The Taekwonderoos: Rescue at Rattling Ridge by Michael Panzner (Book Review)

Come Join the Adventure!

Hop into an action-packed adventure with George, Brianna and Jackson, kangaroo friends who are masters of taekwondo. When they spot a frightened joey trapped at the top of treacherous Rattling Ridge, the three Taekwonderoos spring into action, using their kicking, jumping and spinning skills to navigate cliffs, boulders and ravines on a daring rescue mission. This thrilling tale of bravery celebrates how courage, quick-thinking, and teamwork can overcome any challenge.

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(review request submitted by the author for an honest critique) 


Taekwondo is a Korean martial art whose practice is well-known to improve a student’s posture, flexibility, balance, and stamina. Besides the physical benefits, it also improves mental health by increasing self-esteem, confidence, and self-discipline. It also enhances a person’s focus, which is important when delivering strikes and kicks. Taekwondo also teaches compassion, courage, and kindness, qualities that George, Brianna, and Jackson needed when they raced off to help a kangaroo in distress.

When the trio discovered the joey (young kangaroo) afraid, alone, and helpless on the cliff, the friends banded together to save the youngster from danger. They relied on their individual strengths and assisted each other to complete a job. George’s sharp mind enabled him to plan out their mission. Jackson’s fast-moving paws and precision kicks made constructing a ladder out of vines and branches look easy-peasy. The rocks were no match for Brianna’s impeccable reflexes. All three of them worked as a team, kicking, spinning, and chopping their way into a beautiful, sturdy bridge that could transport them safely over the ravine.

The death-defying rescue mission at Rattling Ridge in Australia reminded the trio that they could overcome challenges by working together. They stressed that bravery and quick thinking are crucial when facing danger. They also mentioned how discipline, focus, and determination are powerful allies. More importantly, the three kangaroos gained a new respect for one another.

The Taekwonderoos: Rescue at Rattling Ridge is an action-packed children’s book that teaches readers the importance of teamwork, helping others, utilizing your strengths, and summoning courage when tackling any challenge. In addition to that, it also has phenomenal illustrations that will impress and delight readers, young and old.

I recommend the story for preschoolers and up. 


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1 (lowest) and 5 (highest) 

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Meet the Author

Michael Panzner is a long-time freelance writer who’s always been a child at heart. Inspired by the countless stories he’s shared with his children and grandchildren, Michael crafts tales designed to entertain, spark the imagination, and instill values like kindness, courage, empathy and perseverance. Having lived and worked in various locales, including the U.S. Northeast, North Carolina, and London, England, Michael now resides in Tampa, Florida, with his wife, Catherine, and their loyal dog, Geoffrey.

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Lora Look is an illustrator with a master’s degree in fine art. She has dedicated 12 years of training (art school, college, university) to having the skills necessary to create beautiful illustrations and achieve the best results for her authors. When she draws, she imagines children with family or friends flipping through the pages of a book, looking at the pictures, and immersing themselves in the magical world of colors and words. She hopes she makes the world a better place.


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