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Mishaps of Marvelouz Witch: Marvelouz Grows a Garden (The Mishaps of Marvelouz Witch Book 2) by Karen Fronterhouse (Book Review)

Marvelouz sees her sister’s beautiful garden and she immediately wants one of her own. Without any sort of research, she tries to create what her sister has and is surprised when it is not as easy as she thought it would be. Who is Cody at the local feed and seed? And where did that familiar-looking mushroom come from? Another lesson to be learned as a young witch hones her magic skills in the middle 1800s in Ricochet Forest.

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I received a complimentary copy of this book from Reedsy Discovery.  I voluntarily chose to read and post an honest review.


I didn’t read book one in The Mishaps of Marvelouz Witch series, but book two takes us on a wild journey as the young witch attempts to grow a beautiful garden like her older witch sister, Sparkleful. 

As the story begins, we catch up with Marvelouz, who was gifted a private dwelling for her thirteenth birthday. The customary “coming-out” gift allows a young witch to practice magic safely and privately. This present was perfect for Marvelouz since her spells tended to backfire. Her lack of magical control came into play as the story progressed. 

Marvelouz idolized her older sister, Sparkleful. Marvelouz wanted to do everything Sparkleful did for no other reason than to prove she could. When Marvelouz flew to her sister’s garden, her eyes became saucers. Before the witch stood the grandest garden she’d ever seen, and Marvelouz knew she had to create one herself. 

Marvelouz made several mistakes during the adventure. She should’ve taken her time and had patience with the process. She should’ve asked for assistance. Marvelouz wasn’t technically alone in the gardening fiasco. The witch had Pounce by her side. Ponce was a black cat and Marvelouz’s “pairing.” People who read paranormal/supernatural stories might recognize the word “familiar.” “Pairing” and “familiar” are (basically) the same thing. 

Pounce was a magical cat. He communicates with humans using puff messages. When Pounce has something to say, he sends the thought up in little clouds of smoke, and the picture forms to show it. The artistry of his thoughts was spectacular. Every illustration was well-crafted. 

Marvelouz and Pounce gardening skills need tweaking. While they managed to grow crops and flowers, her garden didn’t resemble the ones we’d see in our yards. Her garden became animated and not in a sweet, fairy tale way. Her plants were angry. They had eyes and fangs. Marvelouz’s spell backfired in epic proportions. She needed help and relied on a talking crow to forward her SOS to Sparkelful. 

Mishaps of Marvelouz Witch: Marvelouz Grows a Garden had humor, suspense, and action. Karen Fronterhouse created unique characters and a storyline that will fascinate elementary students. 

While the story had many great attributes, one being Julez the fanged blue mushroom, it also contained numerous editing mistakes. Despite the hiccups, I recommend the story to young readers who enjoy magic-infused reads. 


Heart Rating System:
1 (lowest) and 5 (highest) 
Score: ❤❤

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Meet the Author

I’ve always loved magic. I have spent my life working in accounting and being a single mom. The house, yard, job and all that goes with it. I love camping, fishing, gardening, dollhouses, Christmas and Halloween decorations. I laugh every day at my little dogs. They are my joy. Now that life is slowing down I’m taking the time to pursue my passion for writing fantasy fiction. I hope you all enjoy it and may you smile at least once.

A special thank you to Joe Camp, a master storyteller, for all his expert guidance, advice, and most of all his patience. It meant everything to me. Many thanks to my sister, who is also my best friend, for all the support and punctuation corrections and for reading the story over and over until it was complete. I’d be lost without you. Also thanks to my many Mountain friends who were so supportive and positive along the way.

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Reina Visits the Butterfly Garden: Learn about nature, insects and butterflies in a fun way! by Sheila C. Duperrier (Book Review)

The mountains and valleys around town are filled with trees, flowers, and gorgeous insects of all kinds. Reina visits the town’s butterfly garden…

Reina is a smart and sensitive young girl who loves nature, but she is afraid of insects. Will she always be afraid? Will she conquer her fear?

Join Reina on this journey and discover the importance of insects especially butterflies, and her process of learning about her favorite ones! This charming children’s book is designed to make your child become a butterfly expert! Let’s start learning along with Reina and having fun!

  • A rhyming children’s book to learn nice things about the butterfly garden
  • Fun learning for children: explore nature, insects, butterflies
  • Filled with colorful illustrations to both entertain and educate
  • For children of all backgrounds – Reading to your child
  • Also available in FrenchHaitian Creole, and Spanish
  • Search the accompanying workbook for more fun: Reina Visits the Butterfly Garden – Activity Bo

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I received a complimentary copy of this book from Reedsy Discovery. I voluntarily chose to read and post an honest review.


Reina Visits the Butterfly Garden: Learn about nature, insects and butterflies in a fun way! by Sheila Duperrier had many lovely qualities that’ll make it a hit with little kids. First, K.K.P. Dananjali illustrated so many beautiful butterflies. They came in many colors and sizes. The author, Sheila Duperrier, names some species: Monarchs, Gray Hairstreaks, Cassius Blue, Cloudless Sulphurs, and Swallowtails. I think the author should’ve asked the illustrator to create a page with the various butterflies mentioned in the story under their proper name. That way, when kids go outside to play and see a familiar butterfly, they know what it is and maybe tell others so they can know its name too. 

Children will learn many facts regarding butterflies, such as they taste with their feet, they drink from a “straw,” and their life cycle. The life cycle material is too advanced for two-year-olds (minimum recommended reading age) to retain. However, eight-year-olds (Amazon’s max age) should be able to understand each step in the cycle.

Reina Visits the Butterfly Garden lists several questions for the listener to ponder. These questions are directly related to the life cycle chart. The chart shouldn’t be complex for preschoolers to understand. You’ll have to simplify “chrysalis,” though. 

Note: There are words in bold throughout the story. These keywords are defined in the glossary after the story. There’s also a scan code redirecting you to the author’s site. 

My family enjoyed Reina Visits the Butterfly Garden by Sheila Duperrie very much. My daughter loved every butterfly illustrated. She pointed out all her favorites, those with a speck of purple in them. We also counted the butterflies to bring more education into the story. 

After reading the story, we looked up ways to attract more butterflies into our yard. She’s hoping she’ll see some from the book. Me too. 


Heart Rating System:
1 (lowest) and 5 (highest) 
Score: ❤❤

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Meet the Author

Sheila is a former kindergarten teacher who taught children… Sheila is well aware of the dangers of social media on young minds today. To that end, she has created a series of books to engage children from a young age. Teaching, entertaining, and instilling good values is her mission.

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Mickey on the Move Farming by Michelle Wagner (Book Review)


Mickey is on the move again!
He and his mom take pride in farming and gardening together, doing everything from raising chickens to growing delicious fruits and vegetables in their backyard orchard.

Mickey, who was born with deafness in both ears, has overcome obstacles to fully enjoy the great outdoors.

His Aqua Cochlear implants allow him to hear and appreciate the beautiful sounds in nature without the worry of weather dampening his day!

Join Mickey for another adventure!

I received a complimentary copy of this book from iRead Book Tours. I voluntarily chose to read and post an honest review.
I haven’t seen picture books that are solely dedicated to children who are deaf or wearing Cochlear implants. Many children NOW have a character that resembles them or their lifestyle. I know they’d be thrilled to finally see themselves and their condition in a book for their age bracket. 

As an adult, I was familiar with Cochlear implants and their function. However, I never considered weather as a factor that might destroy them. I never knew researchers and developers had created an aquatic version so children could play out in the rain, swim, run through a sprinkler, or do any other water-related activity. What a brilliant and magnificent device! 

Finally, Mickey can do all the things hearing children can do without fear, and his mother is beside him, encouraging him along the way. They played in puddles, water the vineyard together, went sailing, and much more. Mickey’s life is full of possibilities, no more restrictions, as it should be. 

If your child has Cochlear implants or is considering them, I encourage you to share Mickey on the Move Farming with them. Even if your child doesn’t require implants to hear the world around them, I encourage you to share the book with them because they might have a classmate who wears them. 

I think children as young as two will love the fun illustrations by Jenny Phelps. There are some images and activities they’ll be able to recognize: chickens, water, ear, and boat, to name a few. First and second graders should be able to read most, if not all, of the text. 


Heart Rating System:
1 (lowest) and 5 (highest) 


Meet the Author:
Author Michelle Wagner

Michelle Wagner is a full-time realtor, mom, and award-winning author who dedicates her time and energy to charities and events supporting children with hearing loss. Michelle takes pride in assisting families as they work through the different approaches to raising a special-needs child in a typical environment.

After discovering that her son Mickey was profoundly deaf in both ears, Michelle made it her mission to provide Mickey with the tools to ensure that he would live his best life. Today, Mickey, who wears bilateral cochlear implants, plays tennis and is currently in eighth grade at the St. Helena Montessori Farm School, where he is thriving and is social with his friends. Michelle makes sure that Mickey has the courage to be his optimal self. Michelle is donating 100 percent of proceeds from the sale of Mickey on the Move Farming to the Joyful Life Cochlear Implant Fund.

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