The Spreading Evil: The Demon Slayers by G.E. Stills (Book Showcase)

For Mature Audiences Only: strong language, descriptive sex scenes and graphic violence.

Things have calmed since Kiya and her team destroyed the demon Xaphon. The band Kiya manages, called Lusty Desires, has completed their tour and are now back in studio to make another album. Kiya is taking a welcome break from her tour duties and demon hunting. She misses her teammates and lovers, Raith and Kaley. They’re in Europe traveling with another touring band. Kiya is unaware that a new threat, far deadlier than Xaphon, is forming.

Tiona, the daughter of the demon Xaphon, is merciless and brutal. She is creating followers and fellow demons. Their goal is to mingle among humans to kill and multiply. Tiona also seeks to annihilate Kiya for she is the witch who destroyed her father. The two forces, one good and one evil, are on a collision course. Who will live and who will die.

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Tiona spun on her heel and padded toward the bedroom door to explore the rest of the house. As she passed by a floor length mirror, she stopped and gazed at herself. The reflection that peered back at her was of a female around twenty. Her dark-blonde hair was down to her shoulder blades. As she watched, the last specks of red faded from her eyes leaving them a dark green. While she scrutinized herself, a few minor alterations of her transitioning body took place. Her hips flared slightly, her waist narrowed more, her stomach grew flatter and her lips became fuller.

She cupped her breasts with her hands. Each one was larger than a handful but less than two handfuls. Sometime during her maturing process a black scorpion tattoo had formed on her right breast above and to the right of her nipple. Another black scorpion had formed on her lower stomach. The sight of the scorpions brought knowledge, not her own, of their purpose. For the scorpions were living. Their sting would enslave a human to her forever, but there was a downside. The sting would also render the human sterile. She dare not let her scorpions sting someone she wished to impregnate her or a woman she intended to have carry one of her spawn. I will use caution in using them.

Tiona combed her fingers through the blonde curls that covered her folds. From the knowledge that had flooded into her mind, she knew that most human men and women preferred a woman with bare folds. She determined the blonde curls would be gone before she encountered her first human victim.

She smiled as her mental command caused her nipples to stiffen and peak, while her cervix slickened and became ready for penetration. Every inch of her delightfully curved body was designed to lure humans to her for their ultimate death.

Her existence was to accomplish three goals. The first was to conceive and deliver children who were part demon and part human. Her stunning looks would lure men to her easily and she would copulate with them before performing her second goal, their death. Her third reason for existence was to kill as many hateful witches as possible, especially the one named, Kiya.

After casting a final glance at her body, Tiona padded silently from the bedroom. There was one additional room in the cabin. It was a combination of kitchen and living area. The living room section contained two reclining chairs, a couch and a stone fireplace. Small tables were located beside each chair and a long and low table rested on an area rug in front of the couch.

The kitchen space contained a refrigerator, a counter containing a double sink, a stove and above it a microwave. Along the opposite wall was a table with four chairs. Next to the table was a washer and dryer. The sight of numerous empty cans that littered the counter, table, and the floor confirmed Tiona’s supposition that Petra had not been eating right for some time. Feeding Petra a better diet became Tiona’s first priority.

Tiona stepped through the front door, the only exit from the cabin, onto a wooden porch. A cool breeze stirred her hair both that on her head and between her legs. She tilted her head back and sniffed at the air. On her right was a smaller wooden building. Her acute sense of smell informed her nothing living occupied the building and therefore presented no immediate threat. Tiona determined to check the inside of the building at a later time but it wasn’t top priority.

Turning to her left, Tiona’s bare feet made little noise as she padded from the porch and into the stand of trees. A few yards from the cabin, she left the foliage and stepped onto the grass covered bank of a sizable lake.

Hardly a ripple disturbed the surface of the early morning water. With vision far more acute than a human’s, Tiona peered across the two-mile wide expanse of water and scanned the far shore. A few boats, some for fishing and others for pleasure, dotted the shoreline. Sniffing the air brought the scent of campfires to her nose and she noted their locations. Farther east was a scattering of cabins similar to the one she inhabited. They were almost invisible in the dense foliage and separated by thick stands of trees. The still water vanished to the east and west in the early morning haze, preventing her from seeing farther.

Next, Tiona studied her own shoreline. She felt certain other cabins shared it with her own but she couldn’t spot any signs of activity by sight, sound or smell. No scent of campfires were detectable. She did spot a wooden dock located approximately a mile to the west, but there was no boat there and no evidence of recent use.

Tiona turned to her right and followed along the bank until she spotted a barely discernable game trail, veered into it, and followed its course. Occasionally, thorns pierced the soles of her feet but she ignored the slight pain and a few steps later the puncture wounds the barbs had made, healed completely. She stuck her nose into the air and sniffed again then turned from the trail. A few yards later, she reached a clearing filled with wild flowers in multiple colors. At the same time, a large black bear entered the clearing across from her. Tiona marched boldly into the clearing to confront the beast.

The bear advanced the stood, sniffed the air and fixed its gaze on her. In a blur of motion, Tiona surged forward and stopped a few paces in front of the beast. Standing, the bear was well over six feet tall and towered over her five-foot-two naked frame. The bear roared in both rage and challenge and Tiona lunged forward.

With the awareness, she had gained from her father’s memories had come the knowledge of how the change from human form to demon and back at will. An eye blink before she contacted the bear, Tiona assumed her demon form, with a scale-covered body, a short snout containing three-inch fangs and sharp claws on her feet and hands. Ten identical Tionas materialized and surrounded the bear ready to offer their assistance.

The beast’s massive claws scraped harmlessly across her back and its teeth failed to pierce her shoulder when it bit her. Tiona raked her hands over the bear’s chest and stomach, her claws opening deep gashes in the fur covered hide. The bear stepped back, and the roar it voiced this time was one of agony. An inhuman snarl issued from Tiona’s lips. The beast dropped to all fours and Tiona lashed out with a clawed hand. The bear never stood a chance.


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Kiya, a witch, is devastated when her cousin is murdered. Shortly after that, she becomes acquainted with Raith who informs her this murder is a pattern of killings done by an evil demon. The only lead is all the murders are connected with a band called Lusty Desires. Kiya vows to avenge the murder of her cousin and seeks out the help of the goddess Nyx to increase her witch powers. Nyx provides those powers but drastically changes Kiya in the process. The team of Kiya and Raith begin following the band and because of her financial background, Kiya becomes the band’s manager. The position provides an excellent reason for being with the band while the team searches for the demon.

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G.E. Stills is zany but has a serious side. He lives in the southwest with a wife and two fur babies. He cares deeply for his friends and hasn’t met an animal yet he didn’t like. He lives in the southwest but often longs to live by the sea. He frequently says, “We have the sandy beaches but where is the water?”

Most days will find him hovering over his keyboard putting to words the stories of the many characters that pace into his mind. Their tales are both serious and humorous. A multi-published author, his stories cover many genres including contemporary, paranormal, and science fiction. Most of his stories have action, adventure, and humor. Some of them are erotic and some are not, but all have romance. His paranormal stories normally involve witches, demons or vampires with an occasional shape shifter thrown in for good measure.

G.E. Stills loves to hear from his readers and can be contacted at any of these sites.

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