Comic Lovers Unite!! (CONTEST)

Do you love comics? Know someone who does? Then, you are in luck because I’m hosting a contest to give away one fabulous prize package. 
Wanna know what YOU might WIN. Keep scrolling!! 






Pretty amazing, stupendous prizes, right? And I didn’t even post all the goodies awaiting you. Yup, there is totally more up for grabs inside the Superman tote bag. 😉

Ok, let’s get to the rules and regulations section of the contest.  
The contest is available to anyone living in the continental United States. Sorry to anyone whom this excludes. For those available to enter, an entry is a simple and painless task. 
To enter, all you have to do is answer one of two questions in the comments section below.

1.) Who’s your favorite superhero / super villain?


2.) If you can possess any superpower, what would it be?


The contest will be open all weekend long and a winner will be selected on Monday. 
So, enter today and make sure to tell your friends and family members to enter as well.


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39 Responses to Comic Lovers Unite!! (CONTEST)

  1. Favorite superhero is Superman.
    Superpower- super strength.

  2. Wonder woman. I use to watch the show when I was little.
    My super power would be speed. I could clean the house quicker. Lol

  3. Spider-Man
    Me I would love cat women because she has 9 lives and good with a whip lol

  4. Superman for my Silas because he has to be him and Spider-Man lol
    My powers would be invisibility

  5. Mine is more of an anti-hero and it is Constantine. But if I had to pick a superhero I say Batman

    And being able to fly!

    • I adore the anti-heroes, too. Heck, without them, there would be no real use of superheroes. Right?

      I never did go GAGA for the Constantine comics but Keanu Reeves sure did a helluva job playing him. That man is pure gold in anything though. 😉

      I seriously can't wait for John Wick 2.

      Thanks for entering and be sure to check back on Monday to see who the winner is cause it might be you!!

      One more thing…. if you're on Twitter, follow me @superkambrook.
      You don't want miss out on future contest/giveaways. I usually host one or more a month. 🙂

      Good luck!!

    • I love John Wick!! Like you I am waiting on pins and needles for 2. I just started the Constantine comics or Hellblazer I should say. But I honestly liked the TV show more than the movie. The way they ended the show was what got me started on the Hellblazer comics. Before that I was reading The Sandman comics the most!

  6. Anonymous

    My favorite is Batman!!!

    And if I could possess any super power it would be to fly….my fear of heights contradicts this, but I'd love to fly!!!!

    Thanks for chance!!!

    Tanya Skaggs

  7. Hulk! I’m a sucker for reluctant, ass-kicking monsters. Small ego, big…you name it.

    My superpower would be telekinesis (writers love to throw obstacles into people’s lives, lol). Besides, I’d love to occasionally help stupid people slap themselves.

    Apparently, I’m a villain.

  8. Anonymous

    My favorite super hero is Super girl

    And what power I'd like would be to fly


    Jyllian Skaggs

  9. Anonymous

    My hero is superman

    My superpower would be eternal life!!

    Mike Skaggs

  10. My Superhero is Aquaman
    My Super Power is Telekinesis

  11. Wolverin and super powers super girl strength

    Regan ( Jennifer's daughter )

    • Have you or her heard of X-23? She's a female clone of Wolverine. I don't own her comics yet, but I shall soon enough. I'm hitting the comic store this weekend and possible next weekend, too.

  12. My favorite super hero is Super Man.
    If I could have a super power, I would want super strength.

  13. Good luck everyone

  14. Hello all, It's been fun reading the comments so far.
    Favorite Hero: Dr. Strange (note: I'm super enjoying the recent Aaron/bachalo series)
    Favorite Villain: Dr. Doom
    Power: I would want the ability to speak any language and blend in seamlessly with any culture in the world.

    • Being able to converse with whomever and wherever you are would be handy.

      Excellent character choices, too.

      Good luck on the entry. I'll be picking a winner in a few short hours.


  16. First I want to thank you all for entering the contest. I thoroughly enjoyed reading all your entries. They were highly entertaining.

    Now lets get to the big finale. Drum roll please……..

    Runner-up and recipient of a small package which consists of a comic and a few other goodies is JIM P. Jim, please message me your address so I can UPS your prize to you.

    Now for the GRAND PRIZE WINNER AND PROUD OWNER OF 50+ prizes is………..

    Jyllian Skaggs!!!!!!!!

    I can't wait for you to see the BIG BOX heading your way this week. Please do message me when it arrives and tell me your thoughts about your goodies. I can already hear the shouts of glee. 🙂

    Ok, that's all for now folks. Stay tuned cause another contest isn't too far off.

    Until next time……

  17. Thank you, Kam! I look forward to receiving the package. Love your blog.

  18. Anonymous

    Thankyou so much Kameron!!!! So excited…..I'll send you a pic when it arrives!!!!

    Jyllian Skaggs

  19. Congratulations

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