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Garbage Can Drive You Crazy: A World Patrol Kids Adventure Story and Activity Book by Ben Goldstein (Book Review)


Join the World Patrol Kids: a multi-ethnic daring ensemble of crime-solving young detectives in a gripping tale of adventure, action, and suspense.

A garbage monster the size of Godzilla pursues Thoreau, the youngest member of the World Patrol Kids, through the streets of his hometown. He wakes to find it is only a dream. But is it? The World Patrol Kids are on the case!

The graphic novel-style adventure is followed by 8 pages of fun facts, puzzles, experiments, and more. Garbage Can Drive You Crazy serves up a blend of mystery, tantalizing thrills, and soul-stirring life lessons, perfectly brewed for middle-grade readers and beyond.

The World Patrol Kids – “Inviting kids everywhere to become environmental champions.”
Start your mission to make a difference today with the World Patrol Kids empowering eco-adventures for young readers.
Titles include: Save Our Animal Friends, Garbage Can Drive You Crazy and Kids Can Change the World.

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(review request submitted by the author for an honest critique) 


The World Patrol Kids are back, tackling a new problem: trash. 

Garbage and pollution is a global issue. It dirties our waters, causes a real stink on the streets, and is dangerous to this planet. The comic book’s title, “Garbage Can Drive You Crazy!” is spot-on. Watching our landfills grow taller and broader, witnessing the litter scattered along streets and grass, discovering animals held captive by what we toss out, and understanding how Earth is suffering from overuse does take its toll on each of us. 

Debates occur every day on how to curb the waste. A popular solution is recycling, but that comes with obstacles. For one, recycling comes at a hefty price. It’s not cost-effective…for now. Second, it’s easier for residents and businesses to toss everything into one bin rather than clean out containers and bottles and sort trash from recyclables. BOSS MACKAN suggested a big incinerator, but as the skateboard’s father stated accurately, burning trash fouls the air. 

Townspeople argue over how to handle the mounting problem. Voices are raised, but that tends to happen when money is involved. The World Patrol Kids visit the town landfill and tour the recycling center. A quiet trip turns dangerous as sabotage strikes, leading to a fiery situation. Danger doesn’t just lurk at the recycling center. The driver of a black sports car aims to run down an innocent bystander. 

They saw that money is the root of all evil, and that’s the case in this comic book. BOSS MACKAN wants to make a buck and is willing to cross any line to do it. 

The World Patrol Kids believe in justice, and again, their investigations lead them into some sticky situations. Will the kids survive the flames and gunshots, or have they met their match? You know the answer, but read the story anyway to find out how it all plays out! 

Be sure to check out the recycling games, puzzles, and hands-on projects!

This comic is educational, entertaining, and perfect for elementary students and beyond. 


Heart Rating System:
1 (lowest) and 5 (highest) 
Score:  ❤❤

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Meet the Author


Ben has written, illustrated, produced, and directed books, films, plays, and songs, for Sesame Street, 3-2-1 Contact, Columbia Records, and many others. He has written for such licensed characters as Clifford the Dog, Snuggle the Bear, Rainbow Brite, Sweet Pickles, and more. Ben has an early childhood teacher’s license and has taught grades K-6. He also taught film courses at Western Connecticut State College. His children’s songs have sold millions of copies and his films have appeared at the Museum of Modern Art and on television stations around the world. Other books and plays by Benjamin Goldstein include: The Adventures of the World Patrol Kids, Kids, Kids Can Change the World, Garbage Can Drive You Crazy, Save Our Animal Friends, Looice, Been Dere?, Looice in the Stargarden, Looice Walks for President, Guess Again, Tales of the Baal Shem Tov, The Storyteller, An Evening with Jack and Charmian London, Jack London: The Musical.



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