Monster Problems A to Z by Stacie Green (Book Spotlight)

Journey through the alphabet with mythical creatures as they confront real-life challenges. From anxious aliens to zoned-out zombies, this vibrant hand – illustrated book combines fantasy and empathy with clever vocabulary to create a world where monsters are a lot like us. Delight in this story from the author of “Monsters Need Breaks Too!” and continue the fun with these relatable whimsical mythical creatures!

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Meet the Author

Hi. I’m Stacie Green, Illustrator and artist. My love of art started around the time I learned how to hold a crayon. Growing up in the Appalachian Mountains of Virginia, I would spend countless hours outdoors with paper and crayons in hand. One of my earliest memories is sitting outside next to a tree stump watching my grandparents’ brown and black farm dog, asleep stretched out in the sun. As I began to draw him, I noticed how the light played on each color of his fur differently. I was fascinated by all the little details around me, especially in nature. The repeating patterns in leaves, the spots on the back of a crawdad in the creek, and the tiny seeds of a dandelion were all beautiful and interesting to me.

I seek to capture those little details in my artwork, whether it is hand drawing, paintings, or graphic designs. There is often a story or memory behind my work. Many of my characters and creatures are from stories I’ve written and developed. As you take in my work, I hope you will find the beauty in the details and come to appreciate lines, patterns, color, and texture as much as I do.

My background is in Studio Art and Fibers. I hold a Masters in Art Education and taught in public, private, and international schools for over 10 years. My family includes my engineer hubby and three quirky kids. In my free time, you will find me studying more about surface pattern design, reading, drawing with my favorite oil pastels, traveling, and hanging out with my friends. I love Boho style, flowy clothing, and lots of jewelry. When we meet, I will probably remind you of your favorite quirky art teacher!

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