Hot Chocolate an Anthology by four fabulous authors! (Book Review)

“Not Abigail” – Suzanne Forster
Abigail’s handsome boss, Max, wanted her to find him a wife! Them a sip of delectable love potion made Max fall for his lovely assistant. But was his love forever or fleeting?
“Tangled Sheets” – Lori Foster
Night after night, bar owner Cole Winston was seduced by prim and proper Sophie Sheridan’s way with hot chocolate ..until her sexy and outrageous twin, Shelly, walked into the bar…
“Buried in Her Heart” – Elda Minger
A luxurious bed-and-breakfast hosting a chocolate convention wasn’t the standard business lodging for Abby and Jack. But one taste of the convention’s delights, and they were tantalized – with each other…


“Ecstasy” – Fayrene Preston
Brenna’s fudge recipe was a huge hit at her cafe, and tycoon Hayden Garrett wanted it – and Brenna. But how far would he go to make them both his own. 
As the front cover proclaims, this collection of short stories are “sweet, steamy, and very satisfying”. For anyone who loves chocolate, I’m sure you’ll be craving a sugary treat after reading any of these stories. For me, I was most definitely thirsting for a a hot cocoa. And speaking of hot cocoa, I’m totally going to try the recipe Elda supplied to her readers in “Buried in Her Heart”. It sounds delicious! 
Heart rating system – 1 (lowest) and 5 (highest) 
Score: ❤❤❤❤

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