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Review of “Fistful of Love” – Renee Cronin


At the age of 23, social worker, Jeya Wellington was pretty much on her own. The devastating loss of her parents left her bereft and alone. Her best friend, Roman and his family have been like surrogates, but they could never replace what she lost. She needed a different connection. Shortly after losing her parents, she finds love and comfort in the arms of Rayne Watson, a correctional officer.

Rayne was exactly what she needed at the time, but now, two years later, Jeya wants out. She never expected love to come with bruises. She didn’t anticipate losing friends and living in fear. This was not her idea of true love. With the support of Roman, Jeya finds a way to leave. But Rayne isn’t letting go that easily. They made a commitment to each other, and she has the tattoo to prove it – ‘Til Death Do Us Part.

Torn between the love she has for Rayne and the instinct to protect herself, is Jeya’s will stronger than her vow?

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(review request submitted by the author for an honest critique) 


No matter your sexual orientation, gender, race, color, you can find yourself in an abusive relationship. Man, woman, anyone can be abused or be the abuser.

In a search, I discovered 1 out of 4 women and 1 out of 7 men will be abused by an intimate partner. That astounded me.

When you seek out and find love, it’s supposed to be a joyous occasion. You shouldn’t fear for your life. You should be happy to wake up, come home, or see your partner’s face. You should lean into their touch and not shy away from it.

Jeya did step away from her (female) abuser, Rayne, and I respected her strength to do so. However, like most victims, she went back thinking things would change. And like others painfully discover, it doesn’t.

Luckily for Jeya, she had people watching her back, sickened by the abuse she suffered, and willing to help her move on. Renee depicted the emotional, physical and psychological abuse men and women face every minute of every day. Like Roman, I was angry and befuddled how anyone could go back to an abuser but this is where mental manipulation comes into play.

For the outcome of the story, Renee projected one plausible and highly possible outcome to such a real life scenario/plot. Her story may not be labeled a biography but I know many individuals will feel as if they are reading and reliving their own horrific tale.

For those who deal with abuse, please don’t suffer. You deserve better in life. You deserve a lifetime full of love not days/hours/minutes shrouded in a layer of fear, pain, and suffering of any kind. 


Heart Rating System:

1 (lowest) and 5 (highest) 

Score: ❤❤❤❤1/2


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Renee Cronin is a self-professed devourer of knowledge, and a voracious reader. She began writing in earnest in 2005, when the characters in her head became so loud she was forced to tell their stories, or risk getting swept away into the abyss of her imagination. Renee has since used writing as a personal outlet to express her feelings, ideas, views, thoughts, and opinions about the world and the issues that impact her on a deep personal and societal level. (And of course writing also quiets the voices in her head of the many characters that are yearning to have their stories told.) Renee’s inspiration to publish is in large part due to the overwhelming display of encouragement, and support from family and friends, who believe she has a gift with words that need to be shared with world. Born and raised in Boston, Massachusetts, she works in the social work field avidly advocating and supporting the varied needs of the people in her community. Renee is a bibliophile with a transcendent love for words. Her soul yearns for the acoustic stylings from a plethora of musical genres. As she continues on this journey of published author she hopes to keep her readers captivated and pining for more.

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Review of “Goslyn County”- A. M. McKnight

A mostly black community with its roots in farming, Goslyn, Virginia lay just south of the State’s Capital. The once small, close-knit county had grown rapidly in the past two decades and boasted a population of just over fifty thousand. But the county’s crime stats had grown as well, and the latest offenses included several break-ins and rumors of a meth lab. Time had brought many changes, and many of the longtime folks of Goslyn no longer recognized their community and longed for days gone by. 
Goslyn PD Detective Olivia “Ollie” Winston loves her family and friends and shows it through her sense of humor. Just like her neighbors, she too worries about the recent events, and it’s her job to find out who’s behind the crime spree.

While investigating three burglaries, Olivia meets IRS Special Agent Maureen Jeffries who is pursuing a tax fraud suspect. Their cases are connected, and both soon discover they have much in common, personally and professionally.


Excerpt from Goslyn County:

“I think we’ve talked about everything except politics and sex,” Olivia said out of the blue.
Maureen blushed and was speechless.
“Sorry, Maureen. I don’t know where that came from.”
“Don’t worry about it. You just reminded me of Carol, my receptionist. She’s far more graphic though. Let’s make another date so we can talk about politics. Then…perhaps a third date for sex? I mean, to talk about it.”


(review request submitted by the author for an honest critique) 


When you first pick up Goslyn County, you’ll note the cover isn’t flashy. There are no sexy women on the cover. Nothing that screams it’s a book focusing around the love that blooms between two lesbians.

What you see is a detective’s badge. 

Maybe A.M. McKnight’s intention was to let our imaginations conjure up how we think Olivia and Maureen would look or maybe she wanted the readers to buy the book because it was a crime story (first) with a love story attached.

All I can say is …thank goodness for book summaries because without it I wouldn’t know it had a same sex coupling in it. 

Those of us who look towards a cover first, seeking a lesbian story, I think they might pass on it, unbeknownst to its content. That’s why I always read the back cover. 


Moving on……

The first thing I loved about McKnight’s story, Goslyn County, was the countless strong women gracing the pages. Brains, beauty, brawn – her characters had it all and were respected members in their field of expertise and/or distinguished members of society. Take Ollie, she was a detective and taught math at the community college. Her mother, a retired teacher, was in Haiti helping to re-open schools devastated by Mother Nature. Lisa, her best friend, was a IT goddess and business owner. Gloria, Maureen’s sister, was also a business owner. I could go on but you get the idea. Smart, strong women — ideal role models for our youth. 

In regards to the cases being investigated by Ollie and Maureen, the plot of  the tax  fraud and subplot of car cloning had its moments were I was totally engrossed into the unfolding action and other times where I felt the story had gone stale.

When the lull moments came about, McKnight would bring me back into the fold with their choice of date topics. And McKnight, if you are reading this, I will never be able to look at the Pillsbury Doughboy the same way again. (See page 147 for explanation) 

Since this is a book revolving around two women falling in love, I must discuss my thoughts at the pairing. I liked they didn’t rush into sex. They waited until they were in love. When they finally consummated their relationship, they didn’t rip each other’s clothes off. They weren’t consumed with a fiery passion where they were frantically pawing at each other, starved for physical content. Like their courtship, they took their time — exploring one another. For me, the slow loving was more sensual, more erotic, than most “must have you now” sex scenes most authors seem to write.

Well done, A.M. Knight!! 


Heart Rating System – 1 (lowest) and 5 (highest) 

Score: ❤❤❤❤

Amazon Print Purchase Link 

 Kindle Purchase Link



I’m a longtime Virginian and practice law as a first profession.  I decided to try my hand at writing after getting hooked on lesbian crime and romance novels. As a lover of fast crime action and black lesbian romance, I combined the two and wrote my first book, Goslyn County–self published. My future works include a short story romance and a second self-published novel–both based on the characters of Goslyn.

Twitter: @wordmc46

Website: ammcknight.wordpress.com

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/ammcknightbooks

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Get Inspired — August’s Hot Picks!

Submitted Anonymously

Submitted Anonymously


Submitted Anonymously




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Review of “She Whom I Love” – Tess Bowery (CONTEST INCLUDED)

How would you like an ARC of She Whom I Love? An erotic tale featuring love scenes with two alluring women and, at times, one very lucky beau? *winks* 
To be eligible to win this seductive prize, all you have to do is leave a comment on this feature anytime from now until midnight (central time) on the 21st. On the 22nd, I will randomly select a winner and post your name so make sure and check back on Sunday to see if you’ve won. If the winner fails to respond in 2 days time, another entry will be selected. 
(Prize will be delivered in a mobi, epub or pdf file format.) 
So, say hi, ask a question, leave a statement, or simply leave a 🙂 or 😉  
It’s really that easy!! 
Before you enter though, let’s check out the naughty treat up for grabs and exactly what I thought of it.
Out on December 29, 2015
Preorder now at Amazon

Warning: Contains a lady’s maid with secret desires, a corset-maker who knows his way around a woman’s body, and an actress who never has to fake it. Rated for adult audiences only.Love would be simpler if it came with a script.

Marguerite Ceniza dies on the London stage each night, but her own life has barely begun. The ingénue is on the prowl for a lover, but while she burns with desire for Sophie, a confession could ruin their decade-long friendship. In the meantime there are always men vying to be her patron, and square-jawed, broad-shouldered James Glover can’t help but catch her eye.

Sophie Armand has been a lady’s maid for too long, and she’s sick of keeping secrets. Her hidden scripts and the story of her birth are only the beginning. Her nights are haunted by desperate thoughts of the beguiling Marguerite, and of James, the handsome tradesman who whispers promises of forever into her ear.

James has the kind of problem a lot of men would kill for—two women, both beautiful, both sensual, and both willing. Sophie wants marriage, while Marguerite’s only in it for fun, and choosing between them isn’t easy.

What’s the worst that could happen if he secretly courts them both?

Their romantic triangle is complicated in the most delicious way, until a shadowy figure from Marguerite’s past threatens to destroy the budding relationship—and their lives.

—–> REVIEW <—-
(request submitted by author for an honest critique) 
Now this was a hot erotic tale. Two ladies, best of friends, take the plunge and take their friendship to the next level. Let me tell you what folks, that monumental turning point was HOT, HOT, HOT. 
It was tastefully erotic. 
If that first love scene wasn’t exhilarating enough, James enters the picture. 
You see, he was courting both woman (one as a wife, the other his mistress) and, unbeknownst to him, they were lovers. 
Instead of yelling and throwing things, Meg came up with a deliciously wicked act of revenge. Bound him to a chair while he has to suffer and watch them make love in front of him. I know the guys reading this will agree that was the purest torture imaginable. I tip my hat to you, Tess!!
As with any story, you expect drama and Tess delivers that as well (insert the villain Baron here).  

The lovers do quarrel (as expected) but when they need each other, love prevails. I mean, you can’t have a true love story without a HEA. Right? 🙂
Heart Rating System – 1 (lowest) and 5 (highest) 
Score: ❤❤❤❤1/2
Out on December 29, 2015
Preorder now at Amazon


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Author Showcase/Interview and Review of “Rite of Summer” (Treading the Boards) – Tess Bowery


Welcome, Tess Bowery!! 
1. For those who
might not be familiar with you, would you be a dear and tell the readers a
little about yourself?
did you get your start in the writing business?
(Tess) Hello, all, and
thank you so much, Kam, for having me here today.
I’m probably
less interesting than my books – I’m a history buff with a little house by the
seaside, a long-time partner and two school-age kids. I cut my reading teeth on
the old masters of sci-fi, but I much prefer fantasy and historical fiction
these days.
I’ve been
writing purely for my own entertainment for a long time, primarily for online
roleplaying games and fanfiction, I’d done some work as an editor off and on,
but never had the guts to send something in for proper publication. My better
half has been bugging me for literally the better part of two decades to do
something formally with my fiction, but I would always argue that I didn’t have
a good story of my own to tell.
I stumbled on a
book, about five years ago, that talked all about a group of people I knew very
little about – the active gay community in Georgian England. That book, ‘Mother Clap’s Molly House,’ by Dr.
Rictor Norton, completely changed the way I had been thinking about the long
eighteenth century.
Finally I had a
notion in mind of a story I wanted to tell – that I needed to tell! – and I
started working on Rite of Summer in the summer of 2013. It was originally
called ‘the Country House,’ incredibly creative, I know! I submitted to Samhain
in the early summer of 2014, and was lucky enough to be picked up by my first
choice of house. It’s been non-stop ever since!
Rite of Summer was released on June 2nd this
year, and the first sequel, She Whom I
, will be out December 29th.  
2.  All writers fear the dreaded “block”. Please
tell us how you handle it.
(Tess) The fastest way
to shake things loose is to get up out of the chair and go do something else
for a while, preferably something manual and repetitive. I’ve had so many
epiphanies in the shower that I keep a notebook on the back of the toilet tank
now, and a lot of laundry gets folded
while I’m chewing over problematic or complicated plot points. Gardening’s also
a good one, or going for a run – anything that keeps my body moving and my brain
free to wander.
3. Contrary to
what some people envision about a romance writer’s life, it’s not all glitz and
glam. Well not for the majority of us. With that bubble sadly busted, when
you’re not writing, how to do you spend your time?
(Tess) I have two school-age
kids, so there is a lot of laundry, lunch-making, running them from one event,
birthday party or activity to another, and cleaning up injuries (and bodily
fluids). And that’s my leisure time!
My main day job
is academic. I’m working on my PhD, so my days are spent in the library, in
class, writing or editing articles for publication, or fighting with my
research databases. One way or another, I’m always writing something.  
I do try and
take some time for myself once in a while, but that’s a lot more likely to
involve a YouTube yoga class in my pajamas than any kind of jet-set champagne brunch. 
4. I know many
writers, such as myself, keep their pastime/career a secret. Do those close to
you know you write? If so, what are their thoughts?
(Tess) I’ve told a few
people, primarily my partner and my brother. My kids know that I write ‘stories
about love,’ but they’re definitely not allowed to read them yet! I only just told my mother my pen name, and
she’s got a copy of Rite of Summer, but she still hasn’t told me what she
thinks. I did make her pinky-swear never, ever to talk to me about the sex
scenes, so that may limit the conversation somewhat.
My better half’s
been after me for eons to write, and has always been my biggest and most vocal
supporter. So that’s been really affirming, and probably the reason I’m even
doing this at all. Having someone who believes in you and in the power of your
work is one of the most important things to any creative type.
5. Will you
share with us your all time favorite authors? If you’re like me, it’s a long
list so give us your top ten.
(Tess) Oh gosh. I don’t
even know if that is enough! And there are so many whom I love for very
different reasons – I can give you my top two or three off of each list, but
there’s no way I can put them in any kind of fixed order.
For lyrical writing and intricate story
structure that drive me crazy, because I’ll never be able to emulate their
Guy Gavriel Kay
Ursula K Leguin
Offbeat as hell but makes me think:
Kurt Vonnegut
Terry Pratchett
Margaret Atwood
Old favourites that I read at exactly the
right time in my life:
Jane Austen
Gordon Korman
(middle-school humour – MacDonald Hall
Gordon Kendall
(I think he only ever wrote one sci-fi novel, White Wing, but it was the first book I had ever read with a poly family as protagonists. It changed the entire
way I thought about love. I read this thing until the spine split.)
Newer authors I’m watching like a hawk
because I was so impressed with their debuts:
Leah Bobet
(urban fantasy)
Lillian Marek
(historical romance)
6. If you could
choose one book to go to the big screen, yours or otherwise, which book would
you choose and whom would you love see casted in the parts?
(Tess) I’m going to
cheat, because it’s a graphic novel rather than a purely text book, but I would
kill to see any kind of movie made
from Young Avengers.
It hits every
mark I crave in a coming of age story – the fantasy of having special powers,
discovering that you have the ability to change not only your life but make
others’ lives better, and not only that, but having a group of your best
friends fighting right alongside you. Better yet, the cast of Young Avengers is incredibly diverse,
and includes Billy Kaplan and Teddy Altman, my favourite fictional couple of
all time.
There have been
a number of story arcs and versions of the team over the years, of course, but
if any one of them was going to be made into a movie, I’d like to see a
much-simplified version of Children’s
. It’s a storyline where two of the team members, the twins Billy

and Tommy, go on a quest to find their mother. She’s been accused of murder and
has gone into hiding. Their team comes along and the authorities chase after
them, determined to bring the Scarlet Witch to justice.
Keeping the
fancasting to just the core characters, I’d love to see a list something like
Billy Kaplan: Quentin
Tommy Shepherd:
Lucky Blue Smith
Teddy Altman: Mason
Kate Bishop: I
always used to say Crystal Reed, but I’m going to switch allegiances to another
Teen Wolf actress – Arden Cho would be awesome,
and add some more racial diversity.
Eli Bradley: Michael
B Jordon – he deserves another shot at a better superhero franchise.
Cassie Lang:
Elle Fanning
Jonas Vision: Jake
Wanda Maximoff: Zrinka
Erik Lensherr: Michael
(Kam) I adore your answer. I, too. am a fan of comics/graphic novels. 🙂
7. Would you
care to tell us what you’re working on now? That is if it’s not top-secret
information. If so, just whisper it in my ear. I swear it’ll go no further.
(Tess) Like any author,
I’m always happy to ramble about things I’m working on! I’ve got the third book
in Treading the Boards underway – I’m
about a third of the way through my first draft, with a potential publication
date of September 2016. This is a M/F romance about Isaac, a machinist and
stagehand at London’s famous Surrey Theatre, and Grace, a dancer and actress we
meet in She Whom I Love.
More on the
completed-and-into-edits side, I have a second series coming out from Samhain,
starting this spring. Evolution Ink
is a contemporary new adult romance series about the owners and artists at an
NYC tattoo and piercing studio. The first book, High Contrast, is an M/M romance, and I’m so excited to see it
coming into print!
High Contrast releases May 3rd, 2016.
8. Where can we
find your stories and is there a particular reading order?
(Tess) You can find Rite of Summer available online anywhere
books are sold! Samhain has me listed on all the Amazons, Barnes and Noble, and
of course through samhainpublishing.com.
Rite of Summer is the only book out so far, so I
recommend starting there, but all of my books are standalone stories that
happen to be in a shared universe.
If you’re not a
fan of M/M, for instance, you can easily pick up She Whom I Love (which is F/F/M poly triad) and dive right in
without needing to know anything about what came before. The same will be true
with all the following books, as well as for the Evolution Ink series.
My goal is to
have every book be its own contained, powerful love story for those picking it
up as their first read of mine – and to deepen the shared world a stage for
readers who have been with me from the beginning.
9. Would you
please share how your present and future fans can contact you?
(Tess) Absolutely! My
main social media hangout is Tumblr, and you can find me there at
tessbowery.tumblr.com. I do have a facebook page, as well as a twitter account
at @tessbowery, but I’m on those less often.
And no matter
what network you prefer, you can always keep up with news and releases (and the
occasional flash sale!) at www.tessbowery.com. Hit me up by email at
10. Before we conclude
this enlightening interview, do you have anything else you’d like to share? The
stage is all yours.
(Tess) Only that I am
so excited, such a nerd, and so blessed to be part of this wonderful community
in romance-land. I have such a love for found families and stories of
broken-but-still-good, and here is where I’ve really found my people. I would
love for folks to come hang out on tumblr with me, or just drop me a line via
email to shoot the breeze.
Thank you, Tess, for sparing me a few (ok maybe more than a few) minutes out of your hectic day to share a bit more about yourself. I always love learning more about authors and what inspires them to write what they do. No two stories (answers) are ever the same. 🙂
Now folks, lets move on to the second half of this feature. The other reason Tess has joined us today — Rite of Summer and my critique of it. 


(Book one, Treading the Boards)

There are terrors worse than stage fright. Like falling in love.

Violinist Stephen Ashbrook is passionate about three things—his music, the excitement of life in London, and his lover, Evander Cade. It’s too bad that Evander only loves himself. A house party at their patron’s beautiful country estate seems like a chance for Stephen to remember who he is, when he’s not trying to live up to someone else’s harsh expectations.

Joshua Beaufort, a painter whose works are very much in demand among the right sort of people, has no expectations about this party at all. Until, that is, he finds out who else is on the guest list. Joshua swore off love long ago, but has been infatuated with Stephen since seeing his brilliant performance at Vauxhall. Now he has the chance to meet the object of his lust face to face—and more.

But changing an open relationship to a triad is a lot more complicated than it seems, and while Evander’s trying to climb the social ladder, Stephen’s trying to climb Joshua. When the dust settles, only two will remain standing…when they’re not flat on their backs.

—–> REVIEW <—-
(request submitted by author for an honest critique) 
Two men shagging – Three men – Masturbation: Tess didn’t falter in delivering some rather heated scenes. For me, Joshua masturbating was more erotic than all the other scenes combined. However, I’m just a gal who enjoys self-loving and watching others pleasure themselves. *winks* 
As stimulating as those moments were, I have one small complaint — the overuse of the word, “PRICK”. In erotica tales, it’s hard (no pun intended) to create elaborate love scenes and not use words repetitively. However, I would have preferred she changed up the name a bit – use manhood, staff, dick – in some instances. She did use cock a few times but again PRICK was the prominent word of choice. 
With that said…..
If you like historical erotica, you’ll gobble this story up and hunger for more. 
If you like gay erotica, again, I know you’ll enjoy it.  Seriously, how could you not with all the nakedness at your disposal.
Heart Rating System – 1 (lowest) and 5 (highest) 
Score: ❤❤❤
BUY NOW @ AMAZON — > Kindle – Paperback
Coming December 29, 2015, from Samhain Publishing!!
(Book two, Treading the Boards)


 Love would be simpler if it came with a script.

Marguerite Ceniza dies on the London stage each night, but her own life has barely begun. The ingénue is on the prowl for a lover, but while she burns with desire for Sophie, a confession could ruin their decade-long friendship. In the meantime there are always men vying to be her patron, and square-jawed, broad-shouldered James Glover can’t help but catch her eye.

Sophie Armand has been a lady’s maid for too long, and she’s sick of keeping secrets. Her hidden scripts and the story of her birth are only the beginning. Her nights are haunted by desperate thoughts of the beguiling Marguerite, and of James, the handsome tradesman who whispers promises of forever into her ear.

James has the kind of problem a lot of men would kill for—two women, both beautiful, both sensual, and both willing. Sophie wants marriage, while Marguerite’s only in it for fun, and choosing between them isn’t easy.

What’s the worst that could happen if he secretly courts them both?

Their romantic triangle is complicated in the most delicious way, until a shadowy figure from Marguerite’s past threatens to destroy the budding relationship—and their lives.

Warning: Contains a lady’s maid with secret desires, a corset-maker who knows his way around a woman’s body, and an actress who never has to fake it. Rated for adult audiences only.


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Review of “Her Angela & Protection” – Ray Sostre

When Angela Critelli lets Vivienne Perkins move in to her place, she’d never expect the woman of her dreams. Vivienne’s a wonderful cook and home-maker, a perfect companion, and her best friend since high school; the only problem is her sexuality. Angela knew Vivienne was married to an ungrateful husband that never appreciated her, but she also discovered something questionable about her sexuality. Vivienne’s affection may be leading her on, but does she want to be with her?


(request submitted by the author for an honest critique) 
First, I want to thank Ray for extending me the invitation to voice my opinion on his erotic tale. I must admit this was the first story I read by him and once finished, I found things I liked about it and some sections that gave me pause. Of course, I’m sure we’ve all been in this predicament once or twice. 
Let’s start with those instances that baffled me. 
I didn’t understand how the title related to the story besides the following line, “Vivienne smiled, pushing a wisp of Angela’s hair back. “Let’s go… I always wanted my Angela and protection.” I read that section more than once and the line appeared disjointed from the story. Two other things seemed unclear. Viv all of a sudden loving Angie in that way. Did that mean she was silently harboring feelings for Angie over the years? Since they have been friends since HS, wouldn’t Angie tell her friend she dated women? Since it wasn’t addressed who Angie dated, I’m assuming either Angie didn’t date women or just didn’t date them openly. 
Now for the POSITIVES —-

I loved their ying/yang relationship. Opposites really do attract. Oh and the masturbation scene, priceless! No doubt many of you reading this have been caught petting the kitty or stroking your pecker. 

 On a final note, after speaking to Ray, I want to relay a bit of info. This is only the beginning for them. Yup, that means a series! Which means, everything I posted as “negatives” might get answered. *nudges Ray and winks*

Heart rating system – 1 (lowest) and 5 (highest) 


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Review of “The Dark Cully’s Mistress ” – Shiralyn J. Lee

Book Description:

This is a lesbian love story based on the life of Annie Smith, a prostitute living in the Covent Garden area in the mid 1800’s. The area was rife with prostitution during this era and held no exception to Annie’s plight. Forced by her mother to work in this trade she is determined to find a way out of this life at any cost. When she meets a married man quite by sheer accident she is offered an unusual way to leave this sordid existence behind her.
Annie is extremely grateful for her new found role in life and for a while she accepts this to be the right choice. But soon her life will change again when she meets her Dark Cully’s wife, Mrs. Rose Rotherham, a fine and beautiful woman who happens to be high up in the social circle of London. Annie is besotted with her and has to find a way into her life and when she manages to find that avenue there is literally, hell to pay.

Purchase Link ~ Amazon (Print Edition)
Author Site

For a person who doesn’t care for “historical” books, I absolutely loved this tale. Just when I thought I had everything figured out, Shiralyn threw a curveball at me. I think at one time I shook my head and said, “No freaking way!” Shiralyn, you did one helluva job keeping me on my toes and for that, you got five stars. 

Heart rating system – 1 (lowest) and 5 (highest)
Score: ❤❤❤❤❤

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Review of “She’s on the Ball” – Shiralyn J. Lee

Amazon Kindle Link

Book Description (from Amazon site)

Warning this lesbian drama contains erotic scenes and strong language.

This is a story about a female football player, Jacks. She is the goalie for Islington Ravers, a small team fighting for a chance to be noticed. Her life is disrupted when she discovers that her girlfriend of two years has done something so unthinkable to betray her.
This is a lesbian erotic drama that will take you on a journey filled with love, hate and romance.
The sex scenes and language are explicit and not intended for anyone wishing to purchase your usual mainstream erotica.


If you’re looking for a straight up love story with
only happy moments, then this isn’t the story for you. In this short story,
Jacks encounters MANY lows before she meets “the one” aka Beth. She
has to deal with a cheating girlfriend, a boss from Hell, and much more. After
reading this, I’m sure you’ll be thanking your lucky stars you haven’t been
dealt her cards. If you have, I feel for you. 
With any erotica story, you expect sex scenes and
Shiralyn delivered on those several times over. Jacks was a very busy gal. 🙂

For the football scenes, I know next to nothing about the sport but I felt like, at times, I was watching a match. Good job! 

Heart rating system – 1 (lowest) and 5 (highest) 

Score: ❤❤❤

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New Release!!

I’m super excited to announce that Dirk and I have another short story out. Yes, I stress the word SHORT cause it was based off a picture I was shown by a friend (Debbie Workman) for a contest. The story ended up being roughly 5,000 words, so it couldn’t be submitted. (The contest asked for 1000 words.) However, we thought it would be a perfect little read for all of you. 

We want to give special thanks to Jess Hunter (editor), Mika Star (cover artist), and Debbie Workman (beta reader) for going on this self-publishing journey with us. I think we all worked well as a team. To Sable Hunter, thank you for all your advice and tidbits regarding self-publishing. I appreciate all your help and the time you spent chatting with me. Mucho Love to you all. 

As I stated above, the story is short so we decided to price it rather cheap – .99 cents.
With that low price, you could pick up one for yourself and a few more for your friends. 🙂
Genre: Erotic Romance
Theme: Lesbian

Angi didn’t plan on sleeping with her co-worker. She was still getting over a failed relationship. However after a night of movies, and too much wine, Angi passed out and then the most vivid dreams occurred. When she woke, she didn’t fight the spark brewing all night. Angi took the initiative and made her dreams come to life. 

Purchase links:
Barnes and Noble

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