away.

“Stop,” he said, out of breath with the effort it took to
pull back. “Eve laid out the rules, and I would not have her upset with herself
or us when the lust of this moment is satisfied.”

That statement had both Kham and Roan groaning with regret
as they stopped moving as well.

(request submitted by author for an honest critique) 

I truly believe if all aliens looked at hot as Kai, Roan, and Kham, then more people would be screaming, “Beam me up, Scottie!” *laughing* Ok, I swear that’s the only joke you’ll get from me. *still laughing* 

Anywho…. For an erotic Sci-fi book, this book was off the charts hot. Especially the bonding/cleansing ritual. Seriously, WowZa!!! *fanning self* 

My only snafu was how quickly and easily Eve dealt with the whole – I’m been abducted by aliens. I’m married to three men. I can never go home again.

I think most women and men would be a little bit more freaked out by the whole experience. A sane person would be, right? But this is the land of fantasy so……. Let’s forego how she should’ve reacted and focus on what happened. 

And that, my sweet peeps, is lots and lots of steamy scenes between 3 alien men and 1 brave Earth lady. 


Heart Rating System
1 (lowest) and 5 (highest) 
Score: ❤❤❤❤

BookStrand – Kindle – Kobo
1. Welcome, 

Sarah Marsh. For those who might not be
familiar with you, would you be a dear and tell the readers a little about
yourself? How did you get your start in the writing business?
(Sarah) Thanks so
much for having me on your blog today! I’m fairly new to the writing community;
my first release came out in December of last year. I’m a complete bookaholic
and one day last I just started fooling around writing a story and had such a
great time that I just kept on going! I work full time in accounting for a
sports equipment wholesaler, so I find that writing is a great way to relax and
get my ‘creative freak’ on.
2. Do you ever suffer from writer’s block? If so, please share how you handle it.
(Sarah) Ahh
yes… the stubborn muse on strike. I’ve tried to be diligent when I get blocked
and continue on doing edits or even just muscling through a little at a time
until things get flowing again, but sometimes I just really have to take a
break and wait for my brain to work things out on its own for the story. It’s
sooooo frustrating! Why can’t the characters just be ready and willing when you
have the time to write!



3. Contrary to what some people envision about a romance
writer’s life, it’s not all glitz and glam. Well not for the majority of us.
With that bubble sadly busted, when you’re not writing, how do you spend your
(Sarah) Lol,
glitz and glam indeed. Since I am still working full time, I usually do most of
my writing on the weekends. Other than that it’s spending time with family and
friends, I have a ton of hobbies that I like to get back to every now and then.
I used to be a pastry chef so I love to work on creating new recipes and bake.
I knit so much that I actually had to create an Etsy site to unload my wares….
apparently one can only justify keeping so many scarves for oneself before
others begin to think you have a problem. 😉



4. I know many writers, such as myself, keep their
pastime/career a secret. Do those close to you know you write? If so, what are
their thoughts?
(Sarah) Most of my
close friends and immediate family know what I write, I certainly don’t keep it
a secret. I’ve always loved to read sci/fi romance and while my current series
is quite a bit, well… more adventurous than what I may have planned, I’ve had
so much fun writing them! My parents have been incredibly supportive, oddly
enough my brother was the only one who had a hard time with the genre I chose
to start off in. Big brothers, aren’t they just the cutest?



5. Will you share with us your all-time favorite authors? If
you’re like me, it’s a long list so give us your top ten. 
(Sarah) My top
ten, let’s see, I won’t list them in order because that usually changes with
the mood I’m in but here they are:


Sherrilyn Kenyon
Kresley Cole
Laurann Dohner
Eve Langlais
Tracey St. John
Shelly Laurenstein
Sarah McCarthy
Charlene Teglia
Viola Grace/ Zenina Masters
Jaid Black
(Kam): I’m a huge fan of KC and SK, too. 🙂 

6. If you could choose one book to go to the big screen,
yours or otherwise,
which book would you choose and whom would you love to see cast in the parts?
(Sarah) That’s
such a tough question! I think the series I’d most love to see on the big
screen is Kresley Cole’s Immortals After Dark. It would be impossible to pick
my favorite book, but my favorite character is Nix and I am anxiously awaiting
her story. I think Eva Green would be spectacular as Nix and I would hope her
hero may be cast as perhaps Luke Evans? Yum.



7. Would you care to tell us what you’re working on now?
That is if it’s not top-secret information. If so, just whisper it in my ear. I
swear it’ll go no further.
(Sarah) I’m
just starting the next book in the Coalition Mates series as well as an ongoing
WIP which is a paranormal romance



8. Where can we find your stories, and is there a particular
reading order?
(Sarah) All
three of my Coalition Mates series are now available through Bookstrand,
Amazon, Kobo, and Barnes & Noble. I’ve written this series so that all the
books can be read stand alone, but some of the characters do pop up again from
book to book and there are a few inside jokes that you may miss if you haven’t
read the others.



9. Would you please share how your present and future fans
can contact you?
(Sarah) I
would love to hear from any of my readers! They can contact me through Facebook
or see what I’m up to on my blog page at
or even twitter @SM_fiction



10. Before we conclude this enlightening interview, do you
have anything else you’d like to share? The stage is all yours.
(Sarah) All I
can hope is that the readers out there enjoy what I have to share. The
Coalition Mates series is intended to be a fun, whirlwind romantic adventure with
humor and a liberal dash of grumble and grunt. I basically write what I enjoy
reading most. At the end of the day, when you come home from working and just
need to escape reality for awhile what better way to do it than with a book!
Thank you for reading!




Ladies and Gents, I
hope you enjoyed my interview with Sarah Marsh. If you have any questions or
comments for Sarah, by all means, leave her a message below. Thank you in
advance for your visit! 

P.S. Don’t forget to pick up this panty-soaking e-book at any of the following locations: BookStrand – Kindle – Kobo


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A New Hope by Robyn Carr (Book Review)

A Thunder Point Novel #8
July 2015

After losing her child, Ginger Dysart was lost in grief. But since moving to Thunder Point, a small town on the Oregon coast, Ginger is finally moving forward. Her job at the flower shop is peaceful and fulfilling, and she’s excited to be assisting with the Lacoumette wedding.

In spite of her lasting heartache, Ginger is swept up in the pleasure of the occasion. But the beauty of the Lacoumette farm and the joy of the gregarious family are ruined by an unfortunate encounter with the bride’s brother, Matt. Struggling with painful memories of his own, Matt makes a drunken spectacle of himself when he tries to make a pass at Ginger, forcing her to flee the scene in embarrassment.

But when Matt shows up at the flower shop determined to make amends, what started out as a humiliating first meeting blossoms into something much deeper than either of them expected. Everyone around them worries that Ginger will end up with a broken heart yet again. But if Ginger has the courage to embrace the future, and if Matt can finally learn to let go of the past, there may still be hope for a happy ending.

—–> REVIEW <—–
Ginger and Matt’s blooming romance reminded me of the court-shipping ways back in the years my parents met. They talked, built a friendship, a solid foundation and through it, love developed. A strong love. 

People back then, and rarely now, take the time to really get to know someone before they have sex. Most people are in a rush. 

“A New Hope” showed the value of waiting; letting things grow slowly and naturally. For real love, there are no time limits. No plans. Matt and Ginger found their own pace, helped each other deal with their heartaches and, as a result, they became stronger. Together. 

This was truly a perfect love story with two not so perfect individuals. 

Heart Rating System – 1 (lowest) and 5 (highest) 


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The ‘Slater Brothers’ Series by L.A. Casey (Multi-Book Review)

Book #1

After a car accident killed her parents when she was a child, Bronagh Murphy chose to box herself off from people in an effort to keep herself from future hurt. If she doesn’t befriend people, talk to them or acknowledge them in any way they leave her alone just like she wants.

When Dominic Slater enters her life, ignoring him is all she has to do to get his attention. Dominic is used to attention, and when he and his brothers move to Dublin, Ireland for family business, he gets nothing but attention. Attention from everyone except the beautiful brunette with a sharp tongue.

Dominic wants Bronagh and the only way he can get to her, is by dragging her from the boxed off corner she has herself trapped in the only way he knows how…by force.

Dominic wants her, and what Dominic wants, Dominic gets.

PURCHASE LINKS: Kindle  – Paperback


Bronagh Murphy has been through a lot over the past few years, a hell of a lot, so when her 21st birthday rolls around all she wants to do is relax and spend the day with her family. Quietly. Her boyfriend, Dominic Slater, doesn’t do relaxed or quiet. He never has, and he never will. He plans out a day for Bronagh that is both romantic, and exciting. However, Dominic’s version of exciting is very different to Bronagh’s as she will soon find out. When things take a turn for the worst, and a bad altercation leaves Dominic once again fighting for his girl, Bronagh will have to decide once and for all if she will fight in Dominic’s corner or walk away and never look back. Bronagh loves Dominic, and what Bronagh loves, Bronagh protects.

PURCHASE LINKS: Kindle – Paperback


Keela Daley is the black sheep of her family. She has always come second to her younger cousin Micah. Even in the eyes of her mother, Micah shone bright, and Keela faded to black. Now, in adulthood, Micah is a bride-to-be and the spotlight is solely on her. Keela is a low priority…or so she thinks. Alec Slater is a bachelor, never one to bed the same woman, or man, twice. He is a free agent who does what he pleases and answers to no one; that is until a fiery Irish redhead with a temper to match her hair colour knocks him on his arse. Literally. She hates to admit it, but Keela needs a favour from the cocky Slater brother, a huge favour. She needs him to not only escort her to Micah’s wedding, but to also pose as her boyfriend. Alec agrees to help Keela, but has certain conditions for her to abide by. He wants her body and plans to have it before anyone can say I do. What he doesn’t plan on is losing his heart as well as the possibility of losing his family when someone from his past threatens his future. Alec owns Keela, and what Alec owns, Alec keeps.

PURCHASE LINKS:  Kindle – Paperback

Keela Daley is stressed out with nightmares and memories from her past, they are haunting her. She has no time to dwell on them as she is moving out of her dog box sized apartment and into her first house with her fiancé. Moving house is a dreaded task, and Keela would love nothing more than for things to go quietly and smoothly, but when you’re engaged to a Slater brother, nothing goes quietly or smoothly. Nothing. Alec Slater loves his woman. He also loves playing games and surprising her. Picking moving day to do both, turns out to be a failure of epic proportions. Alec wants to make it up to Keela for his mistakes, but as the day goes on, and things go from bad to worse, he doesn’t know if living with him is something she wants anymore. What started out as a simple day of packing and moving house turns into the day from Hell. Unwanted house guests. Business propositions. Alcohol. Pregnancy tests. Panic attacks. Fighting. Arguing. Sex, and everything else that is crazy and represents the name Slater. Keela has a choice to make, and not one she will make lightly. Keela adores Alec, and what Keela adores, Keela cherishes.

PURCHASE LINKS: Kindle – Paperback 
Released (June 2, 2015)

Aideen Collins is a free spirit. She is outspoken and tough as nails, but she has to be after growing up in a house full of men. Family means everything to Aideen. Her family consists of her four brothers, her father, and her group of wild friends. Aideen is protective of her family, there is not a lot she wouldn’t do to keep them safe.

Kane Slater is a tortured soul. Literally. He is misunderstood by people, even feared by them thanks to the scars that mar his face and body. He relishes in their fear because people who fear you, won’t want to know you. He likes his circle limited to his brothers and their girlfriends, but a thorn from an Irish rose is dug deep into Kane’s side, and her name is Aideen Collins.

Aideen and Kane don’t get along… at all. Aideen is the only woman who stands up to Kane and throws his bullshit back at him without fear of hurting him. Kane is the only man who can see right through Aideen’s tough exterior. He knows her deepest, and darkest secrets. They can’t stand each other, but they want each other. Badly. They hide their need behind arguments, and banter, but when Kane drops his guard for all to see, and succumbs to an illness within his body, it’s Aideen who steps up to the plate to take care of him.

An illness is the least of their worries when a devil from Kane’s past comes back to play with him. Everybody in Kane’s life is threatened, and with his body fighting against him, he doesn’t know if the luck of the Irish is enough to keep his family safe and his demons at bay.

Kane needs Aideen, and what Kane needs, Kane takes.

Print Link


We first meet Dominic and Bronagh when they are still in high school. It was hate at first sight with a healthy dose of lust thrown into the mix. These two bicker, name call, and basically give each other hell. It’s basically watching an the Jerry Springer show but with way, way hotter people. (No offense to whomever has been on the show.)  
Anyways, you might think at eighteen, two people can’t realize they met “the one”. However for those two, that is exactly what’s happened. In a short span of time, they’ve dealt with mundane high school drama and the mob. And that was only in book one. 
In book 1.5, we fast forward three years. Nothing against teeny bopper books but I was relieved to have them aged. I say aged because they didn’t really mature much at all. 
They still bicker which is just how they roll. You can tell they don’t mean it because their mouths and other body parts tend to be fused together after a “name” is dropped. 
An example of the love between these two: One of Dominic’s birthday presents to Bee “100 Reasons Why I love You”. Dominic, or should I say L.A., was extremely creative here. I laughed, rolled my eyes, and smirked several times over. 

Book 2 and 2.5) Alec was very adorable. I can see why Keela likes him/falls for him. However, when they first shagged I kept thinking how many holes that man filled while being an escort. Yes, he admitted to sexing many, many a man and woman. Quite a few at the same time. 

Alec may be sex on a stick, funny as hell, but I couldn’t find enjoyment in their love scenes because I was stuck on his number and what might be growing on his schlong, unlike Keela. I know he wore a condom with Keela but still, what holes he filled over the past decade filled my mind. No pun intended. 🙂

With that said, I thought the packing game was hilarious. Never a dull moment with these ladies and gents. 

Now onto the latest tale, Kane. This story I enjoyed immensely. Kane was the sweetest, funniest, but the most damaged brother. He had physical scars with emotional scars to match. I think he hide behind his sense of humor. Good thing he had Ado, whom saw through his bullshit. 

As for the overall read of this story, I laughed on many occasions. Too many to count. And I got misty eyed towards the end. 

It was a brilliant read with a happy ending. *smiles* 

Overall Heart Rating System – 1 (lowest) and 5 (highest) 
 Score: ❤❤❤❤


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Witchlock by Dianna Love (Book Review)

Witchlock vanished in the 13th century … or did it? 

If Atlanta falls, Witchlock will sweep the country in a bloodbath.

After finally earning her place among the Beladors, Evalle is navigating the ups and downs of her new life with Storm when she’s sucked into a power play between her Belador tribe and the Medb coven. Both groups claim possession of the Alterants-turned-gryphons, especially Evalle, the gryphon leader. But an influx of demons and dark witches into Atlanta threatens to unleash war between covens, pitting allies against each other as a legendary majik known as Witchlock invades the city and attacks powerful beings. Evalle has one hope for stopping the invasion, but the cost may be her sanity and having to choose which friend to save.

This book had a few lull moments such as the repeated “We need to talk” instances between Storm and Evalle. But, this latest tale in the Belador series had more action-packed, eye-opening, moments which outweighed the slow parts. 
One such example, Isak and Adrianna interactions. These two are going to make quite the power couple once they get to the coupling part. A match has been lit and unfortunately we will have to wait until April 2016 for Dianna to flame this smoldering fire. In case you didn’t know, that date refers to the next Belador release – “Rogue Belador”.


Heart Rating System 
1 (lowest) and 5 (highest) 
Score: ❤❤❤❤
Purchase Links: Kindle / Paperback


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Author Showcase – G.E. Stills (My Enemy My Ally, Contest Included)

At fifteen, Rho’naa enrolls at the Institute of Defense. During her time at the institute she undergoes intense physical training, schooling and surgical alterations. Now, five years later, she is graduating and has become a highly intelligent and deadly living, breathing killing machine. Just before her graduation, her best friend is taken captive. Rho’naa’s first assignment is to rescue her.

A team is formed to accomplish that rescue and she is put in charge. One member of that team is of the Men-gar species, humanities dread enemy. Although half Men-gar herself, Rho’naa has grown up loathing Men-gar with every fiber of her being. Will she work with him, or will she kill him? To make the situation worse, a new and terrible danger has arrived in the universe. A threat that may result in the extinction of both Human and Men-gar.


Rho’naa hesitated before knocking on the door to Kyra’s office. Since completing the trials on Euganta she had been patiently and waiting for assignment. Both of her companions had already received theirs and were gone. This must be it. I wonder where I’m going?

“Enter,” Kyra answered her knock.

Coming to a halt in front of the desk, Rho’naa saluted. “Reporting as requested ma’am,”

Kyra returned the salute. “At ease. Have a seat. We have a lot to discuss and much of it is unpleasant.”

This is not how I expected this meeting to begin.

“I’m going to start with the bad news,” Kyra said. “Tylee’s ship never reached Zanatha. In the past we suspected the Men-gar attacked and destroyed it and all hands.”

Rho’naa’s stomached lurched and twisted in a knot. Tylee dead? Oh no, oh God no.

“This is the supposition we had until the occurrence of recent events,” Kyra said. “A month ago we recovered a Men-gar warship. We discovered it adrift with all of her crew missing. Further investigation has revealed the ship was attacked but it is largely undamaged. All the crew are missing however and by the bloody evidence found throughout the ship they are presumed dead. This attack was not our doing.” She shoved a folder across her desk. “This file contains a detailed report on the findings. I expect you to read it tonight.”

Rho’naa reached out and picked up the folder.

“This is not the only thing that has occurred.” Kyra pressed a button set in her desk and addressed the surface. “Keish’ar will you join us?”

A door at one side of Kyra’s office opened. It took every bit of discipline Rho’naa could muster to remain in her chair and avoid leaping from her seat to enter attack mode when the tall alabaster white being joined them.

Men-gar! she hissed mentally. What’s this thing doing here…alive? Millions of years ago, this species tried and almost succeeded in destroying all intelligent life on Earth. They tried again a few years ago. Since early childhood, I’ve been taught to hate these loathsome creatures.

Her eyes darted to Kyra searching for an answer to her question. Her fingers turned white as her grip on the chair arms tightened.

“Have a seat Keish’ar and I’ll fill Rho’naa in with the rest of the story.”

Rho’naa shifted her attention back to Kyra while keeping an eye on Keish’ar.

“A week ago we intercepted a summons for help. To our surprise, the broadcast came from a Men-gar ship and was directed toward our location in space. We rushed to investigate and found Keish’ar in a failing lifepod. He told us a story that I even yet find difficult to believe but extensive tests, which he volunteered to take, have shown he is telling the truth.”

From the corner of her eye, she saw Keish’ar shift in his seat.

The words extensive tests caused a shiver to run the length of Rho’naa’s spine. Although ninety percent accurate, some of those tests were decidedly uncomfortable for the individual taking them. And he volunteered?

“He told us of a race of insect type beings. They invaded his home planet and subdued it in a matter of hours. They have a weapon that renders most if not all electronic equipment inoperative.”

Other than the weapon, it sounds much like the Men-gar. She didn’t say anything but she was certain Kyra knew what she was thinking.

“We are enemies but I think you should know,” Keish’ar said, “They eat their captives. We had human slaves on Sto’kan. They do not distinguish one of our species from yours. They eat both.”

“Why did you come to us? Why not go to your own people?”

Keish’ar looked at his feet and mumbled, “First because your area of space is closer… But more importantly, I think humans have a better chance of defeating them than we do. You’re winning this war you know. The Men-gar can’t defeat you.”

Rho’naa sat back in her chair for the moment speechless. To hear a Men-gar admit they were losing the war was unbelievable.

Keish’ar continued, “They must have a shield of some type because although nothing electronic of ours worked, theirs did.”

“So we need to capture one of their ships and duplicate the shield. Where do I come in? It sounds like a navel operation to me.”

“But one of your ships would never get close enough to capture an enemy ship before all the electronics were rendered useless. That’s where we come in.”


“You, I and a small team,” Keish’ar said. “Their large ships are in orbit around the planet but smaller ships are on the planet itself. I think I can get us close enough to steal one.”

“And then what? From what you describe these small ships are like shuttle craft how are we supposed to get away into deep space?”

“They are interplanetary capable. We had a base on the moon. The small craft are able to fly from the planet to there. If they can go that far, they can probably go further.”

“Sounds like a lot of guessing to me,” Rho’naa snapped while glaring at him.

“I’m willing to risk that my guess is right… Are you?”

A scowl from Kyra caused Rho’naa to squelch her retort. The chair arms creaked as her hands tightened and her enhanced strength left deep finger impressions in them. Just in time, she relaxed before shredding the chair arms and forced herself to remain seated. How dare this vile being question my bravery?

“Tell her what else,” Kyra said.

“Kyra tells me you have a good friend that looks feline.”

Rho’naa narrowed her eyes. “If you have harmed her I will kill you where sit before Kyra can prevent it.”




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