Author Showcase/Interview – A.B. Novak

Today, you are in for a special treat. Instead of the print version of my typical interview, A.B. had a most brilliant idea. She suggested her friend record her responses. I think you’ll love the final product. I sure did!!
FB Link – A.B. Novak
Twitter Link – @AB_Novak
Instagram – AB_Novak
Pinterest – @novakab
Website –
Release Date: 10.20.15
Publisher: CHBB / YA / Paranormal Romance
Cover Artist: Rue Volley
There is a reason behind superstition.  It’s because it’s all true.  Not believing does not make it go away. 
Mr. Blackwell is set in the deep, bice, swampy waters of Louisiana.  Being out of her home state of Maryland and apparently out of her mind, novice journalist Vivienne Gray falls head over heels in love with a man she supposed to be interviewing.  His man of few words attitude and Vivienne’s need to know everything has set tension high as she is led by Jase into the back bayous.  As the daylight belly flops into moonlight Vivienne saves Jase’s life and they are pulled into an ancient curse that has plague the Blackwell family for years.


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8 Responses to Author Showcase/Interview – A.B. Novak

  1. James

    All around good job, ladies.

  2. Anonymous

    Sound good. Nice interview too.

  3. I told her it was a brilliant idea. I'm happy to see others agree.

  4. Anonymous

    Hey I enjoyed this!!!!

    Thanks for sharing Kam 💜

    Tanya S

  5. Thank you for sharing. I enjoyed this one. Sounds very good!!!!!

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