Review of “Wilder Hearts: A Western Hearts Novel (Book 2)” – Lilly Gayle

Writing about the outlaw, Jake the Snake, could be the opportunity of a lifetime—if it doesn’t get her killed.

When Ellie Wilder takes her sister from their grandfather’s home, she’s determined to put her family back together and write of their adventures. Then she runs into Jacob Harper, a man who resembles Jake the Snake, a notorious outlaw who once rode with Billy the Kid. Is it possible the outlaw who escaped justice has mended his ways? Or is the handsome Mr. Harper now murdering servant girls in Austin? Finding out the truth could be the journalistic opportunity of a lifetime. 

Former Texas Ranger Jake Harper has returned to Texas to help solve the Servant Girl Annihilator murders. But when a similar murder occurs in Harmony, Texas, Jake goes undercover as Jake the Snake to find a connection between the series of brutal murders. Then Ellie Wilder shows up. Her snooping could blow his cover and get her killed, but Ellie soon becomes a bigger threat to his heart than his investigation.
(review request submitted by the author for an honest critique) 

Are you a fan of movies such as Young Guns and Tombstone? If so, then this is the book for you. In Wilder Hearts, Lilly drops names like Billy the Kid, Wyatt Earp and a few other notable westerners in a tale that’ll keep your interest peaked. 
In Wilder Hearts, more than one mystery is attempting to be solved; more than one murderer to be caught. Not all the cases were open and shut. However, through the process of finding the Annihilator, two people found love and their HEA. 
So if you like sexy lawmen, women who’s attitude are as big as their bosom, then pick up this book. 
Word of warning, Lilly pulled no punches with how the victims died. Each victim died brutally. 
Heart Rating System – 1 (lowest) and 5 (highest) 
Score: ❤❤❤❤


Helpless Hearts: A Western Hearts Novel (Book 1)
Can a former gunslinger find redemption through love?

Former gunslinger Noah Sinclair returned home so he could regain his respectability. Instead of redemption, he finds temptation in Juliana Jeffries—a woman engaged to the man who offered him a job and a second chance. Despite Noah’s loyalty to his boss, Noah’s Helpless Heart still yearns for Juliana—a woman with dreams and ambitions that don’t include a former gunslinger.

Noah stole Juliana’s heart years ago, but then he left town to avenge his father’s death. Now, she dreams of becoming a doctor and she’s obliged to marry Avery, a man with a secret she’s sworn to protect. Noah’s return could test her loyalty, her ambition, and her heart.



Award Winning Author of paranormal and historical romance:
2015 OKRW International Digital Awards. 2016 Still Moments Magazine Reader’s Choice Awards.


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Review of “Have Amber — Will Travel” – Keith Vlasak


A modern American princess leads her brothers and sisters, a professor, a boy friend of her older sister and an army into an ancient underworld to free a millennium of lost souls and one lonely little girl.

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myreview-1(review request submitted by the author for an honest critique) 

No matter where you purchase your books, the first thing that captures your eye is the cover. You can tell a lot about it — genre, age range, main character(s), etc. Therefore, as an author, publisher, or cover artist, one goal should be to depict the book properly from first glance. 

Sadly to say, the ball was throughly dropped on the construction of Have Amber — Will Travel’s cover. The adventure takes place in Egypt, dealing with gods, pharaohs, mummies, serpents, multiple-headed monsters and various other beings. However, none of those things were illustrated on the cover. No temples. No Egyptian images at all. What we have was an anime looking girl which could represent anything. In fact, I showed the book to my family and NOT ONE of them could tell me the genre or plot. That’s not good. NOT AT ALL.

Honestly, if I wasn’t requested to read this, I would’ve overlooked it. Thankfully, I was asked because within the pages were some outstanding depictions of mythical creatures, temples which would leave a visitor speechless, and battle scenes worthy of the price of a movie ticket (plus snacks). 

The showdown with Seth and Apep (giant serpent) was electrifying and occurred in the best section of the book — In the Underworld. Whereas some other areas in the story droned on and never seemed to end, this area could’ve went on far longer (IMHO). This particular section also delivered quite a surprise regarding Peter. Just wait, I know you won’t see this bombshell coming. 🙂

However, through everything, something kept nagging at me. This story read as a sequel. There were multiple mentions of King Arthur, Merlin, and a quest regarding the Holy Grail. Plus, I didn’t grasp why they treated Amber with kid gloves. Why was she the princess on all their treks into the dreamworld? Why did they follow her every command?

So, I contacted Keith. I had to know if I missed out on a prior adventure because, again, it read as if I should already be familiar with these children and their roles in past quests. Here’s what he said, “Sorry. It is not a sequel (and I will definitely never write a prequel).”

In truth, this confusion was simply incomplete character and story development. A problem some authors are prone to have on occasion because they get a story in their head and forget the fine details when it travels from their creative noggin to a screen. 

Now don’t get me wrong, all in all, this was a pretty nice read. Sure it had it’s up and downs, areas that definitely could have benefited from a little more spit and polish, but for the most part it was on point. Keith gave us an interesting storyline, weaved in just the right amount of Egyptian history, and repeatedly introduced new beings/obstacles so folks never knew what to expect next. 

It’s definitely a book worth reading. 

Heart Rating System – 1 (lowest) and 5 (highest) 

Score: ❤❤❤

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Meet the Author!! 


“[Keith Vlasak’s] prose flows as a river. The surface is smooth, placid; the current, strong. When you step in, immerse yourself, glide with the water, you can certainly feel the pull but you don’t know where it’s taking you. Then, suddenly, you round a bend, the river opens up, a new light bathes the water and the riverbank, and you realize you’re in a radically different place.” – George Konstantinow

I go back a long ways. I was born in 1950 and started sending out my stories in 1964. I started getting published in the literary small press in the 1970’s. In the 1980’s hundreds of my poems were published. In the 1990’s and early 2000’s I sold a bunch of genre stories: fantasy, science fiction, horror and suspense. In the last decade, I’ve been writing novel length projects. You’ll find them at Amazon and Amazon Kindle.

Over the years I’ve been a musician and song writer performing in failed garage bands and solo in coffee shops, I’ve worked in oils and water colors, pen and ink and even enjoyed taking art courses, an award winning photographer, computer programmer, and have actually earned my living as a farm laborer, tree trimmer, dish washer, house painter, store manager, retail supervisor, and a whole bunch of self-employed over the years. I’ve had a lot of fun and I think that shows in my writing.

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Review of “Sizzling Frio” – Dakota G. King

Sizzling Frio mirrors the oxymoronic relationship that develops when a coed Natalie Carroll and a college football player Josh Tyler literally meet face to face on the banks of the Frio River in the Texas Hill Country. Sparks ignite, and they embark on a tempestuous ride through spiraling small town politics, Texas nightlife and Friday Night Fever, where they find the natural destiny of their love in turmoil just like the river’s many white-water runs. Although coincidental meetings in college stoke the embers still lingering from their first encounter, Josh’s desire to play professional football thwarts their union. Caution and frustration prevail; Natalie relocates; then fate intervenes several years later when an injury ends Josh’s career and they reunite to discover the attraction between them resurfacing. Can the scorching desire they share, however, overcome the mixed signals, emotional wounds, and the conniving interference of a scorned lover?

(review request submitted by the author for an honest critique) 
In the summer of 1993, Natalie and Josh both ended up spending their vacations at Frio River. A place where you can kick back and just enjoy nature, friends, and family with no electronics and no running water. Ok, the lack of running water would be a buzzkill but you still have the river to wash up in. Beggars can’t be choosers, right? 🙂
As for vacations go, the scenery is breath-taking and the story proved to have promise until Josh talked. The more he opened his mouth, the more I began to dislike him. 
He blatantly admitted to using women and their families to further his career. How anyone could think this behavior is ok/justified and not hurtful to others is beyond me.  Oh, wait until you read the proposal scene. Trust me, you won’t be saying awww. Instead, you’ll be yelling, “What an asshole!”
Even after a six year gap, he hadn’t changed at all. I really hoped Dakota would’ve thrown us a curveball and paired her up with Matt — permanently. 
For me, Josh’s lack of respect for a woman’s feelings  almost caused me to give this book a ZERO. The only reason why it scored a ONE was for the memories it stirred in me about my days swimming in murky water with my friends and family. 
Those were great times. 
Heart Rating System – 1 (lowest) and 5 (highest) 
Purchase Links:  Print / Kindle
author pic

Born and raised in south Texas, Dakota G. King began writing in 1998, using the knowledge gained from a BA in English and history from Texas State University and thirty-six years of teaching in public schools in various Texas towns. However, teaching and raising a family allowed only sporadic efforts until retirement provided the time for the challenge of writing more often. Inspired by many novelists, especially Laverle Spencer, the intricate ties of various cultures in Texas and family encounters, she felt compelled to capture the experiences from her life in Sizzling Frio, her first contemporary romance novel.

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Author Showcase/Interview and Review of “Inevitable” – Lindsay Boyd

Welcome, Lindsay Boyd 


1. For those who might not be
familiar with you, would you be a dear and tell the readers a little about
did you get your start in the writing business?

(Lindsay) I am originally from just outside the city of
Melbourne in Australia and nursed the ambition to be a writer from an early
age. I set myself the challenge of writing a novel at the age of twenty and
succeeded by hook or by crook. It may not have been the greatest novel in the
world but at least I demonstrated to myself that I could muster the
self-discipline necessary to achieve such an aim. In my twenties I wrote some
other novels and also penned a number of screenplays. While I received plenty
of encouraging and positive feedback it would a number of years before I began
publishing material.
2.  All writers
fear the dreaded “block”. Please tell us how you handle it.
(Lindsay) Where
I am concerned this is almost a N/A question. But if stuck in any kind of
writing rut I adhere to the same philosophy I apply to a difficult patch on a
long-distance run, ie, I ride out the storm and carry on regardless. Blocks or
ruts pass. It is  simply a matter of
working your way through them.    


3. Contrary to what some people envision about a writer’s
life, it’s not all glitz and glam. Well not for the majority of us. With that
bubble sadly busted, when you’re not writing, how to do you spend your time?
(Lindsay) Many writers would have ‘day jobs’. I certainly do and I
doubt I would want to give them up even if I could. I am a personal carer and a
traveller as much as I am writer. Work as a personal carer / community
development worker was my way of making ends meet for numerous years and I
continue working at that these days. I have lived and worked in numerous
intentional community settings all over the world. Spirituality is very
important to me. I have been in the habit of daily meditation for more than
twenty years. As far as leisure time activities goes, I enjoy reading, music,
films, photography, running, swimming, other languages and cultures, to name
just a few.
4. I know many writers, such as myself, keep their
pastime/career a secret. Do those close to you know you write? If so, what are
their thoughts?
(Lindsay) Yes, they do. Since it is an integral part of who I am it
would be hard to keep it a secret. I think for the most part those in the know
appreciate my efforts, which is gratifying. There may also be equal parts
astonishment that I have kept for so long at something that has been for me
essentially a non-paying enterprise. Fortunately I learnt long ago not to
concern myself overmuch with the question of how much money I might or might
not earn from writing. 
5. Will you share with us your all time favorite authors?
If you’re like me, it’s a long list so give us your top ten.
(Lindsay) Hermann Hesse / Fyodor Dostoyevsky / C. P. Cavafy / Yukio
Mishima / Nikos Kazantzakis / Albert Camus / Erich Fromm / Marilynne Robinson /
Jhumpa Lahiri / Kazuo Ishiguro

Kam: I’m not familiar with all these authors so thank you for giving me ideas of who to check out next. 

6. If you could choose one book to go to the big screen,
yours or otherwise, which book would you choose and whom would you love see
casted in the parts?
(Lindsay) Screen adaptations of books are arguably best kept to the
work of genre fiction writers. As a writer of literary fiction I find this a
tough question to answer. I generally believe the two mediums should steer
clear of each other, though I have seen competent renderings of literary
fiction books I like. I never write a novel with a view to the screen. What I
do write with a view to the screen are screenplays, but only when I feel I have
an idea that would translate okay and / or is best fitted for that.
7. Would you care to tell us what you’re working on now?
That is if it’s not top-secret information. If so, just whisper it in my ear. I
swear it’ll go no further.
(Lindsay) The recently released Inevitable is the first novel of an
anticipated trilogy of self-contained works whose underlying link is thematic,
principally the theme of new life. Aside from the second book of this trilogy I
am also working on a novel titled Marginal, which takes as its starting
point the death under suspicious circumstances of a long-term homeless Irishman
and how this event impacts the lives of the diverse group of individuals with
whom he came into contact in his final year. Concurrently, I plan to work on a
couple of screenplay ideas and see what if anything comes of those.     
8. Where can we find your stories and is there a
particular reading order?
(Lindsay) I have published shorter pieces, both fiction and
non-fiction, in numerous print journals and ezines. I have three books on
smashwords, a two-part ‘travel memoir’ and also a book of stories. A few years
ago I self-published a trilogy of self-contained novels on the theme of healing
and reconciliation. The second was later published in ebook format by Brisbane,
Australia based Books one and three and the original version
of the second can be found on amazon, etc. The three components of that trilogy
could be read in any order, I feel, though there is a progression in the
treatment of the theme.

9. Would you please share how your present and future
fans can contact you?
(Lindsay) A good place to commence might be my Facebook author page
Then there is my blog / site.
The most direct route of all,
however, would be my personal email address:
10. Before we conclude this enlightening interview, do
you have anything else you’d like to share? The stage is all yours.
(Lindsay) There is much to like about the writing life, as hard
as it can be to earn a crust as a writer. But I would encourage anyone who
feels they have this vocation in them to give it a go. The freedom to be able
to work anytime, anywhere, is not to be sniffed at. In essence it is as down to
earth as grabbing a pen, or a pencil, and a piece of paper (most things I write
I prefer to write by hand in the first instance). Another great thing about
writing, for me, is that it is a sublime meditative pursuit that never fails to
take one within – hopefully to the discovery of more resonant ‘truisms’ than
those obtainable outside oneself. My life would never have been the same
without it.  
~~ Closing Remarks ~~  
Ladies and Gents, I
hope you enjoyed my interview with Lindsay Boyd. If you have any questions or
comments for Lindsay, by all means, leave him a message below. However, before you drop us a line, please take a moment and take a gander at Inevitable. Genre: mystery/suspense


Having recently completed a twelve-year-prison term for a horrendous crime committed when he was fourteen, Vanburn Holding pitches his hopes for a new life in an intentional recovery community based in northeast Thailand. On the eve of his departure for Asia an encounter with an ailing American high school girl on one of the beaches of his Caribbean island home threatens to derail his plans. Van, however, contends with this frightening occurrence and upon journeying to Asia and establishing himself in the community setting makes great strides in fashioning the mode of life he has envisioned for years. But his past catches up with him, bringing the realisation that things left undone at home for too long cannot remain in that state. He therefore acts to take responsibility for all his actions, not simply those with consequences more easily borne.

(review request submitted by the author for an honest critique) 
When I read a book, I notice my mood reflects the undertones of what I’m viewing. For the most part, Inevitable is a depressing read which, in turn, turned my happy mood — sour. 
I realize the subject manor wasn’t intended to elicit feeling of happiness. I went in with my eyes wide open on what I would be facing. Murder, missing teenager, is not light reading material at all. However, my main issue isn’t with the plot but how it was carried out. 
The characters didn’t really display any real emotion. Lindsay didn’t create enough emotional connection between his characters and the cases discussed in the book. 
For example, if your child goes missing, a normal reaction would be tears….. buckets of tears. I don’t think the majority of us parents (caregivers) would be taking a dip in the pool. Lindsay had Gloria’s family more concerned about public image than anything else.  Their detachment caused me to experience no interest to their plight, which is the adverse reaction a person should feel. Right?
As for Vanburn, no feelings expressed there either. When he “spoke” I heard it all in a monotone voice. Actually, as I was reading each page, I heard the man from the old Visine commercials in my head. (If you aren’t familiar with him/it, google it.)  Boring, lifeless, and I’m afraid to say so was this book. 
Heart Rating System – 1 (lowest) and 5 (highest) 



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Review of “Deceptions” – Dana Mansfield

Jack Petrov, lead singer of a successful rock band, is spending the Thanksgiving weekend with his wife and children in the Poconos. He has been out of the limelight for two years after a terrible car accident that resulted in the deaths of two of his children. Traveling with the family is the children’s nanny, Penny Shepherd. Penny and Jack have been best friends since their days at Princeton. After a verbal fight with his wife, Jack orders Penny to drive him after he gets buzzed in the lodge’s bar. Before they can return, they are abducted by kidnappers hired by someone called the Employer. Although treated okay at the beginning, their treatment worsens as the Employer demands information from Penny. After the truth is revealed, the Employer leaves after a final goodbye and Penny and Jack are left to try and survive, still as captives.

(review request submitted by the author for an honest critique) 
I must warn you, before you decide to purchase Deceptions, you are in for page after page of torture. The gruesome acts against Penny were more brutal than anything Jack endured.
Why, you may ask? Because she took the brunt of any defiance by him and because the mastermind behind their abduction hated her with a passion. 
Penny suffered blows from a sledgehammer, sexual assaults, burns, and the grisly list goes on. It was very difficult to read. Yes, Dana described it all in much detail which takes talent. On the other hand, the book was nearly start to finish with one deplorable act after another. 
For her writing capabilities, I do respect the imaginative skill behind such an emotionally draining story. However, for me, all the violence became too much to take. 
I, like Jack and Penny, wanted a reprieve from the torture. The times they did have a moment to recover, they pondered who was the mastermind — the Employer. For the boss, I was hoping I’d be surprised who’d be unveiled. Unfortunately, I wasn’t. 
I’m sure you won’t be shocked who comes to visit them. 
I also want to make note Deceptions ends with a cliffhanger. I can’t imagine how much more these two can endure. I almost afraid to find out. 
Heart Rating System – 1 (lowest) and 5 (highest) 
Score: ❤❤❤1/2
I was born, raised, and still live in northwest Iowa. I enjoy the intricacy and problem solving of creating stories and thankful to have achieved remission from leukemia to have the chance to see my literary dreams come to fruition. I teach reading to at-risk high school students and spend my time writing, watching cooking and clothing competitions on television and being an overprotective mom to my two cats, Boots and Joey.

Feel free to visit my website where you can find more of my writing –

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Review of “Lady Gallant” – Gini Rifkin


Disowned by her father and still mourning the death of her fiancé, Josephine Posey joins Florence Nightingale’s brigade of nurses bound for the Black Sea. Thousands of British soldiers desperately await these angels of mercy and a new life awaits Josie. Amidst the chaos of death and despair, she finds a spark of hope, lighting the flame once more inside her soul.

In search of the truth, Garrick Allen, one of Britain’s first war correspondents also journeys to the Crimean Peninsula. To him the soldiers seem all but abandoned by Queen and country, and as he smokes his cheroots and makes friends with a bottle, he writes his bold but honest dispatches for The Times. Not wanting anything more than to finish his job and go home, Garrick is blindsided by a nurse with attitude who offers him a new slant on life and a reason to love.

(review request submitted by the author for an honest critique)  
With any war, we are well aware of the horrors the brave men and women face on the battlefield. However, we sometimes overlook or take for granted the doctors and nurses who treat the fallen soldiers. They, too, feel the pain of combat. They get attached to their charges, lose friends, and push on to “fight” another day. 
In Lady Gallant, Posie fought to heal the soldiers while attempting to keep their spirits high. A prime example was the Christmas tree she procured for them. She didn’t have to but it was in her nature to go the extra mile. 
Mose (her invaluable helper) was equally dedicated to his job, too. It was a shocking and sad moment when Cholera took hold of his body. The love bestowed upon him while in his sick bed was extremely touching and showed his worth in the eyes of his friends. 
Garrick: He started off gruff but it didn’t take long before he showed us his romantic side. He could easily be described as a  knight in shining armor because he literally rescued Posie on more than one occasion. 
The last time solidified their relationship which ended with……. you guessed it, a happily ever after. 
Now if I had to change one thing about this story is would be to add more moments with Posie’s best friend, Gemma. 
Their interactions added a bit of lightness to a rather (at times) intense story. 
Heart Rating System – 1 (lowest) and 5 (highest) 
 Score: ❤❤❤1/2

Gini Rifkin writes adventurous romance, past present, and into the future. Her settings include the American West, Medieval England, Victorian England, and contemporary fantasy. When not reading or writing, she has the privilege of caring for a menagerie of abandoned animals including ducks, geese, rabbits, goats, donkeys, and cats. She was born and raised in Illinois where she went to school to become a registered nurse. When struck by wanderlust, she moved to Colorado and met her husband Gary. They shared the journey for 30 years, spending vacations canoeing, doing Mountain Man reenacting, and traveling around this great country. Although Gary has passed on, he left her with the skills to soldier on alone, and a little bit of him lives on in every hero she creates. Her writing keeps her hungry to keep learning new things, and she considers family and friends her most treasured of gifts.



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Review of “Love on a Train” – Colleen L. Donnelly

The moment Martha noticed Raymond on the train, everything her mother warned against erupted – romantic notions, palpitating heart, the desire to write it all in a novel and tell the world. Martha lived and wrote that love story until the day Raymond handed her a sketch. “Want to see a picture of the girl I plan to marry?” The penciled profile resembled Martha… But when Raymond went away, she knew. She wasn’t the girl he planned to marry.

David was her father’s apprentice, everything Martha’s mother said made a good husband – hardworking, no romantic nonsense, no tolerance for writing about it. Martha added a fictional happy ending to her and Raymond’s story and published it. Cleansed herself of romantic love, and prepared to marry David. Until a copy of her book appeared. Full of sketches – Raymond’s version of their love story, drawings that enticed her heart to beat once again – for the wrong man.

(review request submitted by the author for an honest critique) 
You know the saying, “If you love someone, set them free. If they come back they’re yours; if they don’t they never were.” (Richard Bach)
The quote summarizes Love on a Train beautifully.
As with any true love story, this one had a happy ending. 
Maybe not for their Martha and Raymond’s respected fiancés. 
As much as I enjoyed the near misses between Martha and Raymond, the love story within a love story (<— confused? It’ll make sense after you start reading the book), I empathized with the hurt the fiancé’s suffered. 
Martha didn’t handle the situation with David very well. She knew her heart belonged to another, went about finding him, and that speaks volumes to a marriage that’s slated for doom before it even gets started. And Raymond, he didn’t handle things any better. 
With that said, Colleen hammered home an important point. In life, we should never settle. Marriage is a serious commitment so before you say, “I do,” be certain. Make sure you are on the right path for you. For your fiancé. 
 Heart Rating System – 1 (lowest) and 5
Score: ❤❤❤1/2



Colleen L. Donnelly has her roots in the rural Midwest of the US, but moved around and explored other cultures as an adult. Those other areas were fun and they were exciting, but…there’s no place like home, so she’s back in the Midwest.

Colleen works as a laboratory technician by day, but spends her evenings writing, poised in front of her laptop until she can’t think any more. Her story ideas come from observing people, pondering their dilemmas, and adding a twist of her own.

Other interests are/have been bicycling, antiquing, anything outdoors, furniture refinishing, and raising pets or small barnyard types of animals. Last thing in the world she would be caught doing – “vegging” in front of a television. She loves a good movie on occasion, but most of the time, the TV is off.



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Review of “No Pants Required” – Kim Karr


I, Makayla Alexander, am on a mission to reinvent myself. So when a super hot guy boards the plane and flashes his rock hard abs, I pay attention. When he sits next to me and offers me his nuts, I can’t resist. But when I choke on them and he tells me I need to work on my gag reflex, I realize I might be in over my head. 

Before I know it we’re in the lavatory and attempting to join the Mile High Club. Let me just say this…anyone who tells you it’s easy to get it on at 37,000 feet isn’t telling you the truth. After the flight attendant busts us for getting frisky in the air, the only thing that can ease my total and complete mortification is the simple fact that I am never going to see him again. 
Hours later, I can’t help but wonder if fate will ever allow me to become a new version of myself.Because Fate, she’s a fickle bitch.Case in point…my seatmate is my new next-door neighbor.Even with the whole fate thing we have going on, we are so not meant to be together. He’s all cool and sexy in that make love not war kind of way. Guys like him are dangerous. With that bring-you-to-your-knees body, that handsome-as-hell face, and that dirty, dirty mouth, I guarantee one glance from him wets every girl’s bikini bottoms. 
And then there’s me…the quirky girl looking to find herself in California. All I want to do is learn to let loose. Say words like peace and groovy. Bury my toes in the sand. Who knows, maybe even have sex on the beach. 
Unable to get him out of my head, I entertain the thought of being more than just friends. I know the idea is absurd. And yet, I go with it. You see Camden Waters gets me. Really gets me. Like no other guy has before.On this 7-mile stretch of paradise, I decide to keep things simple and just have fun…that is until fate decides to screw with me, again
Can two people hell-bent on finding themselves realize the search should have ended the day they met? Find out in No Pants Required–a sexy, funny, romantic stand-alone, that will have you hurrying to grab your bathing suit and rushing to the beach to check out every lifeguard on duty.
Our first introduction to Camden (Cam) is not flattering. Unbeknownst to Cam, Makayla is in the private room when he gets oral satisfaction from Vanessa. She’s also there to witness his rudeness before, during, and after the blow job. If you’re like me, you’ll be thinking and calling him all sorts of names… dick, douchebag, asshole. The list goes on. However, once he explains his behavior towards Vanessa, you kind of forgive him. With that said, based off what she did to him, I wonder why he allowed her to suck him off again. Oh wait, he wasn’t thinking — at least not with the head positioned squarely between his shoulder blades.
When Makayla and Cam’s paths cross a second time they are aboard the same flight. She doesn’t recognize him because, from her vantage point in the dark room, she never saw his face. While they are seat mates, the fun and their chemistry really heats up until they are caught trying to get some lovin’ in the sky. HOW EMBARRASSING!! 
Their flirtatious antics could’ve been restarted if she didn’t notice his chest tattoo (while in the bathroom) and recognized him as the bastard from the club. 
Now in the real world, the story would be over but this is the land of make-believe so the show must go on. 
They meet again and, this time, they lay all their cards on the table. He explains the club incident and what led up to it. This is the point of the story where you stop calling him a dick and start calling Vanessa a bitch.
This is also the point of the story where the sexiness levels goes from from eh to whoa momma!
There’re so many funny and sexy moments in this story. Times you laugh so hard you snort and then there’s times you’ll be so turned on you think you’re going to combust from sexual frustration. 
Hey, if you find yourself in this situation, do what Makyala did and grab a toy or rub one out like Cam.  😉 
On a final note, even though No Pants Required ended on a happy note, Cam pissed me off again towards the last third of their story. For a man who loves her so damn much, why couldn’t he let her in and explains his fears of the future, his plans for himself, and for them. Instead, his ugly side showed up again and this time, I didn’t find myself forgiving him so easily. The end goal was sweet, romantic, but he didn’t have to treat her like an acquaintance when she was supposed to be his everything. 

Heart Rating System – 1 (lowest) and 5 (highest) 

Score: ❤❤❤❤


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Review of “Solace (Fae Warriors Book 1)” – Gini Rifkin


Solace Goodeve, one of Mother Nature’s favorite Fae Warriors, is assigned to Earth to help save the planet. Reptile invaders, disguising themselves as humans, are waging a takeover—and Mother is mad enough to eat asteroids. Solace is ready to prove herself as a warrior, but having a human for a partner is not in her battle plan—even if the man is rugged, ripped, and ready for action.

Army Ranger, Tanner Jackson, has seen his share of black op missions. The last one took a toll on both body and soul. Tanner isn’t looking for love, even though his new partner is six-foot-tall and drop dead gorgeous. However, after Solace shows him a new meaning to working undercover, he may have to reconsider that possibility.

As the Reps plan to sabotage NOAA, Tanner and Solace must learn to trust one another. But as they’re trying to save the world, Solace and Tanner might just lose their hearts—and that takes the most courage of all.

(review request submitted by the author for an honest critique) 
Science fiction lovers, I’d like to proudly introduce you to your next favorite book. 
In Solace, you’ll watch the Fae Warriors battle Reptilian/Men. A battle which began in chapter one and didn’t let up. In fact, the action will continue in Bliss (Fae Warriors Book 2). FYI: A sneak peek is found following Solace’s glossary.
The initial fight scene was pretty extraordinary. Her opponent was no one I’d like to run across in a darkened alley or one heavily lit up either. Reptilians are bad mojo. Let me describe them to you. 
Imagine this showdown: Watching a “man” slowly morph into a Reptile… thick green skin, elongated nails, and sporting a lizard head. A creature with lethal pointy teeth, outweighing you by 200 pounds and harboring a very deadly weapon —- a tail. A tail that grew right before Solace’s eyes. Oh, lets not forget he wore scaly body armor. Freaky!!!
If I faced one of those abominations, I would definitely develop a full blown case of herpetophobia — fear of reptiles. 
If you think you wouldn’t, you would after taking a gander at its genitalia. Huge and thorny. I mean, I’m ok with a little pain with my pleasure but I’m not in the market to get ripped wide open. No way, Jose. This chick would become celibate. 
Luckily for Solace, she didn’t have to remain celibate. She found herself an Army Ranger who literally plucked her out the sky. 
With moves like that, I can see why she fell for the human. 😉
I’m not sure how long they will stay together since she’s not a human but, for now, their relationship is fully speed ahead.  
Heart Rating System – 1 (lowest) and 5 (highest) 
Score: ❤❤❤❤1/2

Gini Rifkin writes adventurous romance, past present, and into the future. Her settings include the American West, Medieval England, Victorian England, and contemporary fantasy. When not reading or writing, she has the privilege of caring for a menagerie of abandoned animals including ducks, geese, rabbits, goats, donkeys, and cats. She was born and raised in Illinois where she went to school to become a registered nurse. When struck by wanderlust, she moved to Colorado and met her husband Gary. They shared the journey for 30 years, spending vacations canoeing, doing Mountain Man reenacting, and traveling around this great country. Although Gary has passed on, he left her with the skills to soldier on alone, and a little bit of him lives on in every hero she creates. Her writing keeps her hungry to keep learning new things, and she considers family and friends her most treasured of gifts.


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Review of “Law Of Attraction” – Darlene Fredette


Lawyer Christina Crawford has a successful career and stable financial future, but is it enough? Her world is disrupted when a routine divorce case means working with a man she never expected—or wanted—to see again. During their first meeting, she can’t deny a connection still exists. Her head warns her to run, but her heart yearns to stay.

Steven Mitchell is ruthless in the courtroom, but outside those doors, his easy charm, good looks, and unlimited stream of female companions gives him an unscrupulous reputation. Six years ago, Christina saw beyond his façade, but the emotions she evoked scared him and he pushed her away. Now he wants a second chance and he is determined to get her back…even if he has to play dirty.

(review request submitted by the author for an honest critique) 
Five years ago, Christina meets Steven through work, they go from despising each other to liking one another to becoming much more (in a span of three weeks) and is it no wonder why trust wasn’t ever fully achieved. 
It takes time and patience to build up trust. Seriously, I don’t think this can be achieved in 3 weeks, especially given their rocky start. (He questioned her character upon their first face-to-face meet.)  
He goes from  0-60 without thinking causing him to make one disastrous judgment call after another. All those years ago, his rash actions got her fired, tarnished her reputation, and hurt her in every way possibly.
Stephen really needs to learn to think before he speaks. His actions/words keep hurting her, even after they meet again due to a case they are both representing counsel on. 
Present day: Stephen’s mouth doesn’t seem to know when to quit. He still hasn’t learned the importance of slowing the eff down.  
With their history and his present attitude, I’m thoroughly surprised how quickly she melted in his arms…. again.  
As you can guess, I wasn’t a huge fan of their coupling.  
Sure, he was sweet towards the end. The letter to her, nice gesture. IMHO, one small gesture doesn’t erase a multitude of  pain. 
The only saving grace was Vince. Now him, I couldn’t get enough of and I think you’ll agree with my sentiments after you get a taste of him. 
Heart Rating System – 1 (lowest) and 5 (highest) 
Score: ❤❤

An avid reader since childhood, Darlene loves to develop the stories swimming in her head. Following a career path in administration, she excelled in the art of editing and design, which eventually led to a position as Director of Administration and Marketing.

Now, making her dream come true to write full time, Darlene writes heartwarming contemporary romances with a focus on plot-driven page-turners.

Darlene resides on the East Coast of Canada with her husband, daughter, and Yellow Lab. When not working on her next book, she enjoys spending time with her family.



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