The Way Out (Book 1: Be Careful What You Wish for Series) by Gordon Jensen with Cara Highsmith and Gordon Thomas (Book Review)

When the Alpha Centauri crew returns to earth after a failed mission to explore a distant planet, they quickly learn the world is not how they left it.

Under new global leadership, the planet has managed to go decades without conflict, except for one major problem. Thanks to a pandemic caused by a mutation in a new strain of GMO corn, the world’s population plummeted to 2.6 billion, wiping out a disproportionate amount of men and leaving the globe run almost entirely by women. The mutation altered the human DNA, making it impossible to produce male babies and increasing Y-chromosome related diseases.

Because of their lack of exposure, the Alpha Centauri crew, especially the men on board, now find themselves in high demand. The Powers that Be think they are the solution, but with that solution comes the inevitable hunger for power and control. As greed, self-interest, and corruption rear their ugly heads, a planet that had found its way to peace is thrust into turmoil once again.

So, the question becomes: Are they really the answer to a seemingly unsolvable problem? The world may soon come to understand that sometimes getting what you wish for isn’t the gift you think it will be.

The Way Out is at once a brilliant and relatable work of post-apocalyptic fiction. Think The Handmaid’s Tale mixed with Netflix’s The Wilds, and a touch of Interstellar, the movie. It’s a uniquely told story that will have you waiting as impatiently as the crew to understand the New World Order of the near future.

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I received a complimentary copy of this book from iRead Book Tours. I voluntarily chose to read and post an honest review.
The Way Out (Book 1: Be Careful What You Wish for Series) by Gordon Jensen with Cara Highsmith and Gordon Thomas was labeled science fiction, but I could see the possibilities of real-life implications. 

One day, we will be traveling to distant planets because Earth won’t be able to sustain life any longer. I’m not sure if a space crew will encounter a black hole on the journey, but that’s a plausible scenario.

Now, entering a wormhole and traveling in space/time is where things get a little science-fictiony. I’m not an astrophysicist or any other type of scientist, so I could not tell you the probability that’ll happen. Again, that’s where the sci-fi aspect of the story comes into play. 

If that could happen and a crew “lands” in the future, they would be overwhelmed, much like the crew of Alpha Centauri. 

What I found fascinating about this story was its setup. It was interview logs between a reporter and the crew and members of present-day Earth. The second thing I found interesting was how Earth had changed in the forty years the crew was presumed dead. No, apes didn’t replace humans. However, the population has taken a big hit. A virus has endangered the lives of humankind. Men are being an endangered species. WOW! Women also control everything. YES! 

With untainted DNA arriving on planet Earth, every powerhouse wants to possess the males. They are considered a hot commodity. 

We’ve seen a virus take hold of the world and know firsthand the destruction it can unleash. So, this scenario (in my mind) could be plausible (one day). 

Note: The book does discuss Roe v Wade. I bring this up only because, as I am writing this, it was overturned by the SCOTUS. 

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Meet the Authors:
Author Gordon Jensen

Gordon Jensen holds an MBA from University of Rochester, New York, Simon School of Business and a bachelor’s degree from Macalester College in St. Paul, Minnesota. After working in finance In New York for several years, Jensen went back to Minnesota to run the family business. He retired after selling the the business and is now fulfilling a number of life-long dreams, including writing a novel series.

Author Cara Highsmith

Cara Highsmith has always been drawn to the world of books and has found herself working in this industry in one capacity or another for the majority of her adult life. She holds a Master of Arts in English from Belmont University and did work toward a PhD at Middle Tennessee State University. Cara was on the editorial team at Hachette Book Group USA, working with several New York Times bestselling authors, for nearly four years. After leaving Hachette in 2008, she began freelancing, developing proposals and manuscripts for agents, editing and ghostwriting for authors, and assisting clients in preparing projects for self-publishing. Cara is a master of being a jack of all trades, but currently spends her free time working on several personal writing projects and enjoying life on a beautiful northern California mountain.
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