165 Ridiculously Absurd Questions and Statements: Creating Laughter and Fun Moments with Yourself and Others by J.T. Newcomb (Book Review)

This book may literally be the only comedy book of its kind in terms of the comedic topic and approach! It can work like a social game where friends and family take turns reading one of the 165 comedic bits to each other. The sheer randomness of what might be read makes it all the more fun!

What’s included in this work of comedy:

  • 165 brief comedic items that may be statements, questions, or a mixture of both.
  • A unique voice in humor that may not have existed until this book.
  • A fun dose of unpredictability due to how utterly random each item is.
  • A book that can be used as a game where friends and family take turns reading the comedic items from the list to each other.
  • Comedy that completely avoids any raunchiness and vulgarity that comedy often has.

Enjoy clean, comedic absurdity just for yourself or to enhance a social gathering of any number (but get a microphone for very large groups)! Discover a fresh experience of humor that is likely to get a variety of reactions to keep things interesting!

If you want to lay hold of this unique work of comedy to create laughter for yourself and others, click the “Buy” button and enjoy!

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I received a complimentary copy of this book from Reedsy Discovery. I voluntarily chose to read and post an honest review.


165 Ridiculously Absurd Questions and Statements Creating Laughter and Fun Moments with Yourself and Others offers brief comedic items that may be statements, questions, or a mixture of both. 

Some of J.T. Newcomb’s statements were quite amusing. For instance, number twelve, “If I woke up one day with actual octopus tentacles instead of arms, I would wonder why I only had two and not the usual eight.” I’m unsure if I wonder or ponder the number so much as I would freak out that I now have tentacles. On number 13, the author wrote, “If your name is Jim and you promote going to the gym, wouldn’t people think you’re a bit bias?” The author was not suggesting naming a gym “Jim,” but I thought it was a funny coincidence I recently had a discussion about homophones and these particular words.

Number twenty-seven states, “Sharks are mean.” Maybe they are just hangry. I would suggest offering them a Snickers, but I doubt that’ll fix their issue. Plus, do you want to get your hand that close to a shark’s mouth? 

Do you love dad jokes or puns? Check out number thirty-three! “If you’re a food reviewer writing about a dish comprised of ground beef and okra called Meaty Okra, be careful when describing it as mediocre.” By the way, I shared it with my husband, who laughed; therefore, this has earned the “dad” stamp of approval. 

So many statements and questions had me rolling my eyes because they were so ridiculous. Which was great; I loved their silliness! The whale and pizza incident, catfishing and cat fishing, shampooing a pigeon, and many more. And to answer the sloth question (#109), yes, it would! (Read the book for the question.)

From a design point of view, I would suggest adding a space or two after each number. Some have the space and so don’t. Also, some readers might like a few images because the inside contents do look a bit plain. 

165 Ridiculously Absurd Questions and Statements Creating Laughter and Fun Moments with Yourself and Others is slightly over twenty pages and contains a whole lot of comedy, making this a book I highly recommend! Perfect for the entire family! 

Review edited on 10/5/22 (Reedsy) 


Heart Rating System:
1 (lowest) and 5 (highest) 
Score: ❤❤❤

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About the Author

J.T. Newcomb has had a long history of comedic focus such as in writing songs like the “Good Ol’ Days in the Amniotic Sac” and a song about how cheap rent would be if the roaches paid their share. He’s done stand up comedy and now translates his absurdist style to a book for the first time.

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