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Author Showcase – CJ Matthew (Sea Dragon Shifter Series)


Elusive billionaire and sea dragon shifter, Murdoch Rudraige lives in the shadow of his successful twin and is tired of not being taken seriously within the Clan’s international shipping conglomerate. 

Until Annalisa Bartello, an employee from California, crashes into the front gate of his seaside estate and assumes Murdoch is his twin brother. She is risking her life to bring them proof of a corporate traitor and he is lying to her. 

Murdoch knows immediately that she’s his mate – but how can she love him after she learns he’s the screw-up twin and a sea dragon? 

Until it’s settled, Murdoch isn’t willing to let her out of his sight. Not until he’s certain she is safe, and he has had time to figure out how to explain dragon shifters to the curvy human. 

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Devlin’s predictable life was about to implode… Thanks in part to a mystery woman’s New Year’s Eve kiss. And a competitor’s unprecedented appeal for help.

Sea Dragon shifter Devlin was comfortable with the routine of his Tokyo-based shipping executive job and his solo existence. Until the unexpected events of New Year’s Eve tipped his entire life on edge. Was he ready for the challenges? Was a crash course in drastic change a bad thing?

Like discovering the feisty human female is his fated mate?

And working with her, a virtual stranger, to track down a bomb toting madman?

You’ll love this book because everyone enjoys watching an odd couple become a team and work through their issues together.

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Whenever his Sea Dragon chieftain called, Liam’s life went to shitte…
Hunters attacking the Druid’s secret island? 
No sweat. Call a Zodiac Shifter Guardian. 
Just not him… 

Sea Dragon shifter Liam Rudraige was up to his eyeballs managing Muirdris’s shipping business at the Port of Dublin, plus the Port of Cork expansion, and all the while dodging stalker salesmen.
Until the boss called…and Liam was forced to swim the fastest undersea route to the Druid’s magical island sanctuary.

NY public relations guru, Heather Daniels, despises belligerent sales reps. Seriously, what could be worse? 

Transferring to Ireland to discover she’s expected to clean up after her stalker-zilla predecessor. The aggressive jerk left a real mess. And the first executive listed on her make-amends-inventory, Liam Rudraige, has disappeared.

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~ Coming the end of May 2019 ~ 


~ Coming July 2019 ~




Deadly Reboot

Survival Reboot

Maximum Reboot

Extreme Reboot (TBA)



Blood Tide

Risky Tide

Dangerous Tide

Lethal Tide

Toxic Tide

Fatal Tide (TBA)


The Colonel’s Daughters, A Quintet

A Major Seduction

A Major Affair

Compromising the Captain (TBA)



Stay connected with CJ Matthew at any of these locations…..

Website Link
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Author Showcase – J.C. McKenzie (The Night House)

What would you pay for your freedom?

Caught by a powerful lord from the alternate realm of Arkavia, Taya’s offered the chance to avenge the dead, save her home world, and win her freedom.

Her days of stealing supplies and surviving among the remnants of Earth are over, but can she afford the price of Lord Thane’s deal?

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~~ Excerpt 1 ~~

The Tarka chuckled and shoved her away. She stumbled a few steps, dropped the sticks and unsheathed her blades. Her fingers gripped the smooth leather wound around the hilts. The power vibrated against her skin. The electrifying blue energy danced along the shafts and whined, begging for blood. She whirled around and her hood fell back. The wind pushed her hair across her face.

The Tarka remained expressionless and drew his second sword. He now wielded two blades like her. “Ah. Now we see the true you.”

She lunged. He parried. The power of the swords pulled at her. She fused with them, merging into one, as if the blades became extensions of her arms as she danced. The light reflected off the metal and she became a flurry of sharp edges. Each slash propelled her faster and she spun, transforming into a whirlwind of blades.


~~ Excerpt 2 ~~

The Tarka held perfectly still, gray gaze flashing, white-blond hair shining under the setting sun. He looked like a warrior angel sent to Earth to smite the pest-like humans.

She clutched her staff and brought it up with numb fingers.

He raised a dark eyebrow. “You plan to fight me with a stick?”

“I can hand it over and tell you what to do with it, if you promise to follow directions.” She moved the stick slowly. Not fast enough to give away her skill, but enough to warm her wrists and get blood flowing back into her limbs.

“I’ll take option number one, thank you,” he said.

“Fine with me. I’d prefer anything to becoming your next sacrifice.” They’d never confirmed the Arkavians were responsible for the bloody sacrifice they’d stumbled on, but no crazy magical beasts had roamed the forest since the portal opened, so they made an assumption. She glanced behind her at the trees and George’s exposed foot. What the hell had the Tarka done to him?

“He’s incapacitated. You won’t find any help from him.”

Taya snarled while her mind raced. The man hadn’t used any magic yet. Maybe he didn’t have any. Maybe only some of the blondes had power. Could she outrun him? She wasn’t fast, but he was bulky with muscle, and wore lightweight armour and a heavy cloak to stave off the damp cold.

Where would she run to? She couldn’t lead him to the others, and she couldn’t survive long in the woods without supplies.

The man cocked his head, studying her and probably reading every thought screaming through her head. “Sacrifice? Exactly what kind of fantasies have your kind concocted about us?”

“I would hardly call them fantasies.”

“What would you call them, then?”

“Nightmares.” Duh.

He nodded. “Is this where you tell me my evil ways are done?”

“I’m not sure. Is this where you make some grand speech about ridding the world of my kind or do you plan to preach about the superiority of your race and how you deserve to leach off our planet?”

“I’m waiting for you to finish warming up so we can get on with it.”

She fumbled and almost dropped the staff.

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View More: http://photos.pass.us/headshot2J.C. McKenzie is a book-loving, gumboot-wearing, unapologetic science geek. She’s the author of the Carus Series, an urban fantasy five-book saga published by the Wild Rose Press. Born and raised on the West Coast, J. C. sets the majority of her books in the Lower Mainland of British Columbia, Canada. She writes urban fantasy and paranormal romance with sassy heroines and brutish, alpha-type men.

J.C. McKenzie’s Website | Blog | Facebook | Twitter |

Goodreads | Amazon | Newsletter


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Review of “Gaelan’s War” – Thaddeus McGrath

Book one of the Gaelan Kelly Trilogy

WHEN GAELAN KELLY RETURNS FROM WAR, physically and emotionally scarred, he tries to piece a normal life back together. But the horrors of war couldn’t prepare him for the terror he discovers, thrust into a world he never knew existed. Dealing with the trauma of combat and plagued by nightmares of a monster that shouldn’t exist, Gaelan finds himself embroiled in a battle to protect humanity even as he struggles to preserve his own. 

He fought a war of men. Now he fights a war for mankind. But Gaelan’s greatest war will be within.


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(review request submitted by the author for an honest critique) 

Hunters love the thrill of the chase but what if the hunter suddenly becomes the hunted. In the introduction, a deer hunter finds himself in this very predicament. He suddenly understands the fear animals face in the wild and the pain of dying that follows. As I read the gory scene in “Hunting Grounds,” I knew this book was going to be highly descriptive in future encounters with various monsters. As a reader, I love when an author holds nothing back. In Gaelan’s War, Thaddeus McGrath pulled no punches in delivering many gruesome, finely detailed battle scenes.

Gaelan, a Marine, faced many horrors on the battlefield and more when he retuned home. In the Middle East, he watched many comrades die in battle. At home, he witnessed his parents savagely killed by a beast. At the time, he had no idea it was a werewolf or that he was about to become one. With the assistance of Father Denny and Master Oonishi, he had a second chance at life. Instead of dying, he trained to control his beast and fight the monsters feasting on mortals.

Every battle scene was exceptionally written. Gaelan’s most memorable supernatural fight scenes involved him battling a vampire, cobalus, and a pack of wolves.

Gaelan was no ordinary werewolf. He wasn’t a complete monster. He can do something extraordinary…. He can control the beast instead of the beast controlling him. 

No one can truly understand why and how Gaelan is different than other werewolves. Maybe he carried over some of the traits he had as a mortal man: strength, honor, loyalty, and compassion. He was a respected soldier; a man his fellow soldiers could rely on during battle. As a werewolf, nothing’s changed. He’s still a fierce warrior. 

I recommend anyone who loves supernatural/horror stories to read Gaelan’s War.


Heart Rating System:

1 (lowest) and 5 (highest) 

Score: ❤❤❤❤

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Thaddeus McGrath is a former U.S. Marine Corps fighter/attack pilot, a veteran of the War on Terror and a graduate of the United States Naval Academy.  He has loved writing since he was a boy. His debut novel, Gaelan’s War, was inspired by a desire to continue the discussion about PTSD, and a love of all things supernatural.  In his world, werewolves aren’t big dogs and vampires definitely don’t sparkle! He lives in Northern Virginia with his wife, kids, and oversized dogs.

Website Link / Twitter Link

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Author Showcase – G.E. Stills (Child of the Stars)

For the 18+ reader: Strong language and descriptive sex scenes.

Elvie is not only cautious but she’s a workaholic. Winning an all expenses paid Mexican getaway is just the type of vacation she needs to get away from work and escape reality. She craves whimsical romance and adventure. What she gets is far more than she ever imagined in her wildest fantasies. Once on the island, Elvie meets Thad who is both handsome and exotic. She feels an instant attraction to him not realizing just how much her life changed the second she encountered him. Romance takes on an entirely new meaning for Elvie when she becomes intimate not only with Thad, but his best friend, Giann. This is completely outside her normal existence, but at the end of the week, she learns her adventure is just beginning. Now she is flitting among the stars, living a new life, and destined for a new world. 

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For a time she sat at the table sipping her coffee. Elvie reached up and fingered the diamond settings of her collar and smiled while her thoughts drifted over all that had taken place in such a brief time. Just a few days earlier she had been getting ready for a sad return to the reality of her real estate job and never seeing Thad again. Now she was married to two fantastic men who loved and cherished her. She was onboard a for real spaceship, not the ones from her childhood fantasies, and now she was fliting among the stars. On the way back to their rooms she stopped and activated one of the view screens located in the corridor.

Elvie gazed out at the blackness of space and the millions of pinpoints of light that permeated it. “I’ve really done this,” she whispered to herself. “I’ve consented to leaving Earth to be with these wonderful men. Just as my tattoo says, I’ve truly become a child of the stars. And compared to their age, I really am a child. Leaving Earth to live among the stars isn’t the only thing I’ve consented to. I’ve agreed to be their baby factory.”

Gentle fingertips glided across one of the dimple dermal piercings on her back making her aware she was no longer alone. Moments later Thad’s chin rested on her shoulder. “Good morning, my precious gift,” he said. He embraced her, and his hands moved down along her curves. He laced his fingers together just below her navel and rested them on her lower stomach. “Are you okay?” he asked and brushed his lips to her shoulder.

Her grip around her mug tightened and shivers raced along her spine. “I feel fantastic.”


“Not anymore. I used some of that miracle paste Giann gave me.”

“No regrets?”

“None. Just feeling a little melancholy about leaving my home forever, but being with the two of you is the only thing that matters to me now.”

“You mean everything to us as well, precious.”

“It’s strange, we’ve only known each other for a few days and yet being separated from either of you has become unthinkable. I’ve come to think of you as my men.”

“That is part of the bonding process we are going through. We are joining in mind just as much as we were physically joined last night. Giann and I, think of you as our woman as well. Speaking of, I see our woman didn’t conceive last night.”

“It will probably take time to get the birth control medicine out of my system.” She laughed. “With the amount of semen you and Giann put in me, I feel certain I’ll get knocked up soon.”

“Good morning,” Giann said in his baritone voice. He pinched her chin between his fingers and turned her head to kiss him. His lips were soft and his face scratchy with a morning growth of beard. Together they were arousing. Everything either of these men do is arousing.

“I’m going to get some coffee,” Giann said. “Do you need some more?” he asked her.

She rested her head back against Thad’s chest while he continued to caress her, stoking the embers inside her again. “Yes please,” she said.

“I’ll bring you a cup as well, Thad,” Giann said and strode away.

When he returned, the trio stood gazing at the display and taking sips. “Where’s Earth now?” she asked.

Giann reached out and twisted a knob located below the screen. The view magnified and narrowed to a smaller section of space. He punched in numbers on a keypad located next to the knob. One of the tiny points of light began to pulse slowly.

“Earth’s sun is hard to see and Earth itself is too small to locate, but that pulsing star is Earth’s sun.”

Elvie gazed at the tiny point of flashing light among the vast number of other points and sighed.

“How about we begin your first flying lesson?” Thad asked to pull her away from her melancholy thoughts.


Kindle Purchase Link (US)

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Print Purchase Link (UK)



Normally zany and often naughty talking, G. E. has a serious and compassionate side if you can find it. He cares deeply for his friends and hasn’t met an animal yet he didn’t like. He is terrified of heights so hasn’t braved the tramway ride in his home town. He lives in the southwest while longing to live by the sea. He often says, “We have the sandy beaches but where is the water?”

He heeds the call of the many characters that pop into his mind and demand to have their stories put in print. Their tales are both serious and humorous. A multi-published author his stories cover many genres including contemporary romance, paranormal romance and science fiction. His stories are both erotic and non-erotic in nature. G.E. is the leader of a local writers group and in addition hosts a meeting of his own locally on fiction writing bi-monthly.

G.E. Stills loves to hear from his readers and can be contacted at any of these sites.

Website / Blog
Personal Facebook Page / Facebook Author Page
Twitter / Amazon Author Page  / Goodreads / Google+

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Author Showcase – G.E. Stills & Shaunna Rodriguez (Pen & Ink series)

~~ BOOK ONE ~~

What’s worse than being rival authors for competing Publishers? Neighbors that’s what. Leave it to Samantha, Olivia Dixon’s publisher, to find a writer to collaborate with on a new book. Olivia’s thrilled with the idea until she learns the brilliant writer is Gabe Anderson, her detestable neighbor. After a rocky first meeting, the two writers spend several months developing their new book. Working side by side, seven days a week, their relationship evolves into something that transcends normal professionalism. To determine whether this partnership is sweet and clean or down and dirty, they take a break and go camping together. When they return from camping, Olivia still feels uncertain of their relationship. Gabe receives a call from his publisher, Irene. He and Olivia have been invited to a conference in Cancun, Mexico. After check-in they discover, to their consternation, that both their publishers are attending the conference as well. A well-known author’s estranged husband is murdered leaving her as prime suspect, until she ends up in the morgue by his side. Olivia specializes in writing murder mysteries and the temptation to solve one in real life is irresistible. Because of her relationship with Gabe, he becomes involved as well. Can Gabe and Olivia find answers quickly and solve the crime while clearing their friends of suspicion, or will more body bags be needed?

Kindle Purchase Link (US)

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And the killings begin.

  The doors opened onto an eerily silent floor. It was my floor, but it felt different for some reason. It could be my imagination, I thought, as I stepped out of the elevator and ran to Madeline’s door which was slightly ajar. I frowned and pushed it open with the toe of my black heel and leaned back, listening to the creak of the hinges. My stomach flip-flopped and my heart rate quickened as I stepped into the suite illuminated by a single dim light. The sheers and the cream colored, solid curtain behind them were pulled closed, shutting out the moonlight.

I couldn’t help wondering if that’d make it less or more creepier than it already was. I reached down and slipped my shoes off and dropped them quietly by the door. Next, I glanced left and right, hoping to see Gabe but thus far, there were no signs of him. I walked down three marble steps that opened into the living area and stood in the center of the floor. Looking down at the rug, I did a double-take at the shattered glass that once made up the top of a beautiful coffee table. I studied the blood that colored most of the pieces then screamed bloody murder when arms wrapped around me. I threw my elbow back and caught air just as Gabe spun me around and pinned my arms to my side. He twisted slightly and drew his knee up to block the blow he knew was coming, then yanked me forward before I was the next victim in the glass.

“Baby! Its-it’s me!” Gabe practically yelled over my screaming. He shook my shoulders gently then wrapped his arms around me.

“I said wait downstairs so why are you here?” he asked then leaned me back, shook his head and pulled me to him again.

I had several things I could say, yet, none of them came out. I’m not sure if my screams summoned the police, but the suite door banged the wall and heavy, booted feet could be heard running in. I was positive I heard guns being drawn. Gabe cupped my face in his hands then leaned his forehead against mine and closed his eyes leaving me with the impression he was going to kiss me then disappointing me when he didn’t. Knowing Gabe, this wasn’t a situation that constituted kissing.

“You make me so damn insane, Olivia. What if it hadn’t been me? What if there was a killer still in here? What if they came back for Madeline, because she got away? What if something happened to you?” he scolded. While Gabe held me against him, my mind procced his multitude of what ifs.

An officer was standing beside us now, listening to Gabe fussing at me. He had already holstered his weapon, deducing we were clearly not a threat nor killers. “Do you have any idea what happened here?” the man asked Gabe.

Gabe looked at me then back at the officer. “No,” Gabe said. The officer left to check the rest of the room.

“But I can speculate,” he mumbled for my ears alone.

I sighed knowing what that meant. “We’re writers, Gabe. We’ve written scenes far more in depth than this,” I informed him hotly.

“That’s fiction, Olivia. This is a sick and twisted reality, more so than the far regions of my mind. I don’t want you involved. I don’t want us involved and that’s why I told the officer I had no idea,” Gabe told me pointedly.

“Tough, I’m involved,” I informed him, not backing down.

“Not open for discussion,” Gabe scowled at me.

Another officer had joined us and chuckled as he listened to us going back and forth.

“Married?” he asked amused.

“You’d think that,” we both told him.

“You mean you’re not?” he asked in disbelief.

“All but. We’re dating…exclusively,” Gabe informed him then held my elbow and led me away from the coffee table, AKA, crime scene.

“Stop, Gabe. Stop. I can help,” I protested as he guided me up the three marble steps and to the front door.

“No, you can’t help. I don’t want you involved in this,” he informed me then kissed me and handed me the room key.

“What are you doing?” I demanded.

“I’m going to do a walk through with them since I was the first one here. You go to the room. Take some deep breaths, run a hot bath and I’ll be there in just a minute, baby. I promise. I’ll order room service, we’ll spend the rest of the evening in bed.”

I sighed and rolled my eyes. “Bribery will get you everywhere with me,” I told him.

He wrapped his arms around me and stepped closer. “Would it get me even closer if I told you how in love with you I am?” He kissed my neck and my jaw up to my lips. “I just want my baby to be safe? It’s not that I doubt your mad sleuthing skills. I’ve seen your writing, as we write together but, again, reality, love.” He kissed me then released me and stepped back closing the suite door and shutting me out.

I grumbled and stomped down the hallway and was almost to my suite when I heard what sounded like a crash coming from the elevator. I jumped and spun around then made a mad dash to the doors that opened on their own. I wasn’t sure what freaked me out more. The doors that opened on their own or the large, maroon suitcase in front of me that was leaking a massive amount of blood on the creamy white floor. Curiosity got the best of me. I stepped into the elevator, pushed the ceiling tile that had come down with the bag off, knelt and unzipped it. My hands flew to my mouth as I toppled backward out of the elevator and screamed Gabe’s name at the top of my lungs. I was crying and nearly inconsolable by the time he reached me along with seven armed officers. He turned my face into his shoulder and rubbed my back cursing under his breath the entire time.

Kindle Purchase Link (US)

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Print Purchase Link (UK)



~~ BOOK TWO ~~

Gabe accepts an invitation from his old college roommate Mike after he calls and offers them a week at his Denver cabin. They were in need of a vacation from their heart-pounding getaway to Cancun Mexico where they barely survived after a fellow author and her estranged husband were found murdered at a writers convention. Who could resist a rustic cabin secluded from the world by the thick, ominously quiet woods of Colorado, where even the sound of footfalls would be silent? Like the swirling snowflakes, romantic bliss and their limbs entwined on a bearskin rug sprawled in front of a roaring fire awaits them, so does murder and mayhem which seems to follow Gabe and Olivia everywhere they go. A snowstorm rages while a killer stalks the cabins and the people in them. Can the two writers who just wanted an escape from reality put the pieces together before anyone else dies or goes missing?

Kindle Purchase Link (US)

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Website / Blog
Personal Facebook Page / Facebook Author Page
Twitter / Amazon Author Page  / Goodreads / Google+



Amazon Author Page




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