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“Princess Naomi Helps a Unicorn” and “Petunia Perks Up” by Once Upon A Dance (2 Book Spotlight)

Unicorns and Horses and Snakes, oh my!

Interactive movement wrapped up in a charming story of sibling angst, anger management, compassion, and triumph. Grown-ups sit; kids move and practice dance fundamentals. Fed up with her annoying sister, Naomi storms out of the castle, only to discover a unicorn in need of help. With a sense of purpose, she quickly forgets her anger.

This is part of the Dance-It-Out! series, pandemic creations by an award-winning dance teacher and her Ballerina daughter. Ballerina Konora joins each page with instructions and photographs to help readers learn the dance moves.

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Gentle movement and meditation soothe and center as listeners “connect with this charming character and her vivid imagination”…Young listeners will love the interactive component of this series and will feel like a calm princess by the end. (Reedsy)

Petunia woke to yet another rainy day, and she feels particularly gloomy about being stuck inside. By letting ordinary objects and elements of her daily routine spark her imagination, she finds a happy calm she wants to share.

Throughout the Dance-It-Out! 12-book series, Ballerina Konora helps listeners connect with movement and focus the breath in quirky tales by an award-winning dance teacher, turned award-winning author, and her ballerina daughter.

Each Dance-It-Out story is an interactive kids’ storytelling adventure to ignite movement, joy, and imagination.

The Dance-It-Out movement journeys are ideal for dance, pre-ballet, creative movement, preschool, daycare, early learning, physical education, homeschool, kindergarten, or first-grade activities. The full collection features diverse characters. Audiobooks make a great gift for kids interested in dance, ballet, gymnastics, or yoga, or reluctant listeners who enjoy getting up and moving around.

With kind characters, subtle life lessons, and a positive role model in Ballerina Konora, teachers love the kid-approved, ready-made, easy additions to curriculum and lesson planning. Children at home adore the stories that “young readers will return to again and again” (Reedsy). 

In this volume, concepts include breathing, body part isolation/relaxation, energy, swinging, swaying, falling, qualities of movement, speed, and posture, and integrates with themes such as princesses, fairy tales, imagination, elephants, ice cream, boats, gardens, flowers, or cats.

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Meet the Team! 

Once Upon a Dance is a mother-daughter team who share a passion for dance and storytelling. Teacher Terrel and Ballerina Konora create books that spark imagination and inspire children to move, breathe, and connect. Four series span ages 3-12: 

   • Dance Stories with Props (for age 3+) (2023)
   • Dance-It-Out! Creative Movement Stories (4-9)
   • Dancing Shapes: Ballet and Body Awareness (6-9)
   • Ballet Inspiration & Choreography Concepts (8-12)

Once Upon a Dance was named a top 10 author of 2022 by Outstanding Creator Awards, and they’ve been honored by over 40 book awards, 1000+ 5-star reviews, and a Kirkus Star. They donate all royalties to charities supporting the arts, animals, environment, or people. Visit DanceStories.com for more info.

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