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“Save Our Animal Friends” and “Kids Can Change the World” by Benjamin Goldstein (2 Book Spotlight)

The World Patrol Kids give a concert in Kenya, to raise money for the National Game Preserves. The next day on Safari the World Patrol Kids run into trouble with an armed band of poachers who traffic in ivory and endangered species. In addition to the fast-paced adventure story, there are eight pages of puzzles, games, and other activities. The World Patrol Kids comic/activity books feature a multi-ethnic, crime-solving, environmental kids singing and dancing group, (ages 10-14) that takes on polluters, climate change, and traffickers in endangered species.

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Empowering Eco-Adventure for Young Readers!

The World Patrol Kids tackle pollution head-on when medical waste ruins their beach. This suspense-filled action adventure comic , perfect for middle-grade readers, is enhanced with 8 pages of interactive fun.

Packed with facts, puzzles, and games, it’s an engaging journey that encourages positive change. Join the young heroes and embark on an eco-adventure that empowers and educates.

Start your mission to make a difference today!

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Meet the Author

Ben has written, illustrated, produced, and directed books, films, plays, and songs, for Sesame Street, 3-2-1 Contact, Columbia Records, and many others. He has written for such licensed characters as Clifford the Dog, Snuggle the Bear, Rainbow Brite, Sweet Pickles, and more. Ben has an early childhood teacher’s license and has taught grades K-6. He also taught film courses at Western Connecticut State College. His children’s songs have sold millions of copies and his films have appeared at the Museum of Modern Art and on television stations around the world. Other books and plays by Benjamin Goldstein include: The Adventures of the World Patrol Kids, Kids, Kids Can Change the World, Garbage Can Drive You Crazy, Save Our Animal Friends, Looice, Been Dere?, Looice in the Stargarden, Looice Walks for President, Guess Again, Tales of the Baal Shem Tov, The Storyteller, An Evening with Jack and Charmian London, Jack London: The Musical.

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