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90 Days of Gratitude: For a Healthier and Happier Mind by Jessica Lunn (Book Review)

A quick and easy tool to transform your life— stress less, feel healthier, and most importantly, be happier!

-We all fall prey at some point to the negative aspects of life, affecting our mood, sleep, self-esteem, and relationships, without even realizing it. You have the power to step outside a cycle of negativity and into a world of mental peace and freedom.

-From the “big things” to the “little things,” practicing gratitude on a daily basis is linked to less stress, anxiety, depression, and even helps with recovery from addiction and other mental illnesses!

Improve your overall happiness and mental well-being in just 5-10 minutes a day with this simple yet effective journal. You do not have to spend a lot of time writing or keeping an in-depth diary to reap the benefits!

You’ll be grateful you did it!

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I received a complimentary copy of this book from Reedsy Discovery.  I voluntarily chose to read and post an honest review.


We live in a world where it’s easy to let the troubles, the conflicts, and the negativity weigh us down. Negativity can affect our health mentally, physically, emotionally, socially, and psychologically. Just as a negative environment impacts our lives, so does a positive one. Positive affirmations help motivate people, encourage positive life changes, and boost self-esteem. Those who practice positive affirmation may experience fewer negative thoughts and a better response to stress, leading to a happier and healthier life.

We are asked to reflect on the day in 90 Days of Gratitude for a Healthier and Happier Life. Name “5 Things I am Grateful for Today,” give “3 Positive Affirmations,” and rate “How I am Feeling Today” on a scale from 1 star up to five. Besides those three staple questions, each day includes one bonus question, such as writing down something unique about myself or something I am excited about. There are seven bonus questions in total, which are repeated in every weekly cycle. 

After the seven days, it’s time for the weekly check-in, where participants list the highlights, challenges, accomplishments, and goals/what they’re looking forward to in the next week. The writer encourages you to take 5-10 minutes out of your day, jot down what parts of the day you are grateful for, and keep the positive thoughts flowing, as this will improve your mental health and, I bet, your overall health as well! 

According to Take2Minutes, “Journaling helps you process your emotions and learn more about yourself.” They also state, “Studies have shown that a journaling practice can significantly lower symptoms of depression and anxiety.” This journal is a valuable resource for those dealing with internal struggles, whether its addiction, mental health issues, or everyday stresses of life. I encourage you to take five minutes out of your day and write down positive aspects. As the author states, it can be something small. Just focus on what made your day a little brighter. 

Read the weekly inspirational quotes because they may give you the courage to face the day with a smile. I’ll leave you with the wise words of Winston Churchill, “The pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity. The optimist sees opportunity in every difficulty.”

Heart Rating System:
1 (lowest) and 5 (highest) 

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Meet the Author

Jessica bachelor’s degree in nursing and has worked most of her career in the emergency department. During her time as a nurse, she has noticed a lack of education on mental illness and eating disorders and uses this as a catalyst to reduce the mental health stigma through education and awareness.

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Bald is Beautiful: A letter for a fabulous girl by Carola Schmidt (Book Review)

Paperback: 24 pages


“Bald is Beautiful: A letter for a fabulous girl” is an inspiring and lovely illustrated letter for girls of any age who will go or already are bald. It’s a perfect gift to send love to a powerful girl who needs to be reminded of how beautiful and loved she is. It’s not a book that explains scientific conditions, disease, and treatment. It’s about love, beauty, happiness, and friendship when going through various changes in our lives.

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(review request submitted by the author for an honest critique) 

My eleven-year-old daughter and I both took turns reading and writing down our thoughts regarding Bald is Beautiful

We both agreed the illustrations were cute but geared towards younger viewers. My daughter said, “I can’t see an adult or older kid reading this book unless a younger person couldn’t read well yet. The pictures are a bit babyish.”

My daughter wasn’t familiar with a “hat and scarf party” but, after I explained what it was, Bald is Beautiful made more sense and was more enjoyable for her. 

We both agree Bald is Beautiful was a cute book; however, my daughter thought it needed more words. There were a few pages with only illustrations. 

The word cancer is scary, but I believe… we believe… this book will bring a smile to many young children facing cancer. 

(Score issued by my eleven-year-old daughter.)


Heart Rating System:
1 (lowest) and 5 (highest) 
Score:  ❤❤

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Carola Schmidt is a pediatric oncology pharmacist, as well as the author of children’s books about cancer and scientific books for Springer Nature. She is in the BookAuthority list of “81 Best Leukemia Books of All Time” with Chubby’s Tale: The true story of a teddy bear who beat cancer. She is also the author of the Babushka Series, which makes subjects as Holodomor and belonging simple for kids.
About the illustrator:
Dian Ovieta is a children’s book illustrator who is really in love with anything about the children’s world.


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