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Healthcare Heroes ABCs: A Journey Through the Alphabet with Your Healthcare Hero Team by Courtney Booth (Book Review)

Healthcare Heroes ABCs takes children on a colorful and engaging journey through the alphabet to learn about 26 different kinds of healthcare professionals! From anesthesiologists to occupational therapists, home health aides to veterinarians, and medical social workers to genetic counselors, children will easily connect with the different heroes they see on each page.

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I received a complimentary copy of this book from Reedsy Discovery. I voluntarily chose to read and post an honest review.


Even before the latest pandemic hit, healthcare workers work day in and day out, saving lives. During the pandemic, we gained a newfound respect for the healthcare industry and those who work in that field. We’ve seen them pushed to their max, but they keep fighting. Courtney Booth, the author, is correct—healthcare workers are heroes!

I’ve seen countless books on learning ABCs; however, this is the first I’ve noticed that focuses on healthcare workers. The picture book covers every job imaginable, from “A” for an anesthesiologist to “Y” for youth counselors. Under each letter and position, there’s a brief overview of what the job entails. For instance: “T is for transplant surgeons” informs children that these workers help kids and adults live longer by giving them new organs when they are sick. There wasn’t a specific job title that began with “Z.” The author expressed how they were zillions of other jobs not covered. The illustrations accompanying this letter and description mentioned a handful of other healthcare-related careers. 

The healthcare industry is vital to our survival. There are so many jobs that one can choose for their future career if they choose that path. But even if your child doesn’t want to enter that industry, Healthcare Heroes ABCs: A Journey Through the Alphabet with Your Healthcare Hero Team by Courtney Booth will give elementary school children a better understanding of what each job does (from A-Y). If you are a teacher reading this to your class, you might prompt your students to share if they have a family member who works as a healthcare worker. Maybe even consider a healthcare career day at school. 

Amazon’s recommended reading age is two-ten years (grade level: preschool-fifth). Learning the letters is more suitable for two and three-year-olds, while the information about each specific job would be ideal for school-age children. 

I recommend teachers share this book with students. I also hope parents buy this book for their child(ren). 


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Meet the Author

Courtney’s had her pencil on paper since she was little. She wrote her first story in second grade and told her first story to a group in elementary school. After reading countless children’s books, she’s happy to pour her passion into creating stories she wants her daughter to hear.

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