What Bird Heard (Traveler Series, Book 2) by Tricia Gardella (Book Review)

In Book 2 of this Traveler Series, Mouse and Bird are busy at work resolving Bird’s Book 1 mistake– trying to fly an airplane to the moon. Everyone knows it takes a rocket. But are there any other things Mouse and Bird need to be aware of?

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I received a complimentary copy of this book from Reedsy Discovery. I voluntarily chose to read and post an honest review.


What Bird Heard, book two in the “Traveler” series, picks up where its predecessor left off – trying to figure out how to get Mouse to the moon. 

We all have aspirations in life and reasons behind life choices/goals. Mouse’s reasoning for wanting to visit the moon is simple; he’s looking for cheese. Oh yes, this tiny rodent hasn’t gotten the memo that the moon isn’t made of cheese. 

The farm animals band together and use their resources from the scrap heap to construct a rocket. Their design was quite good based on the materials they had. The core was a soda code, and the base was from a can of tuna. The top, a funnel.

Construction, manufacturing, engineering, and space travel involve problem-solving. In the case of Bird and Mouse’s rocket, they need fuel. What Bird Heard teaches children to work as a team to brainstorm ideas. Why? Because teamwork makes the dream work, of course. 

When a creator’s design doesn’t go as planned, it’s essential to understand that alternative solutions must be considered and utilized. Good lessons to pass on to young minds!

Through talking to his friends, Mouse realized that the location was the issue; his goal was to see the world. Earth is a vast land with countless sights to explore. A trip to a library opened Mouse’s eyes to the wondrous world around him and made him realize they were so much to see, touch, taste, and experience here on Earth. Maybe one day the rodent will make it to the moon, but for now, he’s content to explore the planet he calls home. 

What Bird Heard had a couple of pages where the text overlapped the background; most of the text was clear. The illustrations were fantastic, like in “ABSURD,” SAID BIRD (Traveler Series Book 1).”

What Bird Heard encourages creativity, problem-solving, and exploration. I recommend this book to children 3-8.


Heart Rating System:
1 (lowest) and 5 (highest) 
Score: ❤❤1/2

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Meet the Author

Tricia’s books are influenced by ranch, animals and family life. She has tried it all, and almost mastered some: canning, cooking, knitting, fiber arts, rug-making, gardening. She has a BA in Ancient History and lots of grand children, giving her much food for thought. She lives in California.

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