Seven of I: The Keeper of the Words by Valerie Ryan (Book Review)



Syntyche is a fifteen year old girl who lives in a world struggling to survive the aftermath of religious wars and a growing controlling government. Her unique abilities to see guardian angels has left her feeling like an outcast but little does she know that her gifts will soon expand with a blessing from the archangel Barachiel. She discovers that she is part of an old prophecy that must bring together angels, sins and virtues to close the gates of Hell – all seven of them. In order to do this they must defeat each demon that guards the doors.

There are many dangers in her future but Syntyche knows she will survive to see the day when a great prophet can preach without the fears of evil getting in the way. With the help of a griffin, phoenix and dragon what could possibly go wrong?


(review request submitted by the author for an honest critique) 
Let me start off this review by stating Seven of I: The Keeper of the Words is 500+ pages long so if you’re looking for a fast read, this isn’t the book for you. Also, if you are seeking out a story that doesn’t require you to really pay close attention to details, again you might want to pass on this. 
Seven of I: The Keeper of the Words had so much going on, so much information to absorb, that I was tempted to take notes. I’m sure readers will be wishing for a cliff note version. 

Between comprehending the prophecy, the various angels (the hierarchy of the angels), and the creatures that arise…… Not going to lie, it’s a lot to retain. Good thing I have a mighty good memory. 🙂
On the positive, Valerie imagination knew no bounds. Her visions, descriptions of the angels and beasts were very detailed and creative. Ex. dog-aroo: big black hair mutant kangaroo dog on steroids.  See what I mean? Inventive.
On a final note, this book did not end with the final page. Yup, you’ll have to wait for part 2 to see what happens next. 
Heart Rating System – 1 (lowest) and 5 (highest) 
Score: ❤❤1/2
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Valerie lived most of her life in Indiana and considers herself a Hoosier at heart, however, she now lives in the Tampa Bay area in Florida with her husband and two beautiful children. She has always worked with animals and has been a groomer, veterinary technician and dog trainer. She loves to write and cannot think of a time when she wasn’t thinking of a story to share.


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