As Maya Grows in the Natural World by Patricia Ambinder (Book Spotlight)

As Maya Grows in the Natural World” celebrates the joyful play of a young child and her friends as they discover the wonderful sights, sounds, tastes, touches, and textures in the natural world. Catch a falling leaf that waved goodbye to its tree, wiggling fingers in the squishy and lumpy earth, and dancing to the music of branches that sway as the wind plays are just a few of the book’s experiences for nurturing a child’s love and care for the environment.

Fun prompts and cues encourage outdoor exploration, enhanced by the whimsical and stunning illustrations and poetic phrases. Timeless quotations about nature and its profound impact on children are a wellspring of wisdom for adults to reflect on and share with the reader. The red lotus flower seek and find encourages attention to detail and instills a sense of accomplishment that brings a smile.

Feel the presence of nature’s calm and engage a child’s imagination as a listener, reader, and thinker through the book’s enchanting words and colors.

For budding nature explorers, ages 2-6.

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Meet the Author

A writer of poetry and prose, Patricia Ambinder is a passionate social justice advocate with an avid curiosity to understand the complexities of the human experience. She appreciates the concise eloquence of quotations to nurture imagination and challenge thinking.

For decades, Patricia held leadership positions on boards and councils, offering guidance and enhancing communications to strengthen community engagement on issues such as early childhood education, food security and peace and justice. She is an Honorary Life Member of the Board of Directors of Second Harvest Food Bank of Central Florida.

Patricia and her husband cherish time with their four children and extended family. It was her adored granddaughter Maya’s fascination with leaves and delight in morning nature walks that inspired “As Maya Grows in the Natural World.” Patricia loves watching birds, hearing the rustle of sea grapes and simply being outdoors.

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  1. Kam, thank you very much for the Book Spotlight on Maya’s story. I am very appreciative of your efforts to help expand its readership in the real natural world.
    Thank you for your dedication to helping books and their authors shine.

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