Mr. Blackwell by A.B. Novak (Book Review)

In the deep, bice, swampy waters of Louisiana, novice journalist Vivienne Gray falls head over heels in love with a man she supposed to be interviewing, Jase Blackwell. When Vivienne saves Jase’s life they are pulled into an ancient curse that has plagued the Blackwell family for years. There is a reason behind superstition. It’s because it’s all true. Not believing does not make it go away.
(review request submitted by the author for an honest critique) 
Jase and Vivienne have known each other less than 24 hours, barely spoke to one another, yet they are madly in love. I’m sorry but I don’t buy it. 
I didn’t feel any connection to them — together or separately. For the plot of the she-devil, it was something you’d see on an episode of Supernatural. For that, I give the idea a thumbs up. As for the rest of the book, I’m sorry but this book is a miss for me. 
Heart Rating System – 1 (lowest) and 5 (highest) 
Score: ❤1/2


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6 Responses to Mr. Blackwell by A.B. Novak (Book Review)

  1. Anonymous

    Cover looks spooky. I'll read it.


  2. Anonymous

    It sounds interesting but I'm not sure if I'll buy it.

  3. Not sure about this one , when I get a chance I might check it out , thanks Tater

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