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Dr. Tippie by Nyx Nightshade (Book Review)

With TIPPIE, every day is an “ADVENTURE”. FUNNY and COURAGEOUS, Tippie loves CHALLENGES! With no FEAR in his heart, this adorable donkey is ready to do all he can to make things better.

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With excitement, Jackson leaps to the yard and cuts his hoof along the fence. Oh my, I wonder who could help him?

Dr. Tippie knew exactly what needed to be done!

Read more inside…

In this book, Tippie learns that love and support behind actions make people feel better, rather than just the actions themselves. In this kind-hearted story, Tippie helps his brother’s injured foot in the same way a doctor would. Tippie makes Jackson feel better through his silly personality and shows how much he cares about him. The act of helping someone in need is a way to demonstrate your love for them.

You’ll find a colouring book to engage with the story hands-on in each book.

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I received a complimentary copy of this book from Reedsy Discovery.  I voluntarily chose to read and post an honest review.


Tippie is like many young kids; every day is a battle to get them to take a bath or shower. They would rather wear a hat or ponytail than run a comb or brush through their disheveled hair. They moan and groan and sometimes run in the opposite direction of the bathroom. Tippie wasn’t thrilled about washing up before heading outside to play. Luckily, Mama let them skip this once. 

When kids play indoors out outside, falls and scrapes will occur. Their knees are often found with bruises or covered with band-aids. Poor Jackson, a sweet donkey, jumped and cut his hoof on a fence. While Mama could have cleaned and bandaged the sore herself, she happily accepted Tippie’s help. Tippie looked absolutely adorable in Mama’s doctor coat and headlamp. It was sweet watching him examine his friend. Tippie used familiar medical instruments your child might be familiar with, such as a stethoscope and tongue dispenser. It was also humorous listening to Jackson question why Tippie looked in his mouth when he had a hurt hoof, not a sore throat. I bet many readers will wonder the same thing! 

Kids love playing pretend, especially doctors. So don’t let the fun end when the story is over. Grab some supplies and let your child doctor you or any of their stuffed friends!

Like with every other book by Nyx, Dr. Tippie will bring lots of smiles and endless laughter! Great storyline. Fantastic illustrations. The combo makes this a book your family will read over and over and over again. It did have minor editing mistakes, but overall, it was a sensational read. 

This book is perfect for beginning readers. It’s also ideal for children three years and older. 

Join Tippie as he tries to lift Jackson’s spirit while doctoring his injured hoof. 

Heart Rating System:
1 (lowest) and 5 (highest) 

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Meet the Author

An authority in the cosmetics industry, Nyx Nightshade is a savvy business leader with over three decades of entrepreneurial experience. As the CEO of a global cosmetics distribution company, Nyx brings a wealth of expertise in corporate leadership and international business. Her talent for cultivating partnerships and spearheading innovative initiatives has been instrumental to her company’s growth and success. With an impressive career spanning over 32 years, Nyx has grown into a role in problem-solving, customer relations, strategic thinking, and passion for the beauty industry that will continue to drive her company forward.

Gifted with innate intuition and healing abilities from a young age, Nyx felt a natural calling to care for and rehabilitate horses. In 2016, she welcomed her first rescue horse, Willow, into her home, marking the beginning of a profound journey. Since then, Nyx’s herd has grown to include two Ponies, one Standardbred, two Thoroughbreds, four charming Donkeys, and one spirited  Miniature Horse. Spending quality time studying their mannerisms and bonding with each animal has fully allowed Nyx to appreciate their distinct personalities and quirks.

Nyx welcomed new residents into her heart when she introduced Tippie, Nala, and Jackson to the existing family. Immediately upon meeting the charismatic Tippie, Nyx recognized his star quality. She dedicated countless hours to ensuring the newcomer’s smooth transition, tenderly cradling Tippie and Nala as she read bedtime tales. Little did Nyx know, she would soon begin crafting bedtime stories starring her beloved creatures. Tippie’s curious personality distinguished him from the other animals. He embodied a free soul, a courageous rebel, unafraid of taking chances. Tippie-Doo doesn’t care who you are. He wants to tell you who he is!

As Nyx observed Tippie’s growth over two years, she could envision the antics and adventures awaiting them. Her mind overflowed with possibilities for bringing their stories to life. She could picture all the silly things he did and what they could do in her mind.

Nyx gladly put her heart and soul into her writing. The Adventures Of Tippie-Doo is a passion project she is excited to share with the world. Just like Tippie, “There’s NOTHING you can’t do!”

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The Moon in the Sky: Poems Your Kids Would Have Written (If Only They Could Write) by Bruce Shutts (Book Review)

THE MOON IN THE SKY: Poems your Kids Would Have Written (if only they could write) by Bruce Shutts

Children have the power to turn simple everyday tasks into moments of intrigue and laughter.

When getting dressed, they might just think:

“My pants are really easy
Since both my feet will fit.
And after I put both legs in,
I pull them up. That’s it!
But shirts are very tricky;
They have three holes, not two!
And if you pick the wrong one,
Your head just won’t go through!”


Delight in thirteen whimsical poems that capture the simple honesty of everyday childhood activities written from the perspective of three-to-six-year-olds. From getting dressed, eating snacks, or having stinky feet, you and your child will recognize yourself in these poems. Crafted to make you laugh, smile, and build memories with your kids.

I received a complimentary copy of this book from iRead Book Tours. I voluntarily chose to read and post an honest review.
Bruce Shutts’s poems were topics that kids and parents could absolutely relate to: getting dressed, car rides, walks outside, bathroom breaks, and much more.

We’ve all seen our children struggle with dressing themselves—head in armholes or backward attire. Most times, their first attempts are pretty humorous.

For many people, we use car seats or strollers quite regularly. Kids love the outdoors. Those poems were 100% accurate, including all the spills as well. I think my daughter dropped more crackers than what she ate.

I have sneaking suspicion that children will love “Picking My Nose” the most. While parents think it’s gross, kids think it’s hilarious. Face it, you know they have their finger up there most of their younger years. Amy Wummer’s image of the boy, looking out the corner of his eye while digging for gold, was cute and funny. I know I’ve caught my kids many times in the act. Eww!

The poems dealing with food could lead to asking your child or class what foods they like to eat for snack, lunch, or dinner.

I want to end my review by addressing “A Bug in the Bathroom.” My daughter screams at the top of her lungs when she spots a bug. That little girl, in the story, was so brave. Heck, I think she might be more courageous than some adults I know. 🙂

Bruce Shutts (author) and Amy Wummer (illustrator), you two made a great team. I loved every poem, and the drawings were spectacular too.

The author’s recommended age group is 3-7. I think that’s accurate.

Heart Rating System:
1 (lowest) and 5 (highest) 
Meet the Author:
Bruce Shutts has spent countless hours reading children’s picture books to his three children and five grandchildren over the past forty years. He also loves to create humorous poems for nearly every occasion he can imagine. Coupled with the fact that he often thinks and acts like a three-to-six-year-old, it makes his entrance into the world of children’s books a natural fit. He currently is retired with his wife of forty-five years and loves to travel, play golf, and (you guessed it) read books at night to his grandkids! 
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