The Great Inventor of the Stars by Avery Davis (Book Spotlight)

The Master is the Great Inventor and Sam is his apprentice. Sam is given the task of making sure the Master can see the people on earth at night because at night there is only darkness. In sending the newest invention, the Moon into orbit Sam breaks the sky but finds the solution with the ultimate invention of the Stars.

-Gold-Living Now Book Awards
-Finalist-The Wishing Shelf Book Awards
-Finalist-International Book Awards
-Honorable Mention-Purple Dragonfly Winner
-Honorable Mention-Hollywood Book Festival
-Honorable Mention-Royal Dragonfly Winner
-Honorable Mention-Story Monsters Approved
Joanie (Amazon) 5 stars: “This is a unique book with gorgeous illustrations that fit so well with the words and ideas the author has chosen. Her book will be finding its home in our Waldorf library on Maui and I know will be enjoyed thoroughly by the students as well as the teachers. Hoping Avery has another book in the works as she is very talented and knows how to pique one’s interest as I couldn’t wait to turn the page.”
Readers’ Favorite:With brilliantly colorful illustrations, this tale leads the reader through an alternate creation analogy. In presenting the story, the author encourages young readers to think creatively, to follow through with their creative thoughts, and not to be discouraged when they think their creation is a disaster because sometimes great things come out of disasters, as Sam found out.”

Meet the Author

Avery Davis graduated in Environmental Law. She lives half of the year in Cordova, Alaska as a fisherman’s wife and the other half drying off in the deserts of Utah. She is the mother of three, who love a good bedtime story.

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