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The Adventures of Burnie & Chloe: Burnie Meets a Chipmunk by Andrea McLean (Book Review)

Join Burnie and Chloe, two playful dogs, on a delightful adventure as they embark on an unexpected quest to help a furry friend find its way back home. After a playful romp outside, Burnie and Chloe are ready to settle in for a cozy nap, however their plans take an unexpected turn when a curious chipmunk dashes into their house.

What follows is a heartwarming tale of friendship, determination, and teamwork as Burnie and Chloe embark on a spirited chase to help their newfound friend return safely to the outdoors. Along the way, they encounter surprises, challenges, and moments of joy that captivate readers of all ages.

Filled with humor, warmth, and gentle life lessons, “The Adventures of Burnie & Chloe, Burnie Meets a Chipmunk” is a charming story that celebrates the bonds of friendship and the magic of everyday adventures. As Burnie and Chloe navigate through the twists and turns of their escapade, they help the chipmunk and learn valuable lessons about empathy, kindness, and the joy of lending a helping paw.

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I received a complimentary copy of this book from Reedsy Discovery.  I voluntarily chose to read and post an honest review.


Burnie and Chloe are back, and this time, they’re joined by an unexpected and unwelcome visitor: a chipmunk. 

After playing outside, Burnie and Chloe are heading inside for a nap. As they walk inside, Chloe swears something zooms past them and into the house. Burnie thinks Chloe’s super sleepy state causes her to imagine a guest has followed them inside. Burnie quickly finds out that Chloe is right; a chipmunk is making itself at home in their house. 

Have you ever watched videos showing people trying desperately to get a rodent out of their home? How about ones where our beloved companions decide to help us in the extraction of the vermin? If you heart these videos, you will love The Adventures of Burnie & Chloe: Burnie Meets a Chipmunk. In it, two dogs work together to find and rid their home of an unwanted guest. Unlike the videos online or on TV, no humans were swinging brooms or nets. Nothing was struck, broken, or knocked over in pursuit of the chipmunk. Yes, the two dogs did chase the chipmunk upstairs and downstairs, but the chase ended almost as quickly as it began—the dogs besting the rodent. 

Chipmunks are cute when they are outside; inside, not so much. Thank goodness Ava and her dad had two brave dogs who showed the rodent the door—literally! Young kids will love watching the chipmunk evade Burnie and Chloe. Many readers will chuckle watching the chipmunk steal food from the dogs’ food bowls. Too cute! Yes, there were proportion issues between the canines and the furniture. However, what stood out for me the most was the illustrations on page 29; the dogs appear to be going up the staircase sideways. 

I enjoyed reading The Adventures of Burnie & Chloe: Burnie Meets a Chipmunk, and I know your family will, too. I recommend this book and every book in the Burnie and Chloe series! 

Heart Rating System:

1 (lowest) and 5 (highest) 

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Meet the Author

Andrea C. McLean  is a champion of personal discovery. She is passionate about kindling diverse connections and watching the resultant magic unfold. When she’s not spinning captivating narratives, Andrea coaches individuals to uncover their superpowers and navigate life’s twists with resilience.

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If I Had A Pet Baboon by David Dobbins (Book Review)

Join two young sisters on an imaginative adventure as they play pretend with their toy baboon to explore the wonders of their own world. From the playful antics of the baboon to the far-reaching wonders of the girls’ imaginations, this whimsical story will have readers both young and old transported to a world of surprise and delight. Follow the sisters as they discover the joys and surprises of a world that only exists in their imaginations.

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I received a complimentary copy of this book from Reedsy Discovery. I voluntarily chose to read and post an honest review.


My eyes were instantly drawn to the cover. I loved the cute, comical snapshot of the family and baboon taped against the bright blue backdrop. It was perfect, and so was the title. I couldn’t wait to dive into the story; kids will be excited to read it, too. 

Kids are always begging their parents for a family pet. Many go the traditional route: dog and cat. Then, we have children who prefer a pet who’s a smaller size or less vocal: fish, gecko, gerbil, hamster, guinea pig, and turtle. Of course, we must remember the daring children who ask for a pet snake, mouse, rat, hedgehog, or spider. There are more pets to choose from, but this is the first time I’ve heard of anyone who’d prefer a baboon as their companion. 

Max Hardison’s illustrations were cute as a button and made me smile. Their cartoon image outshined any real baboon I’ve seen at our zoo or on a nature show. The artist made the wild animal appear cuddly-worthy, whereas the real-life version is frightening. The baboon’s facial expression at the beauty parlor spoke a thousand words. They might not like their “hoighty-toighty hairdo,” but kids will like the drawing. Children might wish for a baboon to join their next tea party after reading the book. Whether the baboon was behind the wheel, playing the bassoon, partaking in a 5-course meal, or looking at the night sky from a hot air balloon basket, the two sisters made having a baboon for a pet a fun and great idea. 

This story captures the beauty of a child’s imagination. This book is perfect for 2–7-year-olds despite a few challenging words. 

School or home, this is a lively book that will get kids excited for story time! Get your copy today, and remember to ask your child their thoughts on the out-of-the-ordinary pet. 


Heart Rating System:
1 (lowest) and 5 (highest) 

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Meet the Author

I am a husband of a beautiful wife and two lovely daughter. Because I have these little ones there is ample opportunity to tell them stories and flex my child like imagination. I just recently published my first children’s picture book inspired by my family.

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