Seattle Bloodbath by G.E. Stills (Book Showcase)

Volume 3 in the Demon Slayers series

The demon Tiona has escaped Kiya and her team in Oklahoma. She has gone to Seattle, Washington where the band Kiya manages is scheduled to perform. Tiona is determined to destroy Kiya, first because she hates witches, and second, for killing her demon son. The demon terror plots Kiya’s demise along with those associated with her and this time the band itself will not escape unscathed. Disappointed at not encountering Tiona in Oklahoma, Kiya and her team go to Seattle unaware that Tiona is already there and preparing to strike. The coming confrontation will be deadly and costly for both sides.

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For the 18+ reader: Strong language and descriptive sex scenes.

Ona has been converted and now serves her demon Mistress, Tiona, without question. Max will be the first of the musical family to suffer Tiona’s wrath, he won’t be the last.


Tiona peered down from a high point in the upper tier of seating at the concert going on down on the stage. Ona was circulating through the crowds below. Neither of them had occupied the assigned seats stated on their passes. Those had just been used as a way to gain entrance to the packed auditorium. Without much hope, she scanned the mass searching for Kiya.

She wanted information desperately but getting it might be a tricky problem. They couldn’t just walk up and ask someone. She had little hope that Ona would be able to hook up with one of the band members even though they were notorious for partying after their shows: not here with these masses of beautiful women to choose from. Even though Ona was devastatingly gorgeous herself the odds were unfavorable.

Tiona scanned the throng again and smiled, but she had an alternate plan. Ona’s scorpion parasite allowed her to communicate with the woman mentally. “Where are you?” Tiona asked.

“Forcing my way through the masses,” Ona answered, “But I’m nearing the north end of the stage. As you ordered earlier, I’m searching for one of the band’s roadies to try and hook up with.”

“Let me know when you find one,” Tiona said and went back to searching.

“I will my Mistress,” Ona answered.

As she observed, Tiona thought of the plan. The chances of Ona getting in with one of the band members was remote, but seducing one of the roadies would probably be successful. Getting information from him would be easy if things went according to plan. Tiona strolled to a new location and continued her search.

“I think I spotted one,” Ona’s thought filtered into her mind. “He’s the beefy blonde at the north end near the back of the stage.”

Tiona focused her enhanced vision in the area Ona indicated. The man wearing tight blue jeans and a t-shirt with the band’s logo stenciled on it was standing near the stage with a prop in hand. “I see him. Go to work sweetie. Lure him in.”

“Yes, Mistress.”


Ona forced her way closer to the man garnering a looks of displeasure and a few rude comments as she did. She ignored them and focused on her target instead. Her scorpion companion allowed past knowledge to dribble out of the recesses of her mind. The name Franz flashed into her thoughts although she couldn’t remember what her relationship with him had been. What she could remember was Franz had once been a roadie and had shared his memories of the occupation with her.

She used this knowledge to strike up a conversation with the man whose name she soon learned was Max. At first their conversation centered on the band but Ona steered it to what Max did. Ona used her knowledge to ask intelligent questions of him and of course showered flattery on him. When he was looking away at the stage, Ona smiled, during their conversation Max couldn’t keep his gaze from drinking in her body largely revealed by her scanty outfit. The deep V of her dress dipped low enough to reveal her navel piercing and barely cover her red areolas. The red dress with splotches of white ended a third of the way down her thighs when she was standing. Black high heels completed her outfit. Her G-string panties were black as well but she hadn’t show those to him‚Ķnot yet.

While Max was occupied with handing a prop up to the man on stage she unclipped the silver chain that held the halves of her dress over her breasts. He turned back to face her and she twisted quickly to glance at a noise in the audience. Her action caused her left breast to spill from under its scanty covering affording him a brief view of her nipple piercing. Ona turned back to face him and pretended embarrassment at having exposed her breast. She quickly covered it and continued their conversation. By the end of the concert she had provided him views of both breasts and bending over to retrieve her purse she had purposely dropped, afforded him a glimpse of her bare ass.  

The band left the stage and the crowd started to file out of the auditorium. “Well the show is over. I’ll be riding back to the hotel with the rest of the roadies soon. It’s been nice talking to you Ona. Most of my conversations here are about the band members and how to get access to them.”

Ona placed her hand on his bicep. “I really enjoy taking with you Max. I hate to end the evening.” She paused as if considering. “I don’t suppose you’d be interested in continuing our visit over cocktails and a bar I know of?”

Max scratched his chin. “I love to but I’d miss my ride.”

“I have a car. I can take you back to the hotel after. Damn,” She dropped her purse and stooped to pick it up. In the process, her breasts spilled free. It was all the incentive Max needed. Ona could read his mind through the look in his eyes. “He wants to fuck me badly. Guess what Max? you’re going to get the chance to do just that.” Her thought reached out to Tiona.

“Good girl,” Tiona thought back.

“Let me tell one of the guys I won’t be riding back in the van,” Max said. “Wait right here.”

“He’s hooked,” Ona told Tiona while she waited. “We’re leaving in the car.”

“I’ll go out and get in the trunk,” Tiona answered.

Max returned and slipped his hand in hers. When they left the auditorium, he let her guide him to the car and slid into the passenger seat. Ona slipped into the seat pretending to drive to the bar she’d mentioned. As she drove her dress bunched higher and provided Max clear views of her black G-string each time they were stopped at a light and under the bright illumination there.

Ona flashed a smile at Max when his gaze drifted to her center once more at a traffic light. “Do you like what you see?” she asked him.

He quickly shifted his gaze and looked out the windshield.

“Don’t pretend to be shy and try to make me think you don’t screw girls all the time Max. You’re working for a band and going from town to town.”

“No comment,” he said.

“None needed, I’m sure I know. I like talking to you‚ĶMaybe I’ll like doing something else with you even more.”

Max swallowed hard but didn’t answer.

Ona turned into a gas station. “I need to make a quick pit stop and can’t wait until we get to the bar. Wait right here.” She got the restroom key from the attendant and dashed into the restroom. When she returned to the car she slid behind the steering wheel again and pulled back out on the street. His eyes bugged and his jaw fell open at the next stop light when he saw she’d removed her panties.

“Damn.” He gulped again.

Ona reached down and played with her piercing. “I don’t normally do this but I feel a chemistry between us. Kitty is thirsty for some milk. Do you have any milk to give her?” Ona asked then tossed her panties into his lap. “Maybe you should take a whiff of those before you answer.”

Max lifted the panties from his lap and inhaled deeply. “Christ Ona you have no idea how much I want to fuck you.”

“Well then, we’ve established what both of us want, the only thing left to decide is should we do it in your room or drive out to my house about thirty minutes away.” Ona held her breath hoping for the answer she desired.

“My room. It’s closer.”

Ona exhaled in relief. “Okay, where’s your room?”

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