The Mystery of the Teacup Quilt (Harland Creek Mystery Quilters) by Jodi Allen Brice (Book Review)

Hi! I’m Dove Agnew, former successful dress designer who was living the high life in New York, until my sleazy business partner used my business to move his drugs, leaving me to pack my ruined reputation and move back home to the tiny town of Harland Creek.

Despite the setback, all was going relatively well until I found Gertrude Brown’s body on the floor of my mom’s quilt shop. Now, rumors are flying and all eyes are on me. I’m a murder suspect! Even my ex-boyfriend, the current chief of police, is suspicious of me.

Now, it’s up to me to clear my name and find out who the real killer is before someone else gets hurt. But I’m going to need help, and the Harland Creek Quilters, and a goat named Petunia, are just the group to get things done.

Welcome to the new series set in the beloved town of Harland Creek.

With the quilting club ladies and a sidekick, which happens to be a goat, this book will keep you guessing and laughing out loud!

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I received a complimentary copy of this book from R&R Book Tours.
I voluntarily chose to read and post an honest review.

The Mystery of the Tea Cup Quilt 
by Jodi Allen Brice was entertaining. I loved the antics of the quilting group. The breaking and entering getaway scene was hilarious! 

“Who killed Gertrude” was not a slam-dunk, an easy mystery to solve. I had my suspicions but was on the fence for quite a while. Certain suspects on the quilters’ board were way too obvious. I had to think who wasn’t obvious. That’s when I narrowed it down to two suspects. By the way, I was right. I figured out the who but not everything the murderer had been up to. Let’s just say, murder was not their only crime. 

The break-out star of The Mystery of the Tea Cup Quilt was Petunia, the goat. I thought goats were cool before this, but now I think they are my favorite barnyard animal! 

Even though Dove (police’s prime suspect) and Dean (police chief) butted heads about the case, there was still a spark from their high school sweetheart days. They didn’t “hook up” in this book, but I’m hoping that changes in the sequel — which I can’t wait to read.


Heart Rating System:
1 (lowest) and 5 (highest) 
Score: ❤❤

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Meet the Author


Jodi Allen Brice is a USA Today best-selling author and has written numerous books under a different pen names. Under Jodi Allen Brice she writes fiction, small town clean and sweet romance and cozy mystery.

She transitioned away from paranormal romance in the year 2020 when the virus hit and currently writes  under Jodi Allen Brice.

Jodi Allen Brice




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