Sexiness Saturday

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13 Responses to Sexiness Saturday

  1. Anonymous

    1st picture most definitely! 😉

  2. Second one down is awesome!

  3. first picture is smokin HOT!!!

  4. Jenn Elliott

    1st photo, beyond sexy!!!

  5. The hottie in the first photo does have a nice set of buns. YUM! Second one is yummo too. Hell, they all are! 🙂

  6. Anonymous

    2nd one is my pick

  7. I agree 🙂 1st picture!

  8. Elaine Swinney

    I like number two the best. Number one is smoking hot but second one is sexier.

  9. I just adore black and white photos. Who here prefers them over color?

  10. All of them are sexy. My fave is definitely # 2.

    I prefer the black and white photos also.

  11. I always find black and white photos more striking.

    of the 4, 1 and 2 stand out the most

  12. 4th, I like the intensity in his eyes. Sometimes less is more, let me imagine what I want to!

  13. I think I'll choose 3 just so the lovely lady doesn't feel left out. 🙂

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