Review of “Unbelievable” – Lori Foster

JUNE 29, 2010
Fantasy – (1st short story)

Sexy security consultant Sebastian Sinclair brought a princely sum at auction. And for the next five days he was going to be a boy toy for some rich woman. At least it was going for a worthy cause… and the woman WAS intriguing…

The LAST thing Brandi Sommers wanted was to fly off to a lover’s retreat with some gorgeous mountain of a man. But Sebastian was an outrageously expensive birthday present from her dear, meddling sister, and she couldn’t very well return him. Besides, SHE would be in control at all times… she thought.

Tantalizing – (2nd short story) 

Josie Jackson‘s sister arranges a blind date for her with Bob Morrison. Both dreaded the blind date; he expected a stuffy, matronly prude while Josie assumed that Bob would be another boring, nerdy man just as all of her sister’s other fix-ups had been. Josie decides to scare off her geeky match with a red-hot outfit, hair and make up, never dreaming that her date would be a gorgeous specimen of a man capable of showing her just how sensuous she is. The only problem is that Bob isn’t Bob at all; he’s Bob’s business partner Nick Harris. Nick agreed to stand in for Bob because Bob is crazy about Josie’s sister, Susan and doesn’t want to date anyone else. Nick allows Josie to believe that he is Bob, thinking that he would continue to see her just a while longer, and then he was unwilling to stop the exquisite pleasure he has found in helping Josie lose her inhibitions. But when pleasure turns into something much deeper and Nick still hasn’t told Josie the truth, he fears what her reaction will be at being deceived.

In both stories, the couples fell for each fast and neither couple opened up to the feelings right away. But isn’t that the way in real life (at times)? One person (or both) are too afraid to own up to their feelings for fear of rejection, nerves, etc. 
Even though I liked the major players in the two stories, I have to say without Gramps part in “Tantalizing”, I think I would’ve had enjoyed it as much. That old man was a sly fox who still had “game”. Oh yeah, Gramps “got his groove back”. 🙂

Heart rating system – 1
(lowest) and 5 (highest) 
Score: ❤❤❤❤

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