I’ll Melt Your Heart: An Opposites Attract Winter Romance Story by Alena Ryu (Book Review)

Sienna lives in a world where magic is a privilege for the rich and noble.
And Sienna is neither.

She is hunted by people who want to take away her powers; if they succeed, she will lose her ability to feel emotions. Then one fateful day, there’s a knock on her door…

As she escapes, Sienna falls into the arms of a handsome and mysterious man, a noble count who has no reason to help her. Or does he?

The count offers Sienna a deal—the kind she can’t refuse.

I’ll Melt Your Heart is a cozy romance story about two unlikely companions embarking on a journey to change their past and find their future.

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I received a complimentary copy of this book from Reedsy Discovery.  I voluntarily chose to read and post an honest review.


Sienna Lynn, aka Catherine Starr, has been on the run from the Seventh Division since she was sixteen. Why? Because she was illegally in possession of magic. Magic was only intended for nobility to use. Anyone else caught using magic would arrested and turned into a “pacified one.” This means the purified ones couldn’t hate or love after the Rite of Purification. They were described as the living dead, obedient only to the imperial house. 

Sienna/Catherine, a witch, tried to hide from Nelson, the exorcist, and the gendarmes, but they still caught up to her, thanks to her so-called friends. Since she couldn’t trust her “friends,” it was no wonder she didn’t trust her savior, Count Adam Darkwood. Adam was upfront that he was using her for her fire magic. No, he didn’t want to stay warm 24-7 like her. Instead, Adam needed Catherine/Sienna’s magic for the wishing well. Adam’s wish will remain hidden until you read the story. I will say this much: at Darkwood Hall, there laid a wishing well surrounded by demons. A wish is granted if you’re willing to pay the price: give up your magic. Adam wanted to offer up Sienna’s magic instead of his own.

A spark began to form as the count and the witch traveled on a train and then on foot. Of course, they didn’t truly realize how much the other meant to them until their backs were against the wall and demons attacked from all sides. Speaking of demons, I would love to see a sketch of the huge gray lizard with orange crystals protruding from its back. Just a sketch, though. I would not like to face off with it or any other demon found in the “cursed ruins.” I would, though, like to possess Sienna’s power since I always have trouble staying warm.

I’ll Melt Your Heart is a cozy, opposites-attract romance story that has magical elements and evil in the form of humans and demons. There are zero curse words and explicit scenes, making it perfect for teens and adults. It doesn’t have a cliffhanger, either.

If you love reading fantasy, romance, or magical stories, check out I’ll Melt Your Heart! Watch as Sienna/Catherine melts Adam’s frozen heart without using her fire power and as Adam shows Sienna/Catherine that it’s okay to trust again. 

Heart Rating System:
1 (lowest) and 5 (highest) 
Score: ❤1/2

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Meet the Author

Alena has always been passionate about books and wrote her first fantasy novel when she was fourteen. Alena has lived in Japan, Turkey, and Russia before moving to the United States. Her international experiences are reflected in the captivating stories about finding love, friendship, and purpose.

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