White or Black … Grey (From the files of the BAU) by Joseph Melesh (Book Review)

Profilers, from the FBI’s Behavioral Analysis Unit, uncover the disturbing legacy of a brilliant sociopath.

Agent Christopher Banks must lead his team, as they search for an UnSub, who draws his team into a case unlike any the bureau has ever dealt with.

A troubled teenage girl’s chance encounter with an opportunistic predator force the agents to dig deep, into both their playbook and their souls.

Located on a secluded property outside Evergreen Montana. His team faces a moral dilemma as abhorrent as the crime. Agent Banks and his team employ the latest technology and enter, this UnSub’s dark, twisted world. A world one of them may not escape.

What took decades to develop, the team must race to solve. The UnSub, his victims and a community that will be changed forever.


(review request submitted by the author for an honest critique) 

White or Black…Grey left me feeling disgusted, appalled, heartbroken, furious, and hopeful. Above all else, I was shocked. 

Shocked at the level of evilness one man possessed. 

Shocked at the horrors the young children faced and the amount of time spent in hell. 

Shocked at the strength demonstrated by victims. How anyone survived that nightmarish environment was mind-boggling. 

Fear. Joseph Melesh, the author, allowed us to experience every second of the prisoners’ fear and pain. I heard the rats, felt their tiny teeth gnawing and pulling on the clothes. I heard the victims scream. My heart broke for them. 

What makes this worse? This scenario is possible. Similar situations have occurred. Remembering this fact makes this story all the more realistic… more devastating. 

This is not a pretty story, but it is a great story. If I could, I would give this story more than five stars (hearts). 


Heart Rating System:
1 (lowest) and 5 (highest) 
Score: ❤❤❤
(deserves more!)


Meet the Author
Joseph Melesh is an Ontario based crime fiction writer and suspense thriller junkie. His unique writing style will quickly draw you into his world.

Tormented by his dreams, he crafts and shapes his characters. Thrusting his heroes and villains into challenges, they could never dream of. You will cry for and cheer on his victims and find yourself in shock as you find yourself feeling the pain that his villains have lived through.

Joseph’s immersive dialogue and vivid scenery, give his readers the movie theatre experience, right there in the palm of their hands.

Pretzel-like plot twists, that keep his readers guessing and incredible reveals, make his books truly hard to put down.

A true storyteller, Joseph Melesh.


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