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Zoe Home for the Holidays: A Merry Christmas Tale (Zoe the Pull-Leash Dog) by J. E. Brewer (Book Review)

Dashing Through the Snow in a One-Pup Crazy Way.

This is the second zany outing for Zoe the Pull-Leash Dog. Zoe is a whirlwind of a pup who helps people around town in unexpected ways during her daily walks with Edna. In Zoe Home for the Holidays, the duo turns winter into a wonderland and puts a whole new spin on dog walking. Edna lets Zoe take her for a wild ride to lend a helping paw to snow shovelers, skiers, skaters, ice sculptors, tree decorators, and even Santa himself, as only Zoe can. This is Book 2 of the Zoe the Pull-Leash Dog series.

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I received a complimentary copy of this book from Reedsy Discovery. I voluntarily chose to read and post an honest review.


I first met Zoe in the hilarious and unforgettable story Zoe the Pull-Leash Dog. The adorable canine was zooming across the pages and dragging their owner behind them, most of the time with their human counterpart (Edna) in mid-air. In Zoe Home for the Holidays, we witness another exhilarating walk where Edna’s feet barely touch the ground. 

Zoe’s case of the zoomies led Edna on a wild ride, but she was used to the 0 to 60 outdoor fun. Even the whole town knows what to expect when Zoe takes off. You’d think a fast-moving pooch would spell disaster, but their speed and quick movements prove quite helpful for the townspeople this holiday season. Zoe and Edna helped clear off the snowy sidewalks, assisted the children to the top of the ski hill, coordinated ice skaters, and created a stunning ice sculpture. As they flew past the enormous tree in the village’s center, they did a holiday job many people dread: untangle a mountain of blinking lights. If that wasn’t impressive enough, Zoe also had time and energy to help jolly St. Nick and his reindeer! 

Readers will find themselves giggling over the high-flying owner. The illustrations show her as a human toboggan, resting on the backend of a dog-shaped ice sculpture, passing over treetops, riding on the back of Santa’s sled, and much more. Edna’s final line, “Santa says Hi,” was a perfect ender. It demonstrated how she loved and accepted the craziness the walks bring. Every day was an adventure with her furry friend! 

Zoe Home for the Holidays is a wonderful book to share with your family this and every holiday season. Kids will love it, and so will their parents too! Based on the previous book in the series, the recommended reading age is 3-7 years. 


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Meet the Author

I grew up in a hardworking lobstering town on the coast of southern Maine. As a Physics major at the University of Maine, I won the state creative fiction competition. Today I live on Boston’s north shore with my wife, a pre-school teacher. We have two sons and a little white dog.

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Our Lunar New Year by Yobe Qiu (Book Review)


It’s almost Lunar New Year! Xiao Mi, Hang, Kwan, Malai and Charu all celebrate the New Year in their own special way. Read this book to learn how each one of the Chinese, Korean, Thai, Vietnamese and Indian children and their families honor Lunar New Year, from dragon dances in China to firecrackers in India!
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I received a complimentary copy of this book from iRead Book ToursI voluntarily chose to read and post an honest review.
Our Lunar New Year by Yobe Qiu educates readers on how five countries (China, Korea, India, Vietnam, and Thailand) celebrate their new year. Under each header, it lists the proper name for their holiday. Example: Chinese Spring Festival is Chun Jie, and Thailand is Songkran. 

I absolutely love learning new facts. For instance, in Our Lunar New Year, I discovered “Firecrackers scare away naughty spirits.” The clothes worn during Seollal (Korean New Year) are called hanbok. Every country mentioned, except Thailand, spoke of something people eat, wear, possess, or even a color that is supposed to bring good luck to them in the new year. Fascinating, right?! There’s so much nifty information — facts that any child or adult should learn because it’s essential to be informed about other cultures. 

Maria Christina Lopez, Jennifer Prevatt, and Pui Yu Chan worked very well together to create illustrations that captured the reader’s eye and elevated the story. I loved the dragon, the scrumptious-looking food, the diverse characters, and all the beautiful colors. 

I highly recommend everyone read this book!

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Meet the Author: 

​Yobe is an educator, entrepreneur and mom who lives in NYC. As an educator, she focused on teaching families to embrace love, diversity and different cultures. Through the years working in the classrooms and closely with other educators, she noticed the lack of multi-cultural resources that represented children of color. That is when Yobe decided to create multicultural children stories that feature Asian children, families and cultures! Yobe loves spending time with her daughter, reading to children and taking long walks during the day!
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