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Mikey’s Treasure (Mikey’s Adventure) by Missy Moe Hap (Book Review)

Mikey is an uncut key;
He dreams of belonging to a lock that guards treasure.
His dream comes true,
But not how he expected.

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I received a complimentary copy of this book from Reedsy Discovery.  I voluntarily chose to read and post an honest review.


Mikey was the smallest uncut key at the Green Moss corner shop with one repetitious daydream: he wanted to be the key to a treasure chest. One day, after a frightful encounter with a mechanical monster with sharp teeth, he danced joyfully to discover his daydream might actually come true. Before him was a real pirate, or so Mikey thought. When Mikey slid down into George’s pocket, or the pirate, as Mikey could call him, he quickly found he was not alone. I didn’t think giving ordinary keys a distinct personality was possible, but the illustrator made each key stand out. Pembroke looked adorable with his gray mustache, monocle, and black suit. He looked very British! Snobby’s shading to his head reminded me of a car tire, so I was not shocked to discover he was a car key. 

Pembroke, Snobby, and Dotty each knew their purpose for George, but what was Mikey’s? Patience is a virtue, but curiosity also killed the cat. Mikey’s lack of patience came with consequences. The tiny key didn’t want to wait and see what he unlocked, so he left the safe confines of a pocket and soon found himself captured in a magpie’s beak. However, luck proved to be on Mikey’s side, and everything worked out. 

Without giving away the touching ending, I will say that Mikey’s purpose, what important treasure he guarded, will touch many hearts—if not children, then definitely adults. Besides being a heartwarming story, it’s an interactive book, too. Once you finish the book, the writer asks for your help finding the 20 hidden keys. Admittedly, I was so impressed with the central illustrations and text that the hidden keys escaped my notice. Of course, knowing they were out there, I had to scan each page to locate each one. What a fun game! Kids will love the story and hunting for the 20 keys! 

I recommend this story for children three years and older. 


Heart Rating System:
1 (lowest) and 5 (highest) 

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Meet the Author

Mother of two background in construction I gave a copy of the manuscript to my friends daughter. She loved the story but asked where’s the pictures. So I turned it into a book.

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