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A Fallacious Seduction by Virginia Barlow (Book Review)

Winner of The Crowned Heart of Excellence by InD’tale Magazine!
Nominated for Book of the Year by InD’tale Magazine 2021!
Nominated for Book of the Year by N.N. Light’s Book Heaven 2021!


A sassy heroine and an alpha lawman clash in an epic tale of mistaken identity by the author of The Wicked Sister!

When the train US Marshal Reese Calhan is riding on explodes, he is one of two survivors. Trouble is, the other survivor is the woman who betrayed him years ago. A woman he thought was dead. This time he will not fall prey to her wiles. He’ll see the vixen jailed for her crimes if it kills him.

Recovering from a recent jilting and now a train explosion, Shanna Johnston has no idea why the handsome stranger insists he knows her and calls her by another woman’s name. His heated looks and knowing kisses spark a fire in her she cannot ignore–even as her own mysterious past is closing in.

Will the two put their differences aside long enough to fall in love?

Purchase A Fallacious Seduction today and find out what happens next!

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(review request submitted by the author for an honest critique) 


One of my earliest memories revolves around my mom watching soap operas. From 11-3, she watched one after another. Her soaps featured romance, lies, betrayal, suspense, and wild storylines. You could never trust a character to be dead because people notoriously defied death. And if a character did, in fact, meet their maker, a person could return to the show as a twin. A Fallacious Seduction had every quality of a daytime soap opera except it’s set in 1870, not present-day like what you’ll find airing on TV. 

A Fallacious Seduction has a dramatic start when an explosion rockets a train off the track, leaving only two survivors: Shanna and US Marshall Reese Calhan. One could question the validity of only two survivors or how convenient it was that Reese’s horse (Pegasus) also survived the fiery crash. And what are the chances Reese would come face-to-face with a woman he thought died years ago? But in the land of fiction, there are no rules.

Most of the story centers on four points: Reese is adamant that Shanna is his ex and wanted criminal Jenna. Shanna firmly and repeatedly refuted his allegations. Reese keeps questioning where Jenna’s boys are. Reese fights his attraction to a woman that shattered his heart. The more they battle over Shanna’s identity, the more it becomes crystal clear why Shanna looks like Jenna. It was blatantly obvious. Why couldn’t Reese see it? Oh yeah, the writer didn’t want him to…yet. But, one pivotal moment gave Reese undeniable proof that Shanna was not Jenna! 

Shanna and Jenna looked the same, but that’s where their similarities stopped. Jenna is a character you’ll love to hate. Shanna is a fearless heroine who will defend herself against any man, and her self-preservation skills were tested on multiple occasions. She has big cojones!

A Fallacious Seduction has a sweet ending – mirroring everything Shanna always wanted. (Read the story for more information). 

If you like historical or western romance novels, check out A Fallacious Seduction! 


Heart Rating System:
1 (lowest) and 5 (highest) 
Score: ❤❤❤

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Meet the Author

I love being an author. It’s all about where your characters lead you. I start with a general idea. As the story unfolds I type as fast as I can in hopes I keep up with my characters.They have had me jotting on napkins, making notes while I’m waiting in a line, and waking me up in the middle of the night. The hard part is always the ending. My characters live with me and when I reach the end of the story, it is hard to say goodbye.Sometimes I let the story sit for a few days to make sure I’m okay with them leaving home to get published. Kind of like when you kids move out. LOL

I enjoy my grandchildren, and the time I share with them. They make me smile with their antics. I like to quilt, crochet, knit and sew. Cooking and baking are occasional itches I scratch. The rest of the time, they are necessary evils. LOL.

My greatest support comes from my husband. He has been my sounding board for all my stories. My daughters are also a great support to me. I couldn’t do it without my family.

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Dead and Breakfast: Rewind or Die Book 11 by Gary Buller (Book Review)

When Eddie gets a flat in the middle of nowhere, the last thing on his mind is death. Then as darkness falls and the storm worsens, he’s forced to seek shelter alongside his significant other, Banksy. Big mistake.

Bed and Breakfast, the sign said, but there are no eggs and bacon on the menu here. Instead, their host serves up four tales of terror with a little murder on the side. And as the other residents of the mansion gradually reveal themselves, Eddie and Banksy begin to wonder if they’ll ever check out alive. 

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(review request submitted by the author for an honest critique)


Dead and Breakfast is a collection of 5 short stories, but they are not disjointed. I won’t say how Gary’s connects them, but I will say it’s twisted…morbid…and creepy AF! 

No matter if you are reading CordsThe Brace, The Weight of Nostalgiaor The Greyfriarsyou’ll discover something in each of these tales that’ll cause you to make the eww, grossed-out face. Case in point, in The Greyfriars, there were BIG, FAT MAGGOTS. I found them equally or more disturbing than the phantoms/ghosts/spirits. Yeah, I hate insects that much. 

Don’t get me started on all the various other haunting creatures… 

Without a doubt, Gary’s mind is as twisted as Stephen King’s. One day, I hope to see Gary’s workings brought to life on the big screen. Of course, I’ll be watching the movie through parted fingers. 

Heart Rating System:
1 (lowest) and 5 (highest) 

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Gary Buller is an author from Manchester England where he lives with his long suffering partner Lisa, and his daughter Holly. He is a huge fan of all things macabre having grown up reading King and Koontz and loves a tale with a twist.

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