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Bentley’s Best Birthday Ever! by Claire Eckard (Book Review)

Bentley’s Best Birthday Ever!

Bentley is back, and it’s his birthday! Bentley is excited to share his special day with his new friends, but they are nowhere to be found. Meanwhile, Bentley meets Bella, a lost dog whose family has recently moved to Bentley’s neighborhood. Tia, Bentley’s Fairy Dogmother, and the Dog Pack have a BIG secret! They are planning a surprise birthday party for Bentley, and when Tia is around there is always some magic. Wait till you see Bentley’s reaction to his surprise party, and especially to the special guest that Tia brings!

This book once again highlights Bentley’s kind nature, and also shows that moving to a new neighborhood can be fun! Beautifully illustrated by Anne York, Bentley fans will not be disappointed as they follow Bentley’s latest adventure. 

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I received a complimentary copy of this book from iRead Book Tours. I voluntarily chose to read and post an honest review.
You can tell by the cover that Bentley’s Best Birthday Ever! by Claire Eckard will be a fun read. I loved the expression on Bentley’s face, and the cake looked cute, too, with its dog bone candles and color scheme

Well done, Anne York (the illustrator)!!

The cuteness did not stop with the cover. The entire story and illustrations were adorable. If you’ve read Bentley and the Magic Sticks!, you’ll recognize familiar faces from that story. If you haven’t read it, no worries. You’ll still adore watching Tia, Fairy Dogmother, and many of Bentley’s friends work together to give him the best dog party ever! If you love the color pink, you’ll flip for Anne York’s drawing of Rachel. She’s hard to miss. 😉

Everything about Bentley’s Best Birthday Ever! screams fun. 

There was a couple of sad moments, but, in the end, every dog had a massive smile on their face. 

After the story, there’s a “Bentley’s Fun Page.” It contains “special Bentley words” and “how many” questions. Perfect bonus features for at-home or in-class school setting. 

Great job, Claire Eckard, on creating an incredible story with lovable characters and a sweet plot. 

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Meet the Author:

Author Claire Eckard
Claire Eckard is an animal lover and believes in volunteering to give back to her community, especially to the homeless animals that need to find their forever homes. Her animals often inspire her writing, weaving their way into the stories that she writes, blending reality and fiction to entertain, teach, enlighten, and share the joy that animals bring to our lives! Claire is an author, poet, songwriter, wife, mother and grandmother! She lives in Arizona, splitting her time between her home in Yuma, Arizona and her ranch in the mountains of Prescott. Claire has three dogs, eight horses, and a miniature mule!
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