When Cold Hearts Melt by G.E. Stills (Book Showcase)

For the 18+ reader: Strong language and descriptive sex scenes. Extensive BDSM play.

When Holt answers the door of his hotel room, high priced call girl, Valorie, considers him just another john. Her plan is to go out to eat, maybe go dancing. After that she’ll spend the night with him, then go home. It will be just another business evening.

This was not going to be a normal evening. Her first clue was when he put a collar around her neck and attached a leash. Next, he told her to put on her coat and boots, but nothing else. “We’re leaving the hotel,” he told her. Hours later, Valorie has been kidnapped, humiliated and is being held captive on an island. She doesn’t know where the island is located, or what Holt’s ultimate plan is. It’s not for the sex she was hired for, she’s certain of that.


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Holt pinched her chin between his thumb and forefinger and tilted her head up. “You were a good girl in there.” He leaned in to kiss her and she twisted her neck at the last second so his kiss landed on her cheek instead.

“It’s my policy to not kiss clients on the lips,” she said.

“I see,” Holt said, and pulled back.

A cab pulled up and Holt held the door for her then slid in beside her. He gave the driver an address she didn’t recognize and the cab pulled away from the curb. Thirty minutes later they pulled into one of the smaller airports that served the area rather than the international one she was familiar with. The cab let them out at a two-story building and he guided her inside. A single, what she thought of as a ticket counter, occupied one side of the room and a man stood behind it. There were two rows of seats and three people, a man and two women, sitting in them.

Instead of going to the doors that led onto the tarmac, Holt guided her to a set of stairs that led up. At the top, he opened the door there and a blast of cold air smacked her in the face. Holt guided her across the lighted roof observation area to the outer wall that rose to just above her knees. From there up was a fence made of wire that reached over her head.

While the cold bit at her, falling snow collected on her shoulders and in her hair. A red and silver business jet was parked on the tarmac below. It was the only plane there. “Nice plane, I wonder who it belongs to.”

“Me,” he said.

Valorie glanced at him and her estimate of his wealth rose.

“We’re going to be flying out of St. Paul soon, but we have a few things to take care of first.”

“First of all, Mr. Frazier, I, nor my booking agency, ever agreed to leave the city. Second, remember you’ve only rented my services until tomorrow morning.”

“An oversite I intend to take care of right now.” Holt pulled his phone out of his suit jacket and called the agency. “Mr. Frazier again, I’ve decided I like Valorie and wish to retain her services for the entire weekend.” He waited to listen, then continued. “Yes, that amount is fine. Put it on my card.” Another pause. “I’ll have her back Monday morning. Thank you.”

He put the phone back in his pocket and smiled at her. “I’ve extended your services until Monday.”

“So I gathered.”

“Okay that’s taken care of. Next on my list; take your coat off, Val.”

“You’re fucking insane. I don’t have anything on under my coat and it’s freezing out here. Besides, I won’t get naked in public.”

Holt rubbed his chin. “Won’t? Or just haven’t had the proper motivation?”

Valorie said nothing, she just glared at him.

“I guess we’ll see.” He dug into his wallet and took out a bill but didn’t show her its value. “This is what I’m asking. You’ll take your coat off, then walk down the stairs with me and out onto that plane wearing nothing but your boots and jewelry.”

“For a fifty, or even a hundred, no damn way. It’s cold out here and there’s people down there”

“What if the bill is a five hundred? And you can put on this.” He dug into the sports bag and handed her a black mask that covered her eyes and nose.

She swallowed hard. “What do you think I am?” she growled.

“We both know what you are, Val. Your body is for hire. We just have to negotiate how much money it will take to motivate you into doing what I ask.”

“I beginning to hate you, Holt.”

He chuckled. “Hand me your coat.”

Valorie frowned, then, in resignation, untied her coat, slipped it from her shoulders and handed it to Holt. Her nipples stiffened immediately, and goose bumps formed on the rest of her body. Flakes of snow had collected in her hair and now they touched the rest of her with cold biting kisses. Her teeth began to chatter.

“All right, I’m naked and standing in the cold, satisfied?” she snarled.

“Not quite.” Holt stretched her arms above her head. “Hook your fingers in the fence wire.” Reaching down he slapped her inner thighs while ordering her to spread her legs. “Now hold that pose,” he said.

Valorie peered down at the workers around the plane and tears filled her eyes. They were partly from the cold and partially from humiliation. If any of them should look up she was fully displayed for them. She envied the hooded jackets they wore. Twice a flash of light highlighted her and Valorie knew Holt had snapped pictures.

He slapped one of her butt cheeks, the coldness magnifying the sting that radiated outward and causing the cheek to tense reflexively. The smack sounded loud as a gun report in the silence. “Ow, fuck, that hurt, Holt. You got your nudie pictures, can we go in now?” she asked.

“Not just yet. Turn around and face me in the same pose.”

Valorie spun, hooked her fingers in the fence again and waited for him to snap two more pictures of her in full frontal pose.

“Excellent. You’re a gorgeous woman, Val,” he said.

“Humph. Can we go inside now? I’m freezing my tits off.”

Holt stepped closer and pulled down on the leash attached to the back of her collar. His action forced her head to tilt back, her breasts to jut forward, and her back to arch.

“You’re an asshole Holt,” she snarled.

He grinned. “I’m your client, indulge me.”

“Danm it, take me inside before I turn into a Popsicle.”

“What will you do for me if I agree to take you inside?”

“What do you want? A blowjob? You want me to lick your balls?”

“The price of taking you inside is a kiss…full on the lips. Right here and right now.”

“Fine! You win. I’ll kiss you.”

Holts grin widened. “I’ve changed my mind and I’m upping the cost.”

“What the hell do you want?” Her lips trembled from the cold and frustration.

“The price is still a kiss, but the open mouth, tongues jousting kind.”

Tears gathered at the corners of her eyes. “Okay, but do it now while I can still feel my lips.”

Holt pulled her into embrace and sealed his mouth to hers. His suit coat was cold but infinitely warmer than her bare skin. The taste of his kiss and the passion behind it nearly stole her breath.

Holt broke their kiss, and said, “See? Bending your rules and kissing me wasn’t so bad was it?”

Valorie frowned at him. “Fuck you.”

“That will come later at the time and in the manor of my choosing, not yours.”

Valorie bit her half frozen lip to silence her retort and glared at him instead. Holt gathered the sports bag and her coat then took her hand. “Let’s get you inside now.”

“Thank you. I’m freezing. I’m going to turn blue.”

“Are you ready to go in without clothes, Val?”


Leaning down, he stuffed the bill into her boot, again preventing her from seeing its value. When they entered the building and the door closed behind them, she relished the warmth. At the bottom of the steps they paused before going into the lobby. Holt held one of her hands and she automatically placed the hand of the other over her pussy.

“Uncover yourself and put your arm at your side,” he ordered.

She growled but did as he commanded. Valorie wanted to dash across the lobby, but Holt’s restraining hand prevented her from doing so. Instead they crossed at a slow pace. The man behind the counter gawked at her as did the trio that was seated. Her nipples slowly relaxed from their stiff condition.

“I feel like some damn prize racehorse that you’re parading around for people to see and admire,” she grumbled beneath her breath at him.

“I’ve had racehorses before and they were fantastic to display for all to see. They’re beautiful and so are you. If my plans work out, you’ll probably cost me more than a racehorse.”

“What the hell is that supposed to mean?” she asked.

Just as they reached the door leading out onto the tarmac, the man seated behind the counter spoke, causing her to forget her question to Holt. “Nice handprint on that tight ass of yours, babe.”

Valorie’s cheeks heated. “Fuck you,” she mumbled low enough that only Holt could hear.

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G.E. Stills is zany but has a serious side. He lives in the southwest with a wife and two fur babies. He cares deeply for his friends and hasn’t met an animal yet he didn’t like. He lives in the southwest but often longs to live by the sea. He frequently says, “We have the sandy beaches but where is the water?”

Most days will find him hovering over his keyboard putting to words the stories of the many characters that pace into his mind. Their tales are both serious and humorous. A multi-published author, his stories cover many genres including contemporary, paranormal, and science fiction. Most of his stories have action, adventure, and humor. Some of them are erotic and some are not, but all have romance. His paranormal stories normally involve witches, demons or vampires with an occasional shape shifter thrown in for good measure.

G.E. Stills loves to hear from his readers and can be contacted at any of these sites.

Website / Blog / Youtube
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  1. Renee

    Can’t. Wait to read this. Sounds great. This will be interesting

  2. gestills

    Sorry I didn’t answer before, I’ve been away from the computer most of the day. This story is a little different than my usual. It is contemporary, rather than paranormal or SyFy and has little action like most of mine. Instead it is the interaction of two vastly different individuals and their growing affection for each other. The story contains a lot of BDSM.

    Thanks for the cudos Kam.

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