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Home In Good Hands: A Homeowner’s Guide to Construction and Renovation by Simon Dauphinee (Book Review)

Planning a renovation or home construction project? Want to find the right contractor but don’t know where to start? Avoid costly errors and delays. Being prepared is of the utmost importance!

Books in this space are often long-winded and full of fluff. No homeowner needs to, nor has time to, read a 300-page book on renovating or construction, so don’t waste your time! Home In Good Hands is concise and free of fluff, so the reader can fit it into their undoubtedly busy life.

Read Home In Good Hands to learn all you need to know to successfully plan and execute your project. Make sure your home is in good hands!

Includes bonus tools and tips to help keep you organized and on track. Tricks of the trade inside!

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I received a complimentary copy of this book from Reedsy Discovery.  I voluntarily chose to read and post an honest review.


Simon Dauphinee, a contractor with nearly two decades in the industry, wants your renovation to be a rewarding and enjoyable experience. Home In Good Hands: A Homeowner’s Guide to Construction and Renovation will show you what approaches work and what does not work. He’ll walk you through all you need to know, from project start to finish. 

First, let’s find a contractor! The writer points out referrals are best, but if you don’t have one, there’s always plan B. As a person who loves spreadsheets, I will keep his template in mind for future projects. Oh, and the script was excellent! 

As someone who selected a contractor based on price and not likability, I agree wholeheartedly with the writer’s following statement. “Compatibility with a contractor on a personal level is very important, as you will be hosting this person and their crew and working with them daily until project completion (9).”

The writer gives sound advice in every section, but the visual of the quote is quite valuable. It explained what to expect and look for in a sample job. Your future project might not resemble the picture, but it’s an excellent reference point. Oh, another sound tip…ask for references! 

Home In Good Hands: A Homeowner’s Guide to Construction and Renovation discusses “reviewing contracts,” “orders of operations,” and “the construction process,” but chapter 8 interested me greatly. “Advice from Homeowners” contained real-life testimonials from the author’s past clients. They’ve been there and done that, so their input intrigued me. After each testimonial, Simon Dauphinee gave a “key take-away.” It was a nice personal touch I hadn’t seen on other renovation guides before. While the entire book was beneficial, I could’ve read more client advice. 

Simon Dauphinee gives excellent advice to those seeking to renovate and should ease the stress out of a potentially stressful endeavor. I highly recommend you read it if you require outside assistance. 


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Meet the Author

Simon Dauphinee is an author, entrepreneur, and business owner with nearly 20 years of experience in the residential renovation/ construction industry. Simon has worked with hundreds of clients, led teams of employees, and was even featured in HGTV’s ‘Marriage Under Construction,’ Season 4.

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