Ritter and Coco’s Rainy Day by Kierra Mohr (Book Review)

Rain or shine, the best adventures are shared with a friend!

The anticipation of a fun-filled picnic day at the park is shattered when unexpected rain dampens Ritter and Coco’s plans. However, the two friends quickly turn disappointment into an opportunity for creativity and imagination. With the guidance of Coco’s mother, the children start their day filled with indoor adventures- creating a blanket fort, playing with trucks, and enjoying each other’s company.

They become so busy playing and imagining, they don’t even realize that the storm outside has cleared, revealing a bright, blue sky. Through their resilience and positive outlook, Ritter and Coco learn that the joy of spending time with a friend can turn even a rainy day into one of the best days of the year.

Ritter and Coco’s Rainy Day, wonderfully illustrated and written in rhymes, provides a valuable lesson for young readers about adapting to change and finding joy in unexpected moments.

Get your copy today and help your little ones navigate their emotions and learn to deal with change positively in this brightly illustrated, rhyming story of friendship. Perfect for ages 2-5.

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I received a complimentary copy of this book from Reedsy Discovery.  I voluntarily chose to read and post an honest review.


Weather affects all of our daily activities. We might hit the beach, visit an amusement park, or head to the park when it’s nice and sunny. On snow days, children often build snowmen, sledding, or engage in an epic snowball fight. It’s typical for people to plan or schedule their day based on the meteorologist’s forecast. But what happens when the weather takes an unexpected turn for the worse? That’s precisely what happened in this storybook. 

Ritter and Coco have their whole day planned out: play at the park and enjoy goodies from their picnic basket. However, their plans went up in smoke when an unexpected storm rolled in. They were rightfully disappointed. They didn’t understand why it was storming when the forecast signaled clear skies. As your child reads or listens to the story, they might question how or why the weather changes so quickly. Depending on your child’s age, they might ask what “forecasted” means. Take this an opportunity to expand your child’s vocabulary!

Coco and Ritter were visibly upset by the sudden storm with due reason. Instead of crying, sulking, or becoming angry, the duo took this as an opportunity to have fun indoors. I loved how they took a negative and made it a positive. I loved how they both contributed ideas to the things to do now and things to do later list. 

Ritter and Coco could’ve allowed their feelings to match the weather outside. They could’ve let the darkened skies and pouring rain ruin their day. But they didn’t! The friends’ attitude made them great role models for young readers!

I recommend Ritter and Coco’s Rainy Day to children six years and under. It presents a positive message and encourages children to look on the bright side of life! Plus, the illustrations are fantastic, too! 


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Meet the Author

Kierra is a children’s author and registered nurse who loves the amount of creativity and use of imagination writing books brings her. She’s always had a passion for creative arts and helping children learn, grow, and develop through song, dance, literature, and play. Mama, wife, Christ follower.

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