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Popina & Slumberina by Irit Tal (Book Review)

Join Princess Popina on a magical adventure as she learns to let go of her trusty blanket, Slumberina.

With humor and warmth, this rhyming picture book takes young readers on a journey of growth and self-discovery.

When Popina starts her journey at preschool, she brings her beloved blanket, Slumberina, along but soon realizes it’s better not to do so. This realization challenges her courage and confidence as she learns to let go of her comforting companion.

Recommended by psychologists and featuring a ‘Note to the Parents’ “Letting Go with Princess Popina” is the ideal tool to help children successfully transition from using transitional objects.


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I received a complimentary copy of this book from Reedsy Discovery.  I voluntarily chose to read and post an honest review.


Oh, what a joyous day it was in the kingdom of Nimbasoy. King Popee and Queen Mina were marking the arrival of their sweet baby, Princess Popina, with a huge celebration. Unicorns, clothes-wearing rabbits, Snow White and the seven dwarves, a giant, an elf, a dragon, and many more guests attended the festivities to meet the new addition to the royal family and to bring thoughtful gifts. Popina received many unusual presents you would not typically see at a baby’s party, such as snail shells and honey. And one magical gift that would only been feasible in a magical realm. Through the beautifully drawn illustrations, it was apparent Popina adored every gift; however, her favorite present was the lime green baby blanket. 

Many parents can empathize with a child’s attachment to a single object: a binkie, stuffed animal, or blanket. As you share this story with your children, I wouldn’t be surprised if they mention their favorite item to play with or carry around. They’ll probably have it close at hand. 

Popina’s blanket was special to her; she even named it Slumberina. To her, the blanket possessed magical powers. It offered comfort and happiness and was, in her opinion, her best friend. As Popina grew older, she faced a hard decision. She discovered that taking her friend to school with her was not in its best interest, but Popina didn’t want to be separated from the blankie either. The princess had to decide what was more important to her: her friend’s safety or her own happiness. Popina realized she could help her friend without minimizing her own happiness. 

Separation anxiety from a person or object can be difficult for kids. I encourage you to share the book with your child and let them see how Popina discovers her inner strength! 

I recommend the book to children three years and older. 


Heart Rating System:
1 (lowest) and 5 (highest) 

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Meet the Author

Since the third grade, I’ve known I’d be an author. Then life happened and I became a lawyer, writing countless legal documents. But I felt a lack of purpose and lack of magic. Wanting to use words to make a positive impact, I returned to my first love—writing. Popina & Slumberina is my debut book.

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