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Pookie and Tushka Find a Little Piano – 20th Anniversary Edition (Icelands) by Jorge Tello Aliaga (Book Review)

Over 1 million downloads and 5 Years in the Top Ten

Pookie and Tushka are back! Meet Pookie and Tushka, the proud winners of the “BEST NEW CHILDREN’S BOOK OF THE YEAR” award, with this heartwarming story.

A frozen little piano arrives on the shores of the Icelands, bringing Pookie the penguin and Tushka the polar bear an abundance of fun, excitement, and a valuable lesson about the essence of friendship.

This enchanting tale also includes educational facts about penguins, polar bears, Antarctica, and the Arctic.

Don’t miss out on “Pookie’s Song” by Jorge! Listen at Icelands.com and on popular platforms such as Spotify, Amazon, Apple, YouTube, and more!”


20th Anniversary Edition includes:
• “Pookie’s Song” lyric video.
• New character profiles
• Deleted pages
• Sketches and work in progress
• 15 page preview of “Pookie and Tushka Become Friends”
• A letter from the author
And much, much more!

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(review request submitted by the author for an honest critique) 


Pookie and Tushka are back and celebrating twenty years of bringing joy to kids worldwide. Including in this edition, kids will enjoy bonus material such as new character profiles, deleted scenes, and a 15-page preview of Pookie and Tushka Become Friends. First, let me share my thoughts on today’s featured title, Pookie and Tushka Find a Little Piano.


Pookie, the penguin, loves to sing. Happy or sad, he let the words pour out. To his dismay, his songs carry so much ache. One day, while hanging out with his new friend Tushka, the polar bear, they spot a little blue piano in the sea. Pookie was excited to play the piano and happy songs for his best buddy. He tried with all his might, but only sad tunes surfaced. The little bear also tried to make music but failed as well. In his defense, he didn’t know what a piano was until Pookie informed him. That didn’t matter to the sweet bear; he was devastated he couldn’t play the piano and erupted in big tears. 


Pookie was more concerned for his friend’s feelings than his own. Determined to lift Tushka’s spirits, the penguin had a great idea: a wonderful gift for the small polar bear. Tushka discovered that playing the drum required practice, and Pookie found the key to playing happy tunes. (No spoilers. Read the story!)


Pookie and Tushka Find a Little Piano teaches children valuable lessons. 

1.) To be good at something requires practice. Yes, you’ll make mistakes, but you grow through these mistakes. Have patience, and keep trying!

2.) Thinking of ourselves is easy, but sometimes we must put others first. Helping others may be the ticket to your problem and lift your spirits. 

3.) Always be nice and ready to help your friends! 


I loved reading Pookie and Tushka’s adventure with the little blue piano. Tushka once again amused me with his vivid imagination. I would also be worried about a monster fish in the frigid waters, but a monster piano…hmm, not so much. The bear’s overboard response to everything touched my heart. After reading two books by Jorge, I can see why their series has been downloaded over a million times. These two will warm your heart and make you smile.


Heart Rating System:
1 (lowest) and 5 (highest) 
Score: ❤❤

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Meet the Author

Jorge (or Jorge Antonio Tello Aliaga for short) is a writer and illustrator born and raised in Lima, Perú. He has created books, toys, and apps that have received several awards including a “Children’s Book of the Year” award. His experience includes having worked for Apple, Adobe, Cisco and Oracle.

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Dino Ride: A Curious James Book by Jaybie D. (Book Spotlight)

Join Curious James on a mission divine,
To help a Brachiosaurus in this modern time.
In a world not built for their massive frame,
This dino needs transportation that’s not the same.

They face bumps along the way,
Though they won’t give up – no, not today.
With determination and spirit, they persevere,
Proving the journey itself is something to hold dear!

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Check these out too!


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Meet the Author

Meet Jaybie D., (Miss Debbie in real life). She’s a children’s book author and illustrator capturing the hearts and imaginations of young readers everywhere. With a creative spirit that was nurtured from an early age, Jaybie D. has always had a passion for creating opportunities for the people in her life (all ages) to have new experiences and engage with the world around them.

Born in El Centro, California, and raised in Tulare, Jaybie D. spent much of her childhood babysitting, organizing neighborhood plays and selling baked pastries made with her easy bake oven. In high school she discovered a love for leadership and community involvement, which led her to become an active member of organizations like Students Against Drunk Driving, Mothers Against Drunk Driving, and Future Business Leaders of America.

Jaybie D. has a BBA from Colorado Technical University, a successful career in the business world and now lives in Austin, Texas. Though these days the passion that fills her soul is getting back to her roots by embracing the magic of childhood imagination through children’s literature. Drawing on her experiences as a Cub Scout and Boy Scout leader, as well as the inspiration she finds in her two children, five grandchildren, and menagerie of pets, Jaybie D. crafts stories that are entertaining as they are educational.

Whether she’s whisking readers away on a magical adventure, or teaching them valuable lessons about empathy, kindness, and courage, Jaybie D. approaches her work with passion, creativity, and a deep respect for her young audience. If you’re looking for a children’s book that will capture your child’s heart and inspire their imagination, look no further than Jaybie D. Visit her website at www.JaybieD.com to learn more about her books and sign up for her newsletter.



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Happy Valentine’s Day BOOK OF 31 Cute Cards Plus 6 Teacher Fun Valentine’s Day Cards by Pixie Publishing House (Book Review)

This Valentine’s Day Book of Cards is unique perfect for all ages. Easy cut and fold design, these are a breeze to prepare and feature adorable designs that are sure to be loved by all. The pack includes 31 cards for friends and family, as well as 6 teacher’s cards for classroom exchanges or parties.


– Easy cut and fold design
– 31 cards for friends and family
– 6 teacher’s cards for classroom exchanges
– Adorable designs for all ages
– No envelopes required


These Valentine’s Day Book of Cards are not only adorable, with a simple cut and fold design, they’re easy to prepare in a snap. The pack includes enough cards for everyone, whether it’s classmates, friends, or family. Plus, the addition of teacher’s cards.


This cute card book is perfect for Valentine’s Day classroom exchanges, love notes, or any occasion where you want to show someone you care. They’re suitable for all ages.

Quality Assurance:

We take pride in the design and production of our Valentine’s Day Card Book, and we stand behind the quality.

Order your Valentine’s Day Book of Cards today! Visit our website at www.pixiepublishinghouse.com for new releases.

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I received a complimentary copy of this book from Reedsy Discovery.  I voluntarily chose to read and post an honest review.


Holiday parties and school-time fun go together like peanut butter jelly. Food, candy, games, what’s not to love? Valentine’s parties are delightful because children love trading cards. While store-bought cards are typically used, I’ve noticed a rise in homemade or printable cards. 

Pixie Publishing House has compiled 31 cute cards that children from two to ten will love to give and receive. Subjective matter included squirrels, cats, bears, balloons, butterflies, unicorns, insects, children, hearts, and more. The only image some kids might not like is Cupid. The picture might not appeal to all ages, as the description says. 

Pixie Publishing House has also included 6 Valentine’s Day cards for children to hand out to their teacher(s). Most teacher-appropriate cards only stated, “To my teacher – Happy Valentine’s Day,” in various writing formats. Meaning capitalizations of words vary from card to card. However, one card stood out from the rest. My favorite teacher’s card was “Teaching is heart work.” It was more creative and unique, and the sentiment rang true! 

Happy Valentine’s Day BOOK OF 31 Cute Cards Plus 6 Teacher Fun Valentine’s Day Cards is a lovely collection, suitable for any gender to give or receive. The designs were, as the title states, cute. 

A couple of things to note: No envelopes are in the collection, so you’ll need to clip and fold each card. For young children who struggle with cutting, they will require adult assistance. Older children should be able to tackle the task with minimum to zero help. 

Even though the book’s summary claims the collection is for “all ages,” I recommend the book for children in toddlers through third grade. Fourth and fifth graders might not like every image only because they might consider them too babyish. That aside, I recommend choosing Happy Valentine’s Day BOOK OF 31 Cute Cards Plus 6 Teacher Fun Valentine’s Day Cards for your next holiday party! 


Heart Rating System:
1 (lowest) and 5 (highest) 

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What Bird Heard (Traveler Series, Book 2) by Tricia Gardella (Book Review)

In Book 2 of this Traveler Series, Mouse and Bird are busy at work resolving Bird’s Book 1 mistake– trying to fly an airplane to the moon. Everyone knows it takes a rocket. But are there any other things Mouse and Bird need to be aware of?

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I received a complimentary copy of this book from Reedsy Discovery. I voluntarily chose to read and post an honest review.


What Bird Heard, book two in the “Traveler” series, picks up where its predecessor left off – trying to figure out how to get Mouse to the moon. 

We all have aspirations in life and reasons behind life choices/goals. Mouse’s reasoning for wanting to visit the moon is simple; he’s looking for cheese. Oh yes, this tiny rodent hasn’t gotten the memo that the moon isn’t made of cheese. 

The farm animals band together and use their resources from the scrap heap to construct a rocket. Their design was quite good based on the materials they had. The core was a soda code, and the base was from a can of tuna. The top, a funnel.

Construction, manufacturing, engineering, and space travel involve problem-solving. In the case of Bird and Mouse’s rocket, they need fuel. What Bird Heard teaches children to work as a team to brainstorm ideas. Why? Because teamwork makes the dream work, of course. 

When a creator’s design doesn’t go as planned, it’s essential to understand that alternative solutions must be considered and utilized. Good lessons to pass on to young minds!

Through talking to his friends, Mouse realized that the location was the issue; his goal was to see the world. Earth is a vast land with countless sights to explore. A trip to a library opened Mouse’s eyes to the wondrous world around him and made him realize they were so much to see, touch, taste, and experience here on Earth. Maybe one day the rodent will make it to the moon, but for now, he’s content to explore the planet he calls home. 

What Bird Heard had a couple of pages where the text overlapped the background; most of the text was clear. The illustrations were fantastic, like in “ABSURD,” SAID BIRD (Traveler Series Book 1).”

What Bird Heard encourages creativity, problem-solving, and exploration. I recommend this book to children 3-8.


Heart Rating System:
1 (lowest) and 5 (highest) 
Score: ❤❤1/2

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Meet the Author

Tricia’s books are influenced by ranch, animals and family life. She has tried it all, and almost mastered some: canning, cooking, knitting, fiber arts, rug-making, gardening. She has a BA in Ancient History and lots of grand children, giving her much food for thought. She lives in California.

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Little Sammy Square Finds His Voice by Lisa R. Thomas, M.Ed (Book Review)

In a family of circles, Little Sammy Square struggles to fit in. He is very different from the rest of his family members. They are all circles, and he is a little square. Everyone in his circle family plays an instrument, but not Little Sammy Square. This makes Sammy feel very sad. He doesn’t like to feel different. He wishes he could be just like everyone else. Little Sammy will soon discover a special treasure. This treasure will help him to see that he doesn’t have to be just like everyone else to fit in. Will Little Sammy find his treasure before it’s too late?

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I received a complimentary copy of this book from Reedsy Discovery.  I voluntarily chose to read and post an honest review.


Little Sammy is a square who lives in a family of circles. Sammy wishes he could be round-shaped like them. He wishes he could play a musical instrument like them too. He wants to fit in. Period.

Sammy’s family loves to make music together. Each member excels with their instrument of choice. Macie plays the bass while the other sister, Tracie, tickles the ivories. Sammy’s dad harmonizes with his saxophone while mom adds the pounding beat of the drums. Sammy attempts to rock out with several instruments but can’t find his perfect match. The children’s book explains why Sammy couldn’t or wouldn’t play each musical device. 

Sammy was understandably sad when he tried unsuccessfully to “fit in.” It’s hard to feel like an outsider, especially in your own family. Many people can identify with Sammy’s mindset, young and old. 

As Sammy enjoyed a bubble bath, he went from humming a tune to belting out the lyrics. His family was surprised at his singing capabilities. They had no idea how the talent Sammy possessed, and neither did Sammy. 

Sammy found his musical instrument. In fact, he had it with him the entire time. 

Little Sammy Square Finds His Voice by Lisa Thomas teaches children that you don’t have to look like someone else to belong. Embrace your individuality! 

Amazon has Little Sammy Square Finds His Voice set for children between 5 and 9; however, preschoolers would also enjoy the story. The storyline is easy to follow, and the illustrations are big, bold, and fun. You could also share the book with toddlers to introduce instrument names.

This story would be perfect for a home or school setting. I would follow up on the book by having a jam session. Let your child or class pick their favorite musical instrument and rock out! 


Heart Rating System:
1 (lowest) and 5 (highest) 
Score: ❤❤❤

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Meet the Author

Lisa R. Thomas is a professional school counselor who works with grades PreK-8. She specializes in student advocacy, and the social/emotional development of young children. She writes books to give children strategies to live their best lives. In the end, she hopes her books make them smile.

Reedsy Author Link



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