Tippie-Doo & Groovin Grandpa by Nyx Nightshade (Book Review)

With TIPPIE, every day is an “ADVENTURE”. His funny little personality makes him a STAR in every way!
Tippie and Grandpa take a car ride to write his first song. The SIRENS suddenly go off, forcing Grandpa to stop. Having a DONKEY in the car, however, was he going to explain this to the OFFICER?

Tippie-Doo knew exactly what to do!

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To receive a FREE, fully narrated book in the kids’ voices, please upload a copy of your receipt/ invoice to www.tippie-doo.com. It will stay with you FOREVER.

In this cautionary tale, Tippie and Grandpa are stopped by a police officer. In this cute story, Tippie learns about responsibility and how his actions affect others. As a result, he learns the importance of honesty. Forgiveness is possible when we are honest. In this book, we can learn how rules are made to ensure everyone’s safety and happiness. When we break rules, there are consequences.

Each book includes a colouring book for a fun, hands-on engagement with the story.

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I received a complimentary copy of this book from Reedsy Discovery.  I voluntarily chose to read and post an honest review.


There is a special bond between grandparents and grandkids. They confide in them. Seek their advice. Share news and accomplishments. Play games or watch television together. The list goes on and on, but one thing is for certain: (most) kids are excited when their grandparent(s) visit. 

If your grandma or pa is like mine, they tend to be more lenient and break rules they would otherwise enforce when their title was “parent.” For example, they might offer dessert before dinner or let their grandkids skip school for a fun activity. Tippie’s grandpa did break a rule when they went for a ride in his Maserati.; he was speeding. 

Officers see many odd-looking things and hear many stories when they pull people over. Seeing a donkey wearing shades while riding shotgun might be a first. Encountering a talking donkey is definitely a first! The officer bounced back from their shock pretty fast. After the initial shock wore off, the officer got back to work. We watch as grandpa is (nearly) issued a ticket for breaking the law. Children will learn that the ticket reminds drivers of the huge responsibility they face when they go behind the wheel.—a fact that kids should learn at a young age so they grow up being careful and law-abiding drivers. 

While road safety is NOT a humorous topic, Tippie’s reaction to the situation will cause you to grin. The illustrations will also make you smile. I think every reader will agree that Tippie and Grandpa looked very cool in the convertible sports car. 

Amazon’s recommended age is 4-10 years: a great age to teach or reinforce that actions have consequences. 

Special note:

The author is offering a FREE, fully narrated book in the kids’ voices. To get this gift, upload a copy of your receipt/ invoice to www.tippie-doo.com. The book’s synopsis on Amazon also states each book includes a coloring book.

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Meet the Author

An authority in the cosmetics industry, Nyx Nightshade is a savvy business leader with over three decades of entrepreneurial experience. As the CEO of a global cosmetics distribution company, Nyx brings a wealth of expertise in corporate leadership and international business. Her talent for cultivating partnerships and spearheading innovative initiatives has been instrumental to her company’s growth and success. With an impressive career spanning over 32 years, Nyx has grown into a role in problem-solving, customer relations, strategic thinking, and passion for the beauty industry that will continue to drive her company forward.

Gifted with innate intuition and healing abilities from a young age, Nyx felt a natural calling to care for and rehabilitate horses. In 2016, she welcomed her first rescue horse, Willow, into her home, marking the beginning of a profound journey. Since then, Nyx’s herd has grown to include two Ponies, one Standardbred, two Thoroughbreds, four charming Donkeys, and one spirited  Miniature Horse. Spending quality time studying their mannerisms and bonding with each animal has fully allowed Nyx to appreciate their distinct personalities and quirks.

Nyx welcomed new residents into her heart when she introduced Tippie, Nala, and Jackson to the existing family. Immediately upon meeting the charismatic Tippie, Nyx recognized his star quality. She dedicated countless hours to ensuring the newcomer’s smooth transition, tenderly cradling Tippie and Nala as she read bedtime tales. Little did Nyx know, she would soon begin crafting bedtime stories starring her beloved creatures. Tippie’s curious personality distinguished him from the other animals. He embodied a free soul, a courageous rebel, unafraid of taking chances. Tippie-Doo doesn’t care who you are. He wants to tell you who he is!

As Nyx observed Tippie’s growth over two years, she could envision the antics and adventures awaiting them. Her mind overflowed with possibilities for bringing their stories to life. She could picture all the silly things he did and what they could do in her mind.

Nyx gladly put her heart and soul into her writing. The Adventures Of Tippie-Doo is a passion project she is excited to share with the world. Just like Tippie, “There’s NOTHING you can’t do!”


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