The Bashful Frying Pan: Kitchen Tales by Cecília Vizvári (Book Review)

Book One

Age Level: 3 – 12

Paperback: 53 pages


From the first part of the kitchen tales you learn how the most conceited teapot becomes the nicest and friendliest teapot in the world. Of course the tea cups, garlic press, cake-server, kitchen sponge, and not to be forgotten, the leftover chocolate sauce, also play their part.

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Book Two

Age Level: 3 – 12

Print Length: 50 pages


In the second part of the Kitchen Tales we can read about how the Bashful Frying Pan started to sing for the first time. Why did he break into a song all of a sudden? What did the Haughty Teapot say, and what about the garlic press and the cake-server? Were they also surprised? Read the tale!

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(review request submitted by the author for an honest critique) 


The Bashful Frying Pan was read by me (40+) and my daughter (11). Below are our thoughts on the story. 

We love to have music playing while we cook. It makes dinner prep go by in a snap! Therefore, we enjoyed watching the kitchen helpers get into the groove. Adorable! 

The overall storyline was cute. We didn’t have issues with it, but we did have some with the illustrations and dialogue based on the book’s recommended age level (3 – 12) and grade level (P – 5).

In my opinion, the illustrations were more geared for pre-k or first and second graders. My eleven-year-old thought the images were a bit creepy. She didn’t think kids her age would read this book. 

We also agreed that not many younger kids would know some of the words as in their meaning, or pronunciation: (examples) ratatouille, exquisite, unprecedented, and haughty. She didn’t even know what haughty meant and, again, she’s eleven. 

We’d still recommend this book to parents who have siblings in the 3-12 age bracket. The older child can help the younger sibling read and learn new words. 


Heart Rating System:

1 (lowest) and 5 (highest) 


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Book Three

Age Level: 4 – 12

Print Length: 43 pages

In the third part of the Kitchen Tales you will learn how the Kettle In Love has succeeded to win the heart of the Haughty Teapot.Remember, it’s not just anybody. He has to conquer the Haughty Teapot!!! It was also necessary for the spider to give good advice, with a lot of ingenuity and patience, until he was successful.I will not reveal the details, read the tale!

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Cecília began writing stories and tales when her children were born. As the number of her children grew, the number of tales increased as well. The children discovered that it was great fun to invent new stories and tales, thus her older kids write and illustrate tales. Cecília’s smaller children only test stories. Since their name is Watercastle in English, they publish their tales under the name Watercastle Tale Works. The parents live with their five kids in Hungary.

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