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Vacation time……

It’s that time of year again – sand, surf, and hours of nothingness. Sounds fantastic, right?

Yes for the next week, my only problem will be avoiding getting burnt by the sun. 

I can’t wait. I can almost taste the strawberry daiquiri. 


When we return, I will be dedicating June to reviews of a couple series by Lori Foster – Men Who Walk the Edge of Honor and Love Undercover.

Plus every Wednesday, I will have a collection of sizzlin photos to help start your day off on a climatic note. *winks* 

See ya soon, my sweet peeps. 

<3 Kam and Dirk! 

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Naughty Delights is here!

Summary: It’s grand opening day of Guilty Pleasures, and Donovan is there
bright and early with his best friend Jackson. He came to show support to
Jackson’s girl, Felicia and maybe grab a sugary treat. Little did he know he’d find
something sweeter than anything offered on the menu board – the woman of his

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This is it, Elizabeth thought as she pushed through
the door to deliver a large batch of chocolate and vanilla sugar cookies to the
display case. It was grand opening day for Guilty Pleasures, and she couldn’t
be more excited or more nervous. Years of scrimping and saving had accumulated
to this day. In a matter of minutes the bakery would be open for business, and
their city would officially have their first taboo sweet shop.
took one final look around, making sure everything was perfect, when Felicia,
her business partner and friend, appeared next to her, chomping on a
fornication cookie.
of all the sugary creations crafted for the shop, Elizabeth and Felicia would
agree these were the most fun to develop. They spent many wine-filled nights
brainstorming and researching ideas for the inserts.
it say, babe?” Elizabeth asked, nodding toward the paper in Felicia’s hand.
laughed and read the naughty message, “Two heads are better than one, but
three, now that’s what I call a party!”
As she tucked the paper into her back pocket, she asked, “I forget. Was this
yours or mine?”
actually think your man deserves credit for this one.” Grinning, Elizabeth
grabbed the sampler plate off the counter and walked toward the front door,
turning to take one final look around before the place filled up. She couldn’t
be any prouder of the decor in her little slice of heaven. She glanced to her
left and smiled proudly as she admired the photos on the wall. 
food photographer they had hired did a fantastic job capturing the beauty and
sexiness of several corset cakes available for purchase. But the icing on the
cake, so to speak, was the mural to the right of the entrance. A local artist
painted “What Are Your Guilty Pleasures” but the letters were
actually naked people in compromising naughty positions.
giggled. “Oh yeah, it’s all coming back to me now. We definitely drank way too
much that night.”
in agreement, Elizabeth turned on the neon sign and opened the doors for
a few eager customers were waiting by the window. They actually applauded when
Elizabeth stepped out of the shop door. She greeted them with a smile and
offered them their choice of iced cocks or boobs. She wasn’t surprised the
guests blushed when they made their selection and bit into the cookie. She
expected to witness many rosy cheeks in the hours ahead of them—giggles too.
the streets began to fill up with people going to work, Elizabeth tried to coax
even more passersby into the shop with her funny shout-outs such as: “I bet our
peckers taste as good as your man’s. No wait, even better!” And, “Our breasts
are fantastic and all natural.” All
the while she held up a naughty treat.
the bell dinged behind her a couple dozen times, she realized the humorous
approach to draw in customers was working like a charm. Now with them inside,
she had no doubt every person who’d entered the shop erected from her dreams
would be a repeat customer. And with this thought, she knew the many dinners of
Ramen noodles were well worth the discomfort it cost her over the years. 

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Click HERE to purchase the story!

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What a pleasant surprise…..

How surprised was I when Vampirique Dezire, from Blood, Lust and Erotica, notified me she nominated Dirk and Kam’s place for a blog award. What a freaking sweet ass woman!

The Very Inspirational Blogger Award

After the shock wore off, I got my 7 hours of beauty sleep, took off my mommy hat for a few minutes, and sat down to think who could I nominate? There are so many fantastic bloggers out there. The ones I selected below are the blogs that I frequent quite regularly. There are more I visit but I stopped at fifteen per the rules. See, I can follow the rules….. (smiles) 
The Rules:

Display the award logo on your blog.
Link back to the person who nominated you.
State 7 things about yourself.
Nominate 15 bloggers for this award and link to them.
Notify those bloggers of the nomination and the award’s requirements.
That’s all!

Seven Things about Me

  1. Over ten years ago, I had aspirations of being a children’s author. I wrote a book of poetry but sadly, it was not picked up. However, I used the poetry in my classroom and my students seemed to enjoy the rhymes very much. It helped them learn their colors and numbers in a fun way. 
  2. Three things I will never consume because the smell makes me gag: peanuts, coffee and peaches.
  3. I prefer caramel over chocolate, plastic over real flowers (no watering), and I love to work outdoors. I find chopping wood fun.
  4. I still play video games. 🙂
  5. My favorite fast food restaurant is Taco Bell. I love their Nacho Cheese Beef Gorditas and Fresco Tacos. I joke around all the time one day I will have my own franchise and in my office will be a treadmill. That way, I can dine all day and not worry about the calorie intake. 
  6. I have a scarf and knee high collection. 
  7. I’ve been married to Dirk going on 15 years this summer. We have two wonderful kids – teenage son and almost four year old daughter. 
(Blog followers: Nobody actually votes. It’s a pay it forward type of award. Yup, we are just spreading the blogger love.)

My Fifteen Blogger Nominations:

1. BadBarbsPlace


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New Release!!

I’m super excited to announce that Dirk and I have another short story out. Yes, I stress the word SHORT cause it was based off a picture I was shown by a friend (Debbie Workman) for a contest. The story ended up being roughly 5,000 words, so it couldn’t be submitted. (The contest asked for 1000 words.) However, we thought it would be a perfect little read for all of you. 

We want to give special thanks to Jess Hunter (editor), Mika Star (cover artist), and Debbie Workman (beta reader) for going on this self-publishing journey with us. I think we all worked well as a team. To Sable Hunter, thank you for all your advice and tidbits regarding self-publishing. I appreciate all your help and the time you spent chatting with me. Mucho Love to you all. 

As I stated above, the story is short so we decided to price it rather cheap – .99 cents.
With that low price, you could pick up one for yourself and a few more for your friends. 🙂
Genre: Erotic Romance
Theme: Lesbian

Angi didn’t plan on sleeping with her co-worker. She was still getting over a failed relationship. However after a night of movies, and too much wine, Angi passed out and then the most vivid dreams occurred. When she woke, she didn’t fight the spark brewing all night. Angi took the initiative and made her dreams come to life. 

Purchase links:
Barnes and Noble

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Interview and Press by Sable Hunter

Mucho thanks to Sable Hunter for not only featuring our creations on her blog this morning, but graciously asking me to have a sit down chat with her. The interview was fun and I can’t wait to do it again. To read the interview, please click on the link highlighted in blue —- (Sable’s blog link

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