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Silhouette of the Sun by Avery Davis (Book Spotlight)

Honorable Mention-The New York Book Festival

This is the story of three strong and determined women, weathering love and loss in the pursuit of independence. Constance is an entomologist and single mother providing for her Anna at a time when providing was prominently done by men. Anna is an artist who must choose between cancer treatment or completing her pregnancy. Paige is Anna’s daughter who is guided in her dreams to fulfill her potential of curing cancer by listening to the whisperings of her mother and grandmother. Drew is the man who ties them all together.

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D (Amazon) 5 stars:This is an excellent first novel that tackles deeply complex themes. Well placed twists and turns reveal character growth and triumph that will stay with me for some time.”

Megan (Amazon) 5 stars: “This book was beautifully written. The author’s attention for detail is phenomenal. The rich descriptions of her scenes transports the reader. The characters in the book are splendidly developed and your attachment to them will keep you entranced in the book until the end. A great read from start to finish!”

Kindle Customer (Amazon) 4 stars: “This complex story of three women’s lives, told through their eyes, kept me wondering how their lives would relate. Initially, I felt frustrated that more wasn’t revealed about the first character. As the book progressed, however, the author reveals the three characters’ relationships in a very interesting way. The important influences each one had on their daughter’s, granddaughter’s and great-granddaughter’s life was intricately woven throughout the story. At times heartbreaking, this book explores many past and present women’s challenges and delves into a future where important ethical decisions need to be made. It’s ending is inspiring and gratifying.”

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Meet the Author


Avery Davis graduated in Environmental Law. She lives half of the year in Cordova, Alaska as a fisherman’s wife and the other half drying off in the deserts of Utah. She is the mother of three, who love a good bedtime story.

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