How Lucky Am I? by Brittney Spencer (Book Review)

A tender affirmation of love and gratitude for a new child.

A new baby is a beautiful wonder for all parents, effectuating a love they never knew possible. How Lucky Am I? is a precious rhyming story that relays the anticipation, adoration, and thanksgiving for a cherished child.

The reader is taken through a variety of poignant scenes including a parent’s contemplation of her baby’s upcoming arrival, the wonder of her new child, and the joy of cherishing each day and milestone as he or she grows. Cheerful and lightsome illustrations evoke the happiness of the story. A rhyming text and repetitive title phrase make the book a delightful read-aloud.

As we lie in our hammock
Counting stars in the sky,
I quietly whisper,
“How lucky am I?”

Evocative of special occasion classics such as Guess How Much I Love You, Pat the Bunny, and Love You Forever, Brittney Spencer’s How Lucky Am I is an inspirational and loving story for families to read together.

Why readers love How Lucky Am I?:

  • A perfect keepsake for any gift-giving milestone such as a baby shower, birth of a baby, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, or simply to share a loving message.
  • Parents and children alike will relate to and take comfort in this love note for a child. Perfect for little readers ages 0-6.
  • The story is relatable for grandparents, aunts, and uncles. Inclusive for all families.

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I received a complimentary copy of this book from Reedsy Discovery. I voluntarily chose to read and post an honest review.


We, meaning parents, want our child(ren) to start their life healthy. Even before birth, we count down the days until we meet them. The closer we come to the due date nervousness and excitement are coursing our body. When we see our baby on the screen or in person for the first time, we instinctively count their fingers and toes. We also ask, “Are they okay?”

When my children were born, I would stare at them for hours, amazed they were here, in person, with me. I would sniff their head, loving that new baby smell. I would watch them sleep and smile when they did an involuntary grin.

As they grew, we made many memories together. I enjoyed every one of their firsts: crawl, step, word, eating table food, etc. Like the mother in How Lucky Am I? by Brittney Spencer, I felt blessed to have this little person in my life and experience the world through their inquisitive eyes.

When my children were born, I wrote them a letter stating (roughly) the things the author wrote about in their story: “may your dreams all come true” and I’ll always support you.” Children need food, clothing, and shelter, but they want their parent’s love and support. I can tell the author loves her child very much. You are both blessed to have one another.

As wonderful as this story is, and it truly is, the illustrations elevated it to another level. Christina Michalos’s lovely images made me reflect upon all the moments I’ve shared with my children. We also have a hammock and lounge it in on cooler nights.

How Lucky Am I? by Brittney Spencer would make an excellent baby shower gift. It would also make a wonderful gift to a child with a new sibling joining the house soon.

Heart Rating System:
1 (lowest) and 5 (highest) 
Score: ❤❤❤

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About the Author

For children’s book author Brittney Spencer, writing poems was an outlet to express how she felt during times of both hardship and joy. When her daughter was born, she was inspired to create a story that celebrates the wonder of a new child and their bond with a parent.

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