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Finding Figgins by Shayna Leib (Book Review)

Figgins is a lonely stuffed animal who feels forgotten by his human friend, Julian. Figgins has a rich, secret life unbeknownst to Julian in which he is a professor, a painter and scuba diver. But when Figgins goes missing, Julian has to venture beyond his comfort zone into an unusual magical world. By retracing Figgins’ steps Julian finds out just who Figgins really is, with a little help from Mrs. Zebrasky’s cats who know all that goes on in their neighborhood.

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I received a complimentary copy of this book from Reedsy Discovery.  I voluntarily chose to read and post an honest review.


Unless a child is looking for a book featuring a movie or cartoon character, they’ll scan the covers and select a book that captures their eyes. That means designers must create a cover with bold text, written uniquely, and bright colors. Adding a bit of silliness to the design helps, too. The cover for Finding Figgins checks all three boxes. The hedge-shaped lettering was fun, creative, and definitely unique. The kitties were adorable and funny, especially the scuba diver. It took me a minute to notice the gingerbread cookie holding tight to a leaf. How quickly will others spot the cookie? 

The spectacular illustrations did not stop with the cover; every page spotlighted astounding artistry. Kids will get a kick out of the mouse squeezing hot sauce on a taco, the orange-striped cat chillin’ on the beach under a huge umbrella, and the flying penguins. Those are a small fraction of images that’ll delight readers. There are MANY more! 

As you can see, I was impressed with the artwork; the storyline DID NOT disappoint either. When Julian was a baby, he was gifted a stuffed bear named Figgins. For many years, they were inseparable— best friends. But, much like real children, Julian grew up, and his interests shifted. Figgins decided not to wait for Julian to find time for him, so the bear went out to make his own fun. When the child discovered Figgins had been gone far longer than usual, he went to look for him. Julian saw wondrous things on his adventure: orchards full of colorful crayons, enormous mice, flowers that towered over the boy, talking jack-o-lanterns, and a sugary house that Hansel and Gretel would love to sink their teeth into, etc. Through each stop, Julian learned interesting facts about his friend, Figgins. The revelations prompted Julian to reevaluate his priorities and to make time for his friend. 

Finding Figgins is an adventurous tale centering around a bond formed between a child and their best friend, a stuffed bear. It teaches children to appreciate their friends and make time for them. It was a delightful, adventurous read featuring a unique storyline and outstanding artwork. 

Amazon’s recommended reading age is 3-10 years.


Heart Rating System:
1 (lowest) and 5 (highest) 
Score: ❤❤

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Meet the Author

Shayna Leib is a multi-media artist who has worked in glass, metal, and ceramic for 30 years. Her work has traveled the globe from the Middle East to Europe and America, and is found in numerous museums, public venues, and worldwide private collections. Having taught glassblowing, sculpture, and drawing at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and Cal Poly University, she is returning to her 2-dimensional roots with her first book, Finding Figgins which celebrates her affection for the magical, colorful and feline.

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